Having more than one screen space makes an individual more productive, however, it is not always best distributed over several monitors.

Research showcase that individuals may get more jobs done when they’ve more than one screen area available. Using several monitors is a pretty simple formula to double or perchance triple the workspace. But, that does not mean having 3 screens is the finest option for a person. The decision eventually depends on the kind of work you do or the way you do and the programs you are required to run, the number of the desk space you’ve available, and the amount that you are willing to spend.

When do you need it?

Several jobs, like professional video editing or programming, seem to advantage from using the multiple screens, and the city traders may require more than 2 or 3 screens. A writer might be content with a big screen alone, which minimizes distractions. Thanks, somewhat to that side-by-side snap attribute in the Windows.

In general, when you require to see loads of information simultaneously, or at the glance, then it is a lot better to possess multiple screens. 

What are they good for and any downfall, if any?

Good for-

  • Better and increased productivity (generally)
  • several screen real estate
  • Pretty easy to use, do not need to swap the applications as much
  • Gaming is extremely awesome
  • Handy for designers
  • Handy for broadcasting 


  • Space is acquired
  • Money is required
  • Extra consumption of power

However, if you see you will notice, the downsides are quite less when compared to the advantages. So, it is expected that you are smart enough to decide for yourself.

What is your priority?

Several screens appear on their own if you’ve distinct tasks or a task with different aspects. Whilst editing, for instance, you’d have the screen for controlling purpose and another one for the image displays. Few people might think the second screen is handy for keeping half their eye on the communications feeds like emails, Teams, Slack, Twitter, and a lot more. Other individuals might need news feeds, share the price updates, some video streams, or whatever.

If you go on to multitask, it kind of makes sense to get two or three screens side by side, you may buy appropriate mounting brackets. When you have a screen for the core work and the second screen for simply monitoring purposes, get the main screen right in front of your eyes and the other one at the angled side by side.


Having gone through the article, you would be in a better position to analyze, whether it is good to buy 2 or 3 identical screens or not for your job. However, if you decide to buy then do buy it from the good supplier as they will offer you near-adequate the same brightness, reaction speed that we call latency, and the color rendering. For more information, you may click on the link- https://whatever-tech.com/best-triple-monitor-stand-review/