The Oreck Vacuum came to US households via the commercial vacuum cleaner market. The Oreck Corporation was founded by David Oreck in 1963. At that time, the company was taking on the commercial market by working to design a light weight and powerful vacuum cleaner for use by hotel housekeepers. It was thought they would prefer a light weight model to the heavy clunky vacuums of the time.

The idea worked, and hotel housekeepers loved the Oreck vacuum cleaner. In fact, they loved it so much they began to ask about buying it for their own personal use at home. That gave the company an idea, and soon the Oreck vacuum cleaner was being sold to the general public. Today, Oreck sells around the world and is a major manufacturer of the cleaning industry both commercially and privately.

Oreck vacuum cleaners offer a number of positives that consumers have been raving about. The bagged upright version of their machine offers lightweight and powerful suction. These are pros of the machines that run across all models. Remember, Oreck was originally built on the idea of a strong and light weight machine for use by hotel housekeepers. Additionally, the parts for these cleaners are easily obtained through online retailers and suppliers, making the Oreck models easy to maintain without spending a ton on a specialist.

Oreck is quite efficient at its job and its brand value is huge in the market as it has aspirapolveri silenziosi that don’t make too much noise and lets its work do the talking which is why it is so popular among the consumers because aside from the maintenance factor, it also has a longer warranty period compared to rival brands that motivates people to try it out first hand.  

On the negative side of things, consumers report that several of the Oreck models have parts that are difficult to work with. For instance, there are attachments that are not easy to store on the canister or are clumsy to attach. Additionally, some feel that in an effort to create such a light weight machine, Orecks end up feeling slightly fragile or at the very least too light weight to instill confidence in their durability. Finally, some complain of price, but it can be argued that you usually get what you pay for in the vacuum cleaner industry.

The pros, it seems, far outweigh the cons when it comes to the Oreck vacuum cleaner lines. They offer light weight machines with a powerful suction signifying that they are true to their roots of commercial grade vacuums marketed to the home. On the other hand, beware of the lightweight fragility and the price when it comes time for you to pursue your new vacuum cleaner. Taking all of that into account, though, the Oreck still comes in at an exceptional 9 out of 10. It is definitely worth it to check out the internet and buy yourself one of the Oreck vacuum cleaners.