Not only did LA Fitness shooter George Sodini, the 48-year-old systems analyst who calmly walked into an LA Fitness health club and began shooting people Tuesday evening, leave behind a long and tormented blog online but he left behind a video on YouTube as well. YouTube said George Sodini posted the video a year ago. In the video, George Sodini talks of spending a day doing nothing in particular before embarking on some unnamed project, which appears to have something to do with women at least 10 to 20 years his junior. Some believe he was attempting to redirect his life, perhaps trying to find a way to meet women.

Standing before a camera in a pale polo shirt, George Sodini talks on the homemade video about being emotionally detached and how each day, each “mundane” task, becomes another year. George Sodini talks of the future, how he had no idea he had “fifteen years” in which to do whatever he has planned. But he sounded hopeful.


Taken in context with the online blog, George Sodini seemed to have gone from a hopeful man planning on being “real and learn to be emotional and to, you know, to be able to emotionally connect with people…” to a guy bent on inflicting damage on those that had rejected him for three decades.

So what happened between the time he made the video, where one segment shows a coffee table with a book on how to date women resting on top, and when he started his dangerous musings online? Had George Sodini been subjected to an intense rejection, a moment of heartbreak and feminine ridicule, one so devastating that it triggered all the pent-up frustrations of his decades-long distancing from others? Did George Sodini simply repress all his anger, frustration, and hatred toward women that appears so evident in his later blog writings? Or was the video made in a moment of psychological and emotional clarity, where he realized that he, George Sodini, was the common denominator in his failings in past relationships, only to have his moment become an isolated incident in a world where he felt women had all the control and he had none?

It is unclear what George Sodini had planned or why he made the video and posted it on YouTube. Perhaps after more is known about the man, it will become far more clear than it is just a few days after his murderous attack on the LA Fitness Center, where his deliberate indiscriminate shooting would leave three women dead. Still, he does not seem to be a mass shooter ready to begin plotting an incident where he would kill others and take his own life. In fact, his reference to not knowing he had “fifteen years” is a fair indicator that he believed there was ample time to do whatever he had in mind. It is also a fair indicator that George Sodini wasn’t planning to become the LA Fitness shooter that would attack women and kill himself a few months before he would make his first attempt in January to do just that.

But it is something that is not known for certain.

Still, something seems to have occurred.

What happened in the interim?