I’ve never been big on industrializing in Minecraft. It detracts from the adventurous side of the game, in my opinion – I’d much rather focus on castles and swords and magic. That said, there’s something to be said for the efficiency of technology – systemizing things is a great way to spend the late game. Luckily for myself, I’ve discovered the awesomeness of the Botania mod, complete with all the awesomeness of magic and the efficiency of a technology mod.

Despite it being a technology mod, I’ve had tons of fun with Botania. I’m not even worried about the flowers diminishing my image anymore – they’re actually pretty cool. Botania adds a new energy system, called Mana, which is generated and controlled by various colorful flora. It also adds the means with which to manipulate the flow of this energy, and some cool things to do with it. The mc account will have a magical system to have the desired results. The energy of the players is the right one to have the correct results. The control over the game is great to have the winnings at the account. The procedure is simple for the individuals to have benefits.

I think my favorite thing about this mod is how cool it looks. The array of new flowers are vibrant in themselves, but the real beauty is in all the sprite effects the mod’s creator (Vazkii) has slammed into it. The more epic reactions you can create with mana and flora come with epic animations. Even the simple sprites that mana generators produce have an ethereal, glowing quality that will light up a base in rainbow colors.

But you don’t just download a mod for the way it looks, especially when it’s one this big. The mod starts out slow, forcing you to pick some flowers and build the initial tools for harvesting mana. Once you start reaping mana from your first flower, however, it escalates quickly. Before long you’ll be weaving through beams of mana like it’s Mission Impossible.

Unlike the tubes and vats from other technology mods, harvesting Botania’s resource is actually fun. You start out getting mana from sunlight, but different flowers pull energy from different things. There’s a flower that converts water into mana, and one that pulls the leaves off trees, and even one that loves cake – it eats it and converts it to mana! When gathering a resource is a blast, you just know that the rest of the mod is going to be something special.

And it is. The sense of scaling brought by this mod is next-level. By the time you get to the late content of the mod, which involves forging Terrasteel and assorted natural baubles, you’ll have created a complex mana gathering system and seen some awesome animations. The mana enchanting station is invaluable for keeping those enchantment books, and Manasteel items lose mana instead of durability, meaning that they never break!

Between hunting for new flower types, engineering a clever and aesthetically pleasing mana system, crafting some runes and baubles, and boring into the earth with mana lasers, the Botania mod kept me occupied for a good chunk of time – and that’s without mixing it with other mods. I love the way my new base looks, and I’m not sure if I can live in a place unless it has magical rainbow lasers surging through it.