Hair loss in young men is a common concern, especially for men who are genetically predisposed with the condition.

Total or partial baldness occurs more often in men than in women because of how testosterone affects the body.

Other possible triggers which can cause temporary hair loss or thinning hair in men include stress, coming down with the flu or pneumonia or even a poor diet.There are foods which can help reduce and prevent hair loss which are easily found in any supermarket or grocery.

Protein And Young Men’s Hair Growth

Each strand of hair contains protein. Getting enough protein in your diet can help reduce the chances of hair loss and may even contribute to men’s hair growth. However, this does not give you a license to eat red meat every day. A better alternative is to buy leaner meats such as chicken or fish.

Other rich sources of protein include cow liver, yeast, eggs, beans and even almonds. For health buffs, replacing your meats with tofu is a healthier way to get your daily source of protein.

Minerals And Hair Growth

Iron produces hemoglobin which helps carry the oxygen around the body. Your head and scalp need oxygenated blood to encourage hair to grow at a normal and healthy rate. Green and leafy vegetables are great sources of iron.

Eating vegetables helps improve blood circulation and reduces the chances of hair loss in young men. You can also help your body absorb more iron by eating citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons.

A large percentage of cases of hair loss in men occur because of zinc deficiency. Zinc is used to promote cell production and provide a balance between different types of hormones in the body. More importantly, zinc strengthens the hair strand’s hold on the scalp. Lack of zinc can cause hair loss although studies show that excessive amounts can also produce the same result.

Men who are experiencing hair loss are discouraged from taking zinc supplements to avoid having too much of the element in their bodies. Foods such as red meats, poultry, seafood and nuts contain abundant amounts of zinc. Consuming these foods alone can provide enough zinc that the body needs to promote hair growth.

Diet And Lifestyle

There is no need to over spend on products and services that are said to promote hair growth for men and prevent hair loss. A simple change in a person’s diet and lifestyle can do wonders on the head and scalp.

A piece of good advice to the young guys is to eat a well balanced diet. It will go a long way towards reducing the chances of developing hair loss in young men.


Having a very well-balanced lifestyle, time table, exercise, workout schedule, etc. could help in help in hair problems. Also, taking a nutritious meal too but the nutrients you take with food will work for all the body and get distributed. So, you need to have the best hair growth vitamins for concentrating on the hair problems properly.