With a name like The Veronicas, one is easily lulled into believing this duet is a bit of fluff, easily brushed away, under some rug and forgotten. If you’re expecting something retro or bubblegum lyrics, you’re in for a big surprise when you listen to or download music of The Veronicas from gudanglagu; these Aussie girls pack some punch!

The Veronicas are made up of 21-year old identical twins, Jess and Lisa Origliasso, hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Combining natural beauty with incredible songwriting ability and absolutely gorgeous voices, these girls from down under are preparing to take the world by storm.

Their debut album, “The Secret Life of the Veronicas” hit the stores this Valentine’s Day and nothing could be more appropriate – One listen to these girls, and they are sure to steal your heart! Avoiding the typical cookie-cutter, flash-in-the-pan teen dream, these girls are all about rough and ready rock-n-roll.

Born on Christmas Day, Jess and Lisa have been performing since they were 5 years old and have taken to the stage like it was a second home for them. Influenced by the likes of Roy Orbison and AC/DC, The Veronicas took their time and experimented with a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from hip hop to rock, and came up with an end result that is a hybrid musical style which simply amazes.

Combining this with incredible vocal quality and an enormous stage presence, The Veronicas have the ability to wow both audiences and the music industry alike.

So far, Lisa and Jess have caused a big enough buzz that they were given the opportunity to work with the likes of such hitmakers as Billy Steinberg (Madonna), Rick Nowels (Dido) and Clif Magness (Avril Lavigne), while working on their demo, and were quickly scooped up and signed on with Sire Records, long known for their talent in finding outstanding, cutting-edge musical artists.

Not ones to spare the sparkle, Sire didn’t let the girls down and immediately put the twins to work on their major-label debut. With producers such as Max Martin (Britney Spears), Don Gilmore (Linkin Park), and Dr. Luke (Kelly Clarkston), to name a few, this debut is sure to raise eyebrows and perk ears across the globe.

As their album prepares for release, these girls prove that they are out to take the world by storm; instead of taking a break after working hard in the studio, the Aussie twins have hit the road and are storming America, touring with October Fall. With scheduled shows in New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida, this terrific two-some will definitely be a sight to see (and hear!).

“We were given a one-in-a-billion shot,” stated Jess. “…And we were determined to deliver,” finished her sister, Lisa. It is said that the bond between these two is so strong that they frequently finish one another’s sentences. Whether this is true, or not, it definitely grants them the ability to harmonize and sing like two gorgeous birds. Now if birds only knew rock-n-roll, as these girls do…