Goal setting is an art that few master but if you are looking to excel at something, anything, then learning why you set goals is the first stage of mastering the process. I heard about a survey of school friends who had left school 20 years earlier. Some were wealthy, most were not. When asked how they achieved their wealth and the vast response was that they had goals and worked toward achieving them. It was no surprise to hear that those who struggled had not even thought of forming a financial goal at all. Goal setting is the first stage to having what you want so here I list the top 10 reasons that you should take goal setting seriously when trying to lose Fat.

Goal setting is much more than corporate speak, many well known Fat loss clubs use them, so if you are setting your own goals here is why you should do them well.

1. Creating a goal gives you something to move toward, allowing you to enjoy the process.

2. Goals make you consider and clarify why you are losing Fat at all, creating a good focus.

3. Breaking up your main goal gives you great stepping stones to work towards.

4. The achievement of any goal makes you feel good.

5. Achieving goals gives you motivation to get to the next stage.

6. With goals in front of you, your mentality is focused and clear.

7. Having achieved a goal, however small, you know what success feels like and want more.

8. Achieving that final goal may be one the best moments of your life.

9. Achieving goals becomes a habit of success.

10. The more goals you achieve the more your confidence grows

As you can see, goals and achieving them create the habits of success and a feeling of achievement. Using goal also allows you to keep moving forward even when emotions are high or your motivation is sliding so if you have set goals and find yourself slacking, take some time to remember why you set them in the first place. It is just like overcoming only eating once a day eating disorder. For you to fight it, you have to start first with a goal.

Know you know why you should set goals get on and set them down on paper and commit to them today. If you do want to lose Fat fast then set this as your goal, set an ideal Fat and a time frame. Then break that down into how. The key is to understand why you set goals, then do it well and finally find the process by which to start. For it was appetite suppressant, natural ones that helped me get going and lose my first 14 pounds in a month.