Life’s nature is such that it will screw you and that has been the case since time immemorial because it is the lords will where he wants to test out his greatest creation on how well they tackle the various problems in life and that holds true for all the living beings born into this world.

The current times are pretty grim due to Covid-19 but there is a huge respite that people have capitalized upon in the form of mobile and PC games where they can enliven some of the best forms of entertainment that can be found today and this article is about one significant venture that deserves a mention.

We began the first paragraph with a mention of what the lord’s will is and the name of this particular game is also lord’s mobile that has taken the nation by storm ever since its launch.

Starter Point

Where do we begin with such a unique venture that has become so dear to the younger generation? For starters, it is available on both Android and Apple instruments with all the rules and norms duly added as a disclaimer for people to know what they can expect.

Apart from the above two, you can also find it on Amazon and Microsoft Windows where it was released only last year while the original version of the game was released back in 2016.

Basically, it is a strategy based game where everyone is for himself with the goal of achieving supremacy but not atypical to a hero villain story but this one does have a lot of heroes and each with an interesting mode for all of them.

The interesting thing here is that all the heroes have their own contribution and not dominated by any one star but the level modes involved is what make it an engaging feature, which is saying something as it is difficult to find a mobile game that lasts more than 6 months due to stiff competition from other ventures.

Tips for Winning

It has been nearly 4 years since this game came out and the people that have gained expertise would know how to sail comfortably through but the beginners have a hard time of understanding the entire game in one go and so they need to follow certain tips to achieve success in lords mobile bot.

First of all, you need to understand the heroes by their standing in the level playing fields where each one has their own strengths and weaknesses and strategically plan out everything with a planned mindset.

The heroes are divided into different categories that evolve on strength, agility and intelligence but they also have a certain amount of ego and superiority complex that has them involved in constant hassles.

The guild festival is an event that is looked forward to by all the characters where you as a player will get to choose the hero of your choice and the mission where you have to gather numerous resources for taking the game forward with the catch being that you need to rescue a beloved friend held captive.