Disney Princesses Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are having a girl fight according to Youtube viewers and followers. Despite being on the same network, making millions from their own TV shows, and having dated the same guy, the teens are anything but friends. Their rivalry extends far beyond the ratings of their shows, and had escalated to a sensationalized war on the net with the former posting a parody of the latter’s video, wherein Miley and best friend Mandy Jiroux talked about gapped teeth, fashion and make-up.

There seems to be no end to the scandals currently plaguing the Disney pop princess. Earlier this year, Vanity Fair photos showing the 15-year old teen star posing seductively, albeit artistically, raised a lot of eyebrows across the nations and had mothers banning children from watching her show. Disney, in an effort to keep the star on low key and as a disciplinary measure, cancelled appearances following the release of photos and of the magazine. Recent news also claimed that the star is “doing everything she can to get fired”.

A public catfight in the making, fans have chosen sides with a number claiming that it was a mean thing to do, some considering it a harmless prank, while others finding the issue to be nothing more than a marketing tool to promote Selena Gomez’ and pal Demi Lovato’s own show by the Hannah Montana star.

“O.k. that is flippin HILARIOUS. I’m almost 30 and I have 3 kids but that is the kind of stuff I used to do with my girlfriends. And I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. It made me miss my friend Carrie that I haven’t talked to in ages. They’re just kids being kids and I was laughing as hard as them when she said “Saved by the Bell” instead of “As the Bell Rings” and then she goes “saved by the bell is with Mario Lopez back in the 80’s”!! Good stuff.” Commented one blogger who saw the video (www.celebglitz.com).

There are however comments implying that the cause of the parody is the jealousy of Miley over the budding relationship of the Wizards of Waverly Place star with ex-sweetheart Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. While some argue that the cause of the mean prank is the title given by the media to Selena Gomez, touting her as “the next Miley Cyrus”.

A public apology was issued by Miley Cyrus regarding the issue via Popstar magazine, and quoted an Elvis saying that “parody is the best form of flattery”. Many found the statement to be insincere and fans of the two stars continue battling it out on the net.

A video splicing the videos was posted online giving viewers a frame by frame comparison of the two shows and urging the audience to state their opinion of whether or not it was indeed a joke gone wrong or a mean prank meant to embarrass.