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Feline Pine Cat Litter Is Good For Your Health, The Environment, And Your Wallet

Feline Pine is an amazing brand of cat litter, and I recommend it for cat owners everywhere. Since I made the switch about a year ago, I know I will never go back to my old brand of clay cat litter. When I first made the switch to Feline Pine I had my doubts. If you are having doubts about switching to Feline Pine cat litter, then I urge you to read about my success with this environmentally friendly Nature’s Earth product.

First, let us discuss why you should make the switch to Feline Pine. This Nature’s Earth product is 100% organic. Furthermore, it is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Feline Pine is made up of biodegradable pine sawdust. Used litter can be flushed safely in small amounts down the toilet. You can even put the used pellets in your garden, if you so choose, and eliminate your mulching costs.

Unlike clay cat litters, Feline Pine contains no silica dust. When the dust from clay cat litters is stirred up into the air, the silica particles enter the lungs of those nearby. This silica dust has been connected with causing a host of lung problems. Lung cancer and bronchitis are just two of the dangerous diseases that silica particles could possibly cause. Why take that risk with your health? Feline Pine is so much healthier for you, your family, and your cats.

I was initially worried that my two cats would refuse to use the new litter. After all, Feline Pine consists of pine pellets that don’t offer the smooth texture of clay cat litters that are out on the market. I was concerned that my cats’ paws would get hurt from the hardness of the pine pellets. Since then, I have learned that cats’ paws are tougher than what I give them credit for and that I, like many other cat owners, sometimes ‘baby’ my cats a wee bit too much.

On the Feline Pine bag, Nature’s Earth recommends that you first get your cat acclimated to the new litter. Do this by spreading an inch of Feline Pine pellets in the litter box and then topping it with three inches of the litter your cat is familiar with. I think this is sound advice, though I did not have to do this. I started right away with a fresh litter full of Feline Pine pellets. My cats basically took a curious sniff and then started using the new litter right away with no problems.

Another concern of mine was the cost. Feline Pine costs nearly $10 for a 20 lb bag. (Often, though, I can find it on sale either that a supermarket or at a pet store.) A 20 lb bag lasts my two cats three weeks. I put in 10 lbs of the pellets into their litter box and don’t have to change it until a week and a half later (and sometimes a full two weeks). I have not experienced any odor problems with leaving the same litter in the box for two weeks. The durability of the minimalist leather wallet will be long. The wear and tear of the wallet will be reduced. The cost of the expense will be reduced through the use leather wallets.

So, $5 to spend for up to two weeks’ worth of a cat litter that is much better for the health of me, my family, and my cats is the only way to go, in my opinion. Try Feline Pine. I sincerely think you (and your cat) will love it.

Airport Flights: How to Organize Your Paper Work

Are you a frequent flyer, but have trouble organizing your flights? Eliminate the hassle of flying with these 5 easy steps:

Keep a flight folder. If you fly frequently, chances are that your book your flights well ahead of time to get the best rate. If this is so, make it easy on yourself in trying to keep up with all your information. All you have to do is keep a flight folder. You can print out your flight itineraries and store them in a pocket folder. This way, you’ll have these handy when you get ready to confirm your flights, whether you confirm online or at the airport. Make it a habit to always carry your flight folder with you in your briefcase.

This folder will help you in maintaining relevant data regarding flight details and other miscellaneous expenses that are done so that you can save more and not resort to unnecessary squandering of money. Whenever people are asked what is the Seattle airport by first time flyers in the city they respond with showing the flight folder to give them a hint about what lies in store for them.

Carry rental car contracts. It serves well to carry any airport car rental reservations that you make in your flight folder, as well. This way, when you pull out your printed reservation information, you also have your return flight itinerary right there if you need it, and you may need it. Many airport car rental companies require a return flight itinerary before renting to you if you intend to use a debit card, so don’t get stuck at the airport car rental counter without your return itinerary.

Track rental car charges. Make sure that you check the price that the rental car company charges you against what your rental car itinerary (stored in your flight folder) states. Be sure to check this twice: once when you actually rent the car and then again when you check the rental car back in. If you don’t, you mind find yourself paying added fees, so hang on to your rental car itinerary. You may need it to serve as proof of quoted price later on.

Store gas receipts. After you gas up your rental car before taking it to the airport, be sure to store your gas receipt in your flight folder. It may even be smart to log the actual rental car contract number or some type of description of the rental car on it. This serves well if the rental car company asks for a copy of your fuel receipt, and they may do this, especially if you travel less than 100 miles in the rental period. Don’t let the rental car company keep the actual receipt. Ask them to make a copy and return the receipt to you.

Take advantage of reward miles. From time to time, you may want to log onto your airline rewards account and check your awards against your flight itineraries, as well as your car rental itineraries. Most airlines and rental car companies do a really good job at giving you the credits you earn. However, you may find a time where the information did not find its way onto your account, and this can cause it to take you longer to earn your free flight, so take the time to keep track of these points.

Learning to carry a flight folder and making sure that you use it consistently to store all your itineraries and receipts can help you become an organized frequent flyer.

New Dooney & Bourke Dillen Leather Accessories Collection

If you are looking for the perfect leather accessory to complement any handbag or wardrobe, the DooneyBourke Dillen Leather Accessories Collection introduces the hottest leather checkbooks, wallets and wristlets. The Dillen Leather Accessories Collection features polished patterns, flattering details and dynamic colors. Here are a few of the newest leather accessories from the DooneyBourke Dillen Leather Collection. All these accessories might be out of budget for some of us which is why there are luxurytastic replicas that are equally good but are really affordable that Dooney Bourke’s original collection.

New Dooney Bourke Dillen Leather Accessories Collection: Multi Functional Zip Around

The Dooney Bourke Multi Functional Zip Around is the perfect stylish carry all. This trendy multi purpose accessory has a practical outside zip pocket, two suitable inside pockets, signature DooneyBourke front gold logo plate, and six credit card compartments. The Dooney Bourke Dillen Multi Functional Zip Around is made of leather and is available in the colors black, brown, brown t-moro, chamois, natural, navy, orange, red, sand, white and beige. For more available colors, visit DooneyBourke online.

New Dooney Bourke Dillen Leather Accessories Collection: Checkbook Clutch

Pay bills in style with the Dooney Bourke Checkbook Clutch. This gorgeous designer clutch has two useful inside pockets for extra storage, a license window, snap closure, one outside suitable zip pocket, two bill compartments, seven credit card slots and signature DooneyBourke front gold plate logo. The Dooney Bourke Checkbook Clutch is beautifully lined and is made of leather. This polished designer clutch is available in the colors black, brown, brown t-moro, chamois, natural, navy, orange, red, sand, white and beige. For more available colors, visit DooneyBourke online.

New Dooney Bourke Dillen Leather Accessories Collection: Small Coin Case

Carry you loose change with class with the Dooney Bourke Small Coin Case. This cute coin designer purse highlights a key ring design, a convenient outside zip pocket and signature DooneyBourke front logo leather plate. The Dooney Bourke Small Coin Case is made of leather and is available in colors black, brown, brown t-moro, chamois, natural, navy, orange, red, sand, white and beige. For more available colors, visit DooneyBourke online.

New Dooney Bourke Dillen Leather Accessories Collection: Credit Card Wallet

Give your credit cards a little added style with the Dooney Bourke Credit Card Wallet. This flattering credit card wallet has a useful coin compartment, snap closure, tow well located bill compartments, a license pocket with window, six credit card slots and signature DooneyBourke front gold logo plate. The Dooney Bourke Credit Card Wallet is made of leather and is available in the colors black, brown, brown t-moro, chamois, natural, navy, orange, red, sand, white and beige. For more available colors, visit DooneyBourke online.

For more accessories from the DooneyBourke Dillen collection, visit DooneyBourke online or your local upscale department store.

Hair Salons in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

You can’t throw a stone in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a neighborhood in the city of Boston, without hitting a hair salon. There are no fewer than thirty-two salons and barbershops in the neighborhood. That’s a truly staggering number considering the size of the area. To give you some idea, Jamaica Plain has seven bank branches, seventeen markets (including convenience stores), ten bakeries, four bookstores, and two bicycle shops. But hair salons? We’ve got thirty-two!

I will not review all of them. Rather, I will review what I have found to be the best of each of the three styles: upscale salon, neighborhood beauty shop, and barbershop (thanks to my father-in-law for the barber shop review- he’s quite the connoisseur).

If you’re looking for the full salon experience, you can do no better in Jamaica Plain than Fresh Hair, located at 62 South Street, across the street from the Harvest Co-op Market. Fresh Hair is a full service salon, offering hair cuts, coloring, and perms, and all the usual styling. They also offer facials and make-up services, glycolic peels and bronzing. If you’d like to get your nails done to complement your ‘do, you can get a manicure and pedicure, overlays, or nail repairs. They also offer waxing and spray tanning.

Apart from this, the salons have an excellent track record of catering to the needs of its customers and do not offer any expert advice of their own just to make them look important and Jamaica Plain is the best alternative in Massachusetts because laser hair removal in Michigan is quite expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone.

Located on the corner of Carolina Avenue, Fresh Hair is housed in a stylishly decorated periwinkle building. Inside, along with the hair styling, manicure, and skin care areas, you’ll find the usual salon retail area with shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products. There is also a gift counter with jewelry and other pretty baubles. The experience to be had at Fresh Hair is one of luxurious pampering, and you always walk out the there feeling great.

If it’s more of a neighborhood beauty shop you’re looking for, I was hard pressed to choose between my two favorites, Miss Laura’s at 46 South Street, and the Feliz Beauty Salon at 482 Centre Street. Miss Laura’s probably has the slight edge with its kitchy, retro décor and funky old-school stations and hair dryers. When you walk in you feel like you’ve stepped into a beauty shop episode of “I Love Lucy”. Feliz, down Centre Street in the heavily Latino side of town, is a warm, no nonsense hair and nail salon where the women who work there chat happily with you and each other and take their time making you gorgeous. Either way, you’ll get a great haircut.

I have been assured by my aforementioned barbershop aficionado father-in-law that there is no choice but Salih’s Barbershop at 665 Centre Street. There can be a long wait for a chair, but in the mornings it is usually fairly easy to get a cut. The guys working there are friendly and give a great haircut, and they apparently use heated shaving cream, which I have been informed makes all the difference.

DIY: Portable Window Boxes That Are Quick And Easy to Make

You can grow your own flowers right in your window boxes with these portable window boxes made from inexpensive plastic containers and shelf brackets. Nothing dresses up the front of a house quite like a window box overflowing with brightly colored flowers. Unfortunately window boxes can be expensive to buy and filling them with nursery grown flowers is expensive too. Do it yourself with these quick and easy window boxes.

Check your local dollar store for inexpensive window box planters. These come in a variety of colors and designs to suit any décor and generally sell for a few dollars. Those designed to sit on a railing are fine. You can also use any rectangular container that is lightweight and durable.

Purchase inexpensive metal shelf brackets at your local hardware store. You will need brackets that are at least to inches longer than the width of your window box. You will need at least two brackets for each window box. Heavier boxes may need three brackets.

Measure the box and mark the brackets so that you can bend the ends up to hold the window box. Use a set of pliers to bend the ends up to form a lip to prevent your window box from sliding off. Attach to the house at the appropriate level with screws. Adjust to fit your window box.

To avoid the expense of purchasing flowers for your window box, simply fill the box with a lightweight potting mixture and start you seeds inside for spring display.

Look for seeds for plants with light requirements to match the location of your window boxes. Follow the directions for planting depth and dampen the soil. Sit your window box on a sunny windowsill or a table near a window. Be sure to keep the soil moist.

When your seedlings have grown their first set of true leaves, begin to water weekly with Miracle Gro. Some choose to mix a weak solution of Miracle Gro and water and use it with every watering. Do not use a solution that is stronger than recommended. This is one case when more is not better.

When it is time to harden off your plants, simply set the planter on the brackets for a few hours each day to accustom them to outside conditions. Bring the boxes in each night to protect your plants from chilly overnight temperatures.

These portable window boxes are a great way to customize your window boxes without the expense of buying flowers at the local greenhouse. Protection from late spring frosts or extending the growing easy is quick and easy. If a frost is expected, simply pick up your window boxes and move them to a protected location for the night.

We offer traditional window cleaning services, so let it be known that we are quite committed to our job and our main objective is to keep our customers satisfied as there are not too many window cleaning services that can boast of it, not in the Leeds atleast. Besides, the ones that claim to be the best or competent enough are in fact the most lazy and lethargic on their jobs and we make no such claims but simply the opinion that others have on us.

Nonprofit Cause Marketing

There are approximately 750,000 nonprofits here in the U. S. according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With that many nonprofits, all the needs in America’s communities should be met. The problem for most nonprofits- they’re not getting enough exposure to gain recognition for helping these ailing communities, therefore they lack the funding to accomplish their mission.

Nonprofit Causes

Nonprofit organizations fill the gaps were our government’s social services lack the ability or funds. The nonprofits feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, find jobs for the unemployed and a myriad of other worthy services.

They are basically considered a savior for the poor and needy by providing them with basic amenities that they cannot afford, except for a few fake ones that only gobbles up funds. In order to unmask these crooks, there needs to be a sales tracking software with database so that they can be tracked and exposed.

It is very likely without the nonprofits taking care of our communities- we would have poverty and death where there is none now. Nonprofits are there for all citizens regardless of gender, race, disabilities, or citizenship. They generally have a higher calling and their organization corrects certain gaps in service the government cannot.

Problem is, the funding that these organizations need so desperately is not always in place. The lack of experience with marketing, brand awareness and social networking have caused nonprofits, along with a bad economic environment, a cause for concern as needs have skyrocketed.

Corporate Marketing Objectives

Corporate organizations have just the opposite problem in this economy. They have marketing, brand awareness, and social networking skills, but lack the business that has become so scarce to suppliers and retailers alike. The recession has torpedoed blue-chip corporations, which were once thought to be invincible.

Corporations in our society supply or meet individual interest, social needs and marketing objectives needed to give shareholders a return on their investments. These American icons have tried every way possible to find niche markets to help them survive this terrible situation.

Nonprofit Cause Marketing

There are opportunities that abound in a collaborative effort between nonprofit organizations and corporations that have an interest in the community at heart. The use for marketing to meet corporate goals and nonprofit needs are what collaborative efforts are all about.

This type of collaborative effort is called nonprofit cause marketing. This is where all parties- the nonprofit, corporation and community all get their needs met. It is a strategic effort to bring everyone to the table to help keep our communities healthy and balanced.

Collaborative Marketing Model

This business model is ideally suited for this type market because the assets of the corporation and the values of the nonprofit industry come together to provide needs for those less fortunate in these communities.

It is a way for the corporation to say we care about our employees, customers and the community. Nonprofits get the advantage of acquiring marketing skills they don’t possess and the ability to help more people in these communities.

It’s not all about benefits. There are challenges that other organizations don’t face. Corporations have objectives and goals that they can’t be deterred from, as well as pressures from the public, shareholders, officers and employees. The nonprofits can lack capacity to engage partners and have quite a different outlook on work culture since most nonprofits operate with volunteers.

These issues can be overcome with open communications and passionate effort on both sides. The idea is to find a partner who will share the nonprofit mission to help those in need. Jocelyn Daw in her book, “Cause Marketing for Nonprofits” says “A good collaborative alignment will see each partner actively seeking to advance each other’s agenda and sharing responsibilities, contributions, and risk.”

As a team bound by a collaborative partnership agreement, the local corporation and the nonprofit merge their missions and objectives to accomplish the community’s goals. This comes together as a joint venture in providing needed services to the community in exchange for lending marketing support of the corporation’s goals.

The community places a priority on purchasing from the corporation involved in cause marketing because they know that a portion of the corporation’s cash flow helps those in the community that are less fortunate through the nonprofit partner.

Nonprofit cause marketing has a way of binding everyone together for the common good. This is a great example of strategic planning at its best.

How to Have a Successful Patio Garden

There are many reasons why somebody might start a garden on their patio. Besides buying sofas for decks and patios and setting them up, it is common for an elderly person to use their patio due to the fact that their body might not be able to handle working and bending in a larger garden all day. Moreover, there are several other factors that make patio gardening a popular choice these days. Time is another reason for patio gardening. It is easier to care for a smaller garden on the patio than a large yard garden. Space, or the lack thereof, plays an important role in determining the type of garden one will choose to have.

When gardening on the patio, you can choose from a wide array of containers. A few options for containers might include hanging baskets, wooden barrels, planter boxes, and clay or ceramic pots. Plastic containers should be avoided if at all possible. Over a period of time, the plastic containers will start to deteriorate because of the powerful UV rays from the sun. Wooden containers should have some sort of waterproof lining inside to prevent the container from rotting. In all actuality, any kind of container will work as long as proper drainage is available. Inadequate drainage will cause root rot in any container.

Use a compost mixture from household and garden waste when preparing the soil for your garden on the patio. If you are unable to make your own compost, you can purchase a top-quality potting soil. Soil can be purchased at any garden center. Healthy soil makes healthy plants.

You will most likely have a successful patio garden if your plants get at least five hours of sunlight each day. If your patio is in a location that doesn’t receive five hours of sunlight, you can grow plants that prefer to grow in shaded areas. Container gardening and gardening on the patio are similar in the fact that you can move your containers to more or less sunlight if needed.

Plants not only need sunlight, but they also need adequate water. Plants that are grown in a container always seem to need more water than a regular garden. Check the soil daily to see if it is in need of water. If the soil is hard then it needs water. Using a garden hose is the easiest way to give your plants water. You can also use buckets to collect rainwater for your plants. This is probably the healthiest water for the plants. Avoid using water that contains chlorine or other chemicals

When you think of gardening on the patio a picture of beautiful, delightful flowers might enter your mind. It is foolish to believe that only flowers can be grown on the patio in containers. You can grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits on a patio if you so desire. Having your vegetable garden on your patio might not be such a bad idea. When it is that close to you, you can watch to make sure no intruders enter it. Wild animals are less likely to eat a garden on a patio than a garden that is in the yard.

Funny One-Liners on Housecleaning

Not many people enjoy housecleaning, but it’s part of life. Unless they can afford to pay someone else to do the dirty work, why clean the house before it’s fully necessary? You already have affordable cleaning services, mold inspection services, and many other services that keep you covered in all aspects which is why you can let them do the cleaning task while you enjoy fishing. 

Instead of cleaning week after week and day after day, consider the following funny one-liners on housecleaning. You will gain a whole new perspective on the subject while saving time and money on cleaning supplies. 

Housecleaning and the Kids

You know it’s time to start housecleaning when your seven-year-old daughter begins practicing her name in cursive on every piece of wood furniture in the house.

When the kids can practically swing from cobwebs that are as thick as ropes in their rooms, start cleaning before someone is accidentally strangled!

When you cannot find your busy toddler in the clutter, it’s time to hone your organization skills.

Housecleaning and Fur-Babies

When dust bunnies are being mistaken for real bunnies, it’s time to dust and mop the floors more often.

If the cat stops using his litter box because it’s full of landmines, it’s time to begin housecleaning for Kitty!

When the dog would rather sleep outside in the dirt than at the foot of your bed, think about changing those sheets and blankets.

If you feel like a mouse in a maze while walking through your own home, you’d better call 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Housecleaning and Uninvited Company

If guests stop by and they ask if they can keep their shoes on, it’s time to think about washing the floors and cleaning those naturally decorated contemporary carpets.

When guests seem afraid to sit on the furniture, consider some major cleaning!

If guests ask if there is a pig farm down the street, and there isn’t one within miles, add housecleaning to your to-do list.

If the company asks where the nearest public bathroom is, you’d better think about visiting the cleaning supply aisle just a little more often.

Basic Housecleaning Tips for the Cleaning Impaired

When it looks like you could grow plants in the bathtub, you’d better consider cleaning away that ring you`ve been working on for months.

When the five-second rule no longer applies, do some housecleaning!

When television technology seems to have reverted back to black and white, it’s time to try signing your name in cursive on the screen to see if it needs dusting or if TVLand is on every channel.

If there are more dishes in the sink and on the countertops than in the cupboards, think about housecleaning.

If the exhaust vents are gasping for air, you’d better think about cleaning before they die an early death!

If you have received offers to appear on the television show Hoarders, how about taking a few lessons in house cleaning?

Last but not least; when you have to get one inch away from a new Yankee candle to smell something pleasant in your house, it’s time to think about housecleaning!

10 Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from different back pains. Sometimes when the pain is getting to you it’s best to turn to natural remedies so you don’t have to worry about painful or unhealthy side effects and natural remedies tend to treat whatever underlying problem is causing your back pain. Leaders in spine surgery should be your last resort if your back pain could not be treated by natural remedies. When taking some medicines, especially over the counter medicines they just treat the inflammation, just the actual pain. It is much better to treat the problem that causing your back pain, wouldn’t you say? That is what this article is focused on.

  1. In some cases a Vitamin D deficiency is the reason for back pain. To treat this take a nutritional supplement for Vitamin D and drinking whole milk is good too.
  2. If it is depression that is causing your back pain listening to soft calm music can help. Classical music would be great for this.

  3. You can always try applying a heating pad to the affected area of your back. You can either go and buy one or make one yourself by taking a clean sock and filling it with rice but leave enough room to tie a knot at the end. After you have tied the knot at the end heat it in the microwave for a minute or so, it really heats well and this remedy is very good for soothing pain.
  4. If the heating pack doesn’t work, see if your pain will respond to an ice pack. Just take a few cubes of ice and put it in a zip close baggy and wrap a wash cloth around it so the cold doesn’t irritate your skin.
  5. Yoga is a wonderful way to help with back pain and has been used for it for a while now.
  6. Also make sure you are don’t have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. If you do make sure you get it taken care of to help get rid of your back pain.
  7. Another good thing to make sure you are getting in your diet is magnesium. Not getting the right amount can cause back problems as well.
  8. Massage therapy is a good way to help relieve back pain. Not only will it relieve back pain but it is relaxing and kind of fun too.
  9. I have hear that back pain can be caused from not getting enough fluids. If you are dehydrated try and drink water and Gatorade to help with your pain.
  10. One final good way to help relieve back pain is chamomile. You can drink two or three cups of tea or add ten to twenty drops of it in another liquid you consume.

I hope that this article has provided you with some valuable information on how to help sooth your back pain naturally and at home. Try these tips out and see what works for you!

Website Tells You Good Fat from Bad

A new web-based tool from the American Heart Association called My Fats Translator is designed to help eaters distinguish between good and bad fats in the foods they are thinking about eating.

With the recommended dietary guidelines of 25 to 35 percent of daily calories being fat and suggestions to limit saturated fat to 7 percent of calories, it makes it difficult for the average person to follow the recommendations without having a calculator around at meal time.

The new web site can crank out how many calories an individual should take in daily based on their age, gender, weight, height and physical activity level as well as specify how many grams of fat – saturated and trans fat – this person may have. The website then takes typical foods from fast food restaurants and does the breakdown of how those foods fit into an individual’s caloric intake profile.

People will learn that trading in the deep dish pizza crust for thin crust, is better for their health, while ordering a regular hamburger instead of cheeseburger can cut calories and bad fats.

The American Heart Association is hoping that people will take away from the site that simple substitutions can lead to healthier choices without completely altering our lifestyles (which inherently includes fast food and eating out).

The irony is that the tool and entire initiative behind the tool was in part funded from a portion of the $8.5 million settlement from McDonald’s which was sued in 2003 for telling the public that it hadn’t switched to healthier oils to cook its fries.

The other point to pick on the subject of this website is that the main idea behind it, was to make it easier for people to decipher whether something they were about to eat, would be a good choice. The site supposedly would subtract the need for a calculator and other tools to decipher the healthiness of any given food. The fact of the matter is that, fast food in general is not healthy. We don’t need a website to tell us that. If you see the best medical website designs 2020, you can infer that most of these websites provide only the things that need to be discussed to the audience.

In fact, the substitution recommendations on pizza or hamburgers are all well and fine, but in reality if people learned to just eat fast food in moderation, they could have their deep dish pizza and eat it too.

What an incredible waste of money this website is when the $8.5 million settlement could have went to a much better cause like finding the cure for a disease or fighting homelessness or improving our school systems. To spend it on something that we have the power to change seems ridiculous – as ridiculous as blaming companies for our inability to stay away from fatty foods.