Sewing machine cabinet

Small brackets

Bins or baskets

Cup hooks (optional)

Sink curtain (optional)

The hardest part about turning an old sewing machine cabinet into a craft room organizer is dragging it from its current location to the craft room. With a sewing machine inside the cabinet, it can be heavy and awkward, but when you get it to its destination, you likely won’t have to move it again. You’ll love the new craft table and organizer so much that you’ll use it for years. But what you’ll love even more is the ease at which you can make it. In place of old machines, a new one can be purchased from site. The availability of clothes will be there as per the specifications and requirements of the person. The reaching to the final destination will be easy and simple for the person. 

When it comes to a craft room you can never have too many storage places, nor too large of a variety. With everything from fabric, to beads, to Styrofoam, you’ll need an assortment of storage options. Luckily for you the sewing machine cabinet will offer you many.

Since you’ll be setting the table in your craft room it isn’t really necessary to remove the sewing machine; no one can see it. Open the lid of the cabinet and position it so that it rests against a wall or other surface. It will be sideways from the way you position it when sewing.

The lid offers you a lot of surface area for storing all sorts of things. Hang simple brackets and they can hold wire bins, plastic dish pans, or other containers. With them in place you can organize patterns, folded cloth, cones of thread, yarn and needles, silk flowers, Styrofoam, and so much more.

With the lid of the sewing machine open, the machine will be visible, and if it’s gone, you’ll be left with a huge hole. Lay a counter top piece or a board over the hole to use as a work area. Or, put a plastic wash bin in the opening and use it to store even more items.

Around the sides of the machine, screw in cup hooks, and they can hold ribbon, lace, roping, garland, cords, rubber bands, and similar things. Put a towel bar across the front of the machine and you can hang folded fabric, a hand towel, a tape measure, and other things.

If you want to go even further with the sewing machine cabinet organizer you can cover the bottom, and store more things under the machine. Buy or make a sink curtain, tack it around the lower edge of the cabinet, and let it hang to the floor. It can hide boxes full of things or a round clothes basket with craft stuff in it. With such a perfect organizer you might now be able to move to a smaller craft room!