Offering magic postcards that can be sent from your website with a few simple clicks is a great way to make money. With the popularity of fantasy and magical fiction and movies, magic-themed postcards are rising in popularity. Use your artistic and web design skills to create ربح من الانترنت.

Procure website hosting with enough space and bandwidth to run a business on. Be sure that it has an email service as well since you will need this to send out the magic postcards that people order from you. Purchase a domain name that has the term “magic postcards” in it with a .com extension. Point the domain name to your website hosting site.

Search for a professional, yet magical website template, pay a designer to make one for you, or design one yourself. The template should combine functionality with a touch of magically images. Since you will be selling magic postcards, you should add graphics that have to do with magic and fantasy in some way.

Write the text for your magic postcard website. The front page should include information about what you are selling: email delivery of magic postcards. If you contract with a printing service online, you can also sell printed magic postcards in packs. Also include a contact page with your email address or a form that visitors can fill out to ask questions about the postcards, their order, or any other aspect of the business.

Design magic postcard graphics to sell on your website and make money online. Postcards are usually just under four by six inches large but can be any size on the internet. You may be able to charge more for larger and more detailed graphics. Use stock photos, vector graphics, clip art, or your own digital drawings to create the postcard pictures. Do not use any that are copyright protected.

Create a page of graphics, or a picture slide show, of the magic postcard designs you offer for sale. These should be grouped under descriptive headings so that people can find them more easily. For example, group postcards by the graphics style: wizards, stage magic, or colored designs. When a visitor clicks on the graphic they want, they should be taken to an order page for that magic postcard.

Implement a pre-written eCommerce script program or create your own using a credit card processor or the ever-popular PayPal. On the individual pages of the magic postcard graphics, make a form the customer can fill out with their email address, the email address of the recipient of the card, and any text they would like to include on the postcard. With an e-commerce script, they should then be automatically taken to a place to pay for the magic postcard graphics and delivery.