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Nonprofit Cause Marketing

There are approximately 750,000 nonprofits here in the U. S. according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With that many nonprofits, all the needs in America’s communities should be met. The problem for most nonprofits- they’re not getting enough exposure to gain recognition for helping these ailing communities, therefore they lack the funding to accomplish their mission.

Nonprofit Causes

Nonprofit organizations fill the gaps were our government’s social services lack the ability or funds. The nonprofits feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, find jobs for the unemployed and a myriad of other worthy services.

They are basically considered a savior for the poor and needy by providing them with basic amenities that they cannot afford, except for a few fake ones that only gobbles up funds. In order to unmask these crooks, there needs to be a sales tracking software with database so that they can be tracked and exposed.

It is very likely without the nonprofits taking care of our communities- we would have poverty and death where there is none now. Nonprofits are there for all citizens regardless of gender, race, disabilities, or citizenship. They generally have a higher calling and their organization corrects certain gaps in service the government cannot.

Problem is, the funding that these organizations need so desperately is not always in place. The lack of experience with marketing, brand awareness and social networking have caused nonprofits, along with a bad economic environment, a cause for concern as needs have skyrocketed.

Corporate Marketing Objectives

Corporate organizations have just the opposite problem in this economy. They have marketing, brand awareness, and social networking skills, but lack the business that has become so scarce to suppliers and retailers alike. The recession has torpedoed blue-chip corporations, which were once thought to be invincible.

Corporations in our society supply or meet individual interest, social needs and marketing objectives needed to give shareholders a return on their investments. These American icons have tried every way possible to find niche markets to help them survive this terrible situation.

Nonprofit Cause Marketing

There are opportunities that abound in a collaborative effort between nonprofit organizations and corporations that have an interest in the community at heart. The use for marketing to meet corporate goals and nonprofit needs are what collaborative efforts are all about.

This type of collaborative effort is called nonprofit cause marketing. This is where all parties- the nonprofit, corporation and community all get their needs met. It is a strategic effort to bring everyone to the table to help keep our communities healthy and balanced.

Collaborative Marketing Model

This business model is ideally suited for this type market because the assets of the corporation and the values of the nonprofit industry come together to provide needs for those less fortunate in these communities.

It is a way for the corporation to say we care about our employees, customers and the community. Nonprofits get the advantage of acquiring marketing skills they don’t possess and the ability to help more people in these communities.

It’s not all about benefits. There are challenges that other organizations don’t face. Corporations have objectives and goals that they can’t be deterred from, as well as pressures from the public, shareholders, officers and employees. The nonprofits can lack capacity to engage partners and have quite a different outlook on work culture since most nonprofits operate with volunteers.

These issues can be overcome with open communications and passionate effort on both sides. The idea is to find a partner who will share the nonprofit mission to help those in need. Jocelyn Daw in her book, “Cause Marketing for Nonprofits” says “A good collaborative alignment will see each partner actively seeking to advance each other’s agenda and sharing responsibilities, contributions, and risk.”

As a team bound by a collaborative partnership agreement, the local corporation and the nonprofit merge their missions and objectives to accomplish the community’s goals. This comes together as a joint venture in providing needed services to the community in exchange for lending marketing support of the corporation’s goals.

The community places a priority on purchasing from the corporation involved in cause marketing because they know that a portion of the corporation’s cash flow helps those in the community that are less fortunate through the nonprofit partner.

Nonprofit cause marketing has a way of binding everyone together for the common good. This is a great example of strategic planning at its best.

How to Have a Successful Patio Garden

There are many reasons why somebody might start a garden on their patio. Besides buying sofas for decks and patios and setting them up, it is common for an elderly person to use their patio due to the fact that their body might not be able to handle working and bending in a larger garden all day. Moreover, there are several other factors that make patio gardening a popular choice these days. Time is another reason for patio gardening. It is easier to care for a smaller garden on the patio than a large yard garden. Space, or the lack thereof, plays an important role in determining the type of garden one will choose to have.

When gardening on the patio, you can choose from a wide array of containers. A few options for containers might include hanging baskets, wooden barrels, planter boxes, and clay or ceramic pots. Plastic containers should be avoided if at all possible. Over a period of time, the plastic containers will start to deteriorate because of the powerful UV rays from the sun. Wooden containers should have some sort of waterproof lining inside to prevent the container from rotting. In all actuality, any kind of container will work as long as proper drainage is available. Inadequate drainage will cause root rot in any container.

Use a compost mixture from household and garden waste when preparing the soil for your garden on the patio. If you are unable to make your own compost, you can purchase a top-quality potting soil. Soil can be purchased at any garden center. Healthy soil makes healthy plants.

You will most likely have a successful patio garden if your plants get at least five hours of sunlight each day. If your patio is in a location that doesn’t receive five hours of sunlight, you can grow plants that prefer to grow in shaded areas. Container gardening and gardening on the patio are similar in the fact that you can move your containers to more or less sunlight if needed.

Plants not only need sunlight, but they also need adequate water. Plants that are grown in a container always seem to need more water than a regular garden. Check the soil daily to see if it is in need of water. If the soil is hard then it needs water. Using a garden hose is the easiest way to give your plants water. You can also use buckets to collect rainwater for your plants. This is probably the healthiest water for the plants. Avoid using water that contains chlorine or other chemicals

When you think of gardening on the patio a picture of beautiful, delightful flowers might enter your mind. It is foolish to believe that only flowers can be grown on the patio in containers. You can grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits on a patio if you so desire. Having your vegetable garden on your patio might not be such a bad idea. When it is that close to you, you can watch to make sure no intruders enter it. Wild animals are less likely to eat a garden on a patio than a garden that is in the yard.

Funny One-Liners on Housecleaning

Not many people enjoy housecleaning, but it’s part of life. Unless they can afford to pay someone else to do the dirty work, why clean the house before it’s fully necessary? You already have affordable cleaning services, mold inspection services, and many other services that keep you covered in all aspects which is why you can let them do the cleaning task while you enjoy fishing. 

Instead of cleaning week after week and day after day, consider the following funny one-liners on housecleaning. You will gain a whole new perspective on the subject while saving time and money on cleaning supplies. 

Housecleaning and the Kids

You know it’s time to start housecleaning when your seven-year-old daughter begins practicing her name in cursive on every piece of wood furniture in the house.

When the kids can practically swing from cobwebs that are as thick as ropes in their rooms, start cleaning before someone is accidentally strangled!

When you cannot find your busy toddler in the clutter, it’s time to hone your organization skills.

Housecleaning and Fur-Babies

When dust bunnies are being mistaken for real bunnies, it’s time to dust and mop the floors more often.

If the cat stops using his litter box because it’s full of landmines, it’s time to begin housecleaning for Kitty!

When the dog would rather sleep outside in the dirt than at the foot of your bed, think about changing those sheets and blankets.

If you feel like a mouse in a maze while walking through your own home, you’d better call 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Housecleaning and Uninvited Company

If guests stop by and they ask if they can keep their shoes on, it’s time to think about washing the floors and cleaning those naturally decorated contemporary carpets.

When guests seem afraid to sit on the furniture, consider some major cleaning!

If guests ask if there is a pig farm down the street, and there isn’t one within miles, add housecleaning to your to-do list.

If the company asks where the nearest public bathroom is, you’d better think about visiting the cleaning supply aisle just a little more often.

Basic Housecleaning Tips for the Cleaning Impaired

When it looks like you could grow plants in the bathtub, you’d better consider cleaning away that ring you`ve been working on for months.

When the five-second rule no longer applies, do some housecleaning!

When television technology seems to have reverted back to black and white, it’s time to try signing your name in cursive on the screen to see if it needs dusting or if TVLand is on every channel.

If there are more dishes in the sink and on the countertops than in the cupboards, think about housecleaning.

If the exhaust vents are gasping for air, you’d better think about cleaning before they die an early death!

If you have received offers to appear on the television show Hoarders, how about taking a few lessons in house cleaning?

Last but not least; when you have to get one inch away from a new Yankee candle to smell something pleasant in your house, it’s time to think about housecleaning!

10 Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from different back pains. Sometimes when the pain is getting to you it’s best to turn to natural remedies so you don’t have to worry about painful or unhealthy side effects and natural remedies tend to treat whatever underlying problem is causing your back pain. Leaders in spine surgery should be your last resort if your back pain could not be treated by natural remedies. When taking some medicines, especially over the counter medicines they just treat the inflammation, just the actual pain. It is much better to treat the problem that causing your back pain, wouldn’t you say? That is what this article is focused on.

  1. In some cases a Vitamin D deficiency is the reason for back pain. To treat this take a nutritional supplement for Vitamin D and drinking whole milk is good too.
  2. If it is depression that is causing your back pain listening to soft calm music can help. Classical music would be great for this.

  3. You can always try applying a heating pad to the affected area of your back. You can either go and buy one or make one yourself by taking a clean sock and filling it with rice but leave enough room to tie a knot at the end. After you have tied the knot at the end heat it in the microwave for a minute or so, it really heats well and this remedy is very good for soothing pain.
  4. If the heating pack doesn’t work, see if your pain will respond to an ice pack. Just take a few cubes of ice and put it in a zip close baggy and wrap a wash cloth around it so the cold doesn’t irritate your skin.
  5. Yoga is a wonderful way to help with back pain and has been used for it for a while now.
  6. Also make sure you are don’t have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. If you do make sure you get it taken care of to help get rid of your back pain.
  7. Another good thing to make sure you are getting in your diet is magnesium. Not getting the right amount can cause back problems as well.
  8. Massage therapy is a good way to help relieve back pain. Not only will it relieve back pain but it is relaxing and kind of fun too.
  9. I have hear that back pain can be caused from not getting enough fluids. If you are dehydrated try and drink water and Gatorade to help with your pain.
  10. One final good way to help relieve back pain is chamomile. You can drink two or three cups of tea or add ten to twenty drops of it in another liquid you consume.

I hope that this article has provided you with some valuable information on how to help sooth your back pain naturally and at home. Try these tips out and see what works for you!

Website Tells You Good Fat from Bad

A new web-based tool from the American Heart Association called My Fats Translator is designed to help eaters distinguish between good and bad fats in the foods they are thinking about eating.

With the recommended dietary guidelines of 25 to 35 percent of daily calories being fat and suggestions to limit saturated fat to 7 percent of calories, it makes it difficult for the average person to follow the recommendations without having a calculator around at meal time.

The new web site can crank out how many calories an individual should take in daily based on their age, gender, weight, height and physical activity level as well as specify how many grams of fat – saturated and trans fat – this person may have. The website then takes typical foods from fast food restaurants and does the breakdown of how those foods fit into an individual’s caloric intake profile.

People will learn that trading in the deep dish pizza crust for thin crust, is better for their health, while ordering a regular hamburger instead of cheeseburger can cut calories and bad fats.

The American Heart Association is hoping that people will take away from the site that simple substitutions can lead to healthier choices without completely altering our lifestyles (which inherently includes fast food and eating out).

The irony is that the tool and entire initiative behind the tool was in part funded from a portion of the $8.5 million settlement from McDonald’s which was sued in 2003 for telling the public that it hadn’t switched to healthier oils to cook its fries.

The other point to pick on the subject of this website is that the main idea behind it, was to make it easier for people to decipher whether something they were about to eat, would be a good choice. The site supposedly would subtract the need for a calculator and other tools to decipher the healthiness of any given food. The fact of the matter is that, fast food in general is not healthy. We don’t need a website to tell us that. If you see the best medical website designs 2020, you can infer that most of these websites provide only the things that need to be discussed to the audience.

In fact, the substitution recommendations on pizza or hamburgers are all well and fine, but in reality if people learned to just eat fast food in moderation, they could have their deep dish pizza and eat it too.

What an incredible waste of money this website is when the $8.5 million settlement could have went to a much better cause like finding the cure for a disease or fighting homelessness or improving our school systems. To spend it on something that we have the power to change seems ridiculous – as ridiculous as blaming companies for our inability to stay away from fatty foods.

Makita Impact Driver – Let’s Know How To Use It Perfectly?

An impact driver will be the finest addition to your toolkit, as you can use it conveniently without seeking help from elsewhere. This tool is proficient in tightening up the long deck screws or the carriage bolts, which are stuck in wooden posts. This incredible tool can make your life easier by reducing the burden of work as it enables you to work smartly. The impact driver has become a necessity in hundreds of shops and homes as well.

The key quality of an impact driver is, it can enhance the productivity of users. These impact drivers are powered by a powerful Li-ion battery, which offers a battery backup of three hours on a full charge. These drivers have the option to select clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. You can adjust the speed to fasten or loosen bolts adequately. If you bought Makita impact driver and feeling confused about how to use it effectively and maintain it, then you should read this post till the end.

Impact drivers are more in demand among homeowners as these are used for several purposes. Well, these drivers are small in size and look like the cordless drill. With the use of this tool, it becomes easier to loosen screws as well as nuts. It is hard to do it by using a traditional screwdriver, and that’s why it is good to add this device to your toolkit. These devices have hexagonal-shaped collets, whereas the drills or other tools have three-jaw chucks.

Benefits of using impact drivers

Impact drivers are very similar to cordless drills, so you may feel confused while buying the tools. You need to know the difference between the drills and drivers. Some people still think that why they can’t use a drill instead of the driver to complete the jobs. To know the main reasons, you should read the points which have been mentioned below-

  • Torque is higher– No doubt, the impact drivers are more powerful as compared to the cordless drill. If you are trying to drive screws in tough materials, then you can’t do it in an effective manner by using the drill machine. All you need to do is to make use of the Makita impact driver for easing up your task. It can help you to do the same faster as well as in a better way.
  • No burden on your wrist – The cordless impact driver is light in weight that means you can use it without hassles. You don’t need to take a lot of burden on your wrist for using it as a drill machine. The lightweight and the other features make it easier to use the impact driver for loosening the nuts and bolts. You can also see the difference by using a drill machine for a day and then an impact driver for a day.
  • Suitable for tight spaces – if you have ever seen the cordless impact driver, then you may know that its head length is short as compared to the average cordless drill. Well, this feature makes it beneficial for use in tight spaces. While you are facing issues with the use of a cordless drill, then you should opt for the impact driver to reduce the complications and to squeeze into the tight spaces.

After knowing these benefits, you may get encouraged to buy this tool instead of the other options like drills. It is easy to use the impact driver, and that’s why you don’t need to struggle with lots of complications.

Tips for using the impact driver

As you know, impact drivers are highly useful and also considered as powerful tools. You should add this tool to your arsenal in order to complete the DIY projects with ease. If you are interested in the woodworking projects, then you should also buy this tool to avail various benefits.

To know how to use this tool in an effective manner, you should read the tips which have been given in the below post.

  • You should never recharge the fully charged battery because overcharging the battery may also affect its life.
  • While recharging the battery of your Makita impact driver, you should use the charger of the same brand to avoid problems.
  • You need to be aware while fastening the small screws with the impact driver. You should use the correct size screw bit to use it smoothly.
  • Before turning on the driver, you need to insert the bit perfectly and also in a secure manner to reduce the complications.

You should also use a good quality impact driver to perform the tasks. Before going to buy the impact driver, you should check the information on reviewjam about the top best products available in the market for sale. Check out their features and other details to make final purchases.

How to Increase Your Chances of Drawing Unemployment Insurance

Even a year ago, who would have thought that a teacher would lose her job due to budget shortfalls? Special education teachers are always the first to go, so here I am, finding myself without a job. Besides that, the only positive thing right now is my auto insurance. This is why you should choose the right car insurance policy to suit you and will help in times like these. The same day I was let go, I applied for unemployment. I am one of the lucky ones and was approved, but getting approved is getting more and more difficult, the tougher the economy becomes. Here are a few tips to better your chances of not being turned down.

1) Above all else, do not resign. Employers love to tell people that it looks better on their work records if they resign. They often do this after they call you in and tell you that you are being fired. They know that you probably won’t receive unemployment insurance if you resign. So a signature from you, ensures they save money on the amount they pay in for the unemployment insurance. 

My principal tried pulling this trick on me. I was called into his office, told I was being let go, and he stated the school board would need a resignation letter. I informed him he just let me go. The next day I was called to the school board to sign my exit packet, and the first thing to sign was a typed up resignation letter. Again I told them I was let go, I still wanted to work at the school, and would walk across the street right then and there and start teaching again if allowed. Under no circumstances let the employer bully you into signing a resignation letter. True, it may look better on your work record, but in the meantime, how will you pay our bills?

2) If you are having work-related issues, and fear you may be let go, make sure you submit documentation supporting your side of the issues. Ask that the notes or documentation be included in your employee file. If you miss a lot of work due to a doctor’s appointment or sickness, include the notes from the doctors also. If unemployment should investigate your reason for being let go, you will have something to back you up.

3) If things are looking bleak and you fear to lose your job, try to hang on as long as you can. This applies especially if you are a relatively new employee. Each state is different, but Florida mandates that you must have worked enough to make 17 times your weekly unemployment amount or they will have to investigate your last job. Chances are if they have to go back to other jobs, you probably won’t receive unemployment. In Florida, the weekly amount can be no more than 275, so you would have had to make $4675.

4) Try to ensure that you do not job hop. If you job hop, this decreases your chance of getting unemployment insurance. They will begin to question why you can’t seem to hold down a job.

5) I have a friend who was approved for unemployment and began to brag to everyone that she was not planning on getting a job till her unemployment insurance ran out. She bragged to the wrong person and was audited by the unemployment agency and lost her unemployment, In the audition, she had to pay back everything she had earned, as she had no record of looking for a job. Most states require you to keep your own record of job searches and require you to list at least two attempts per week. It is important to keep this record, in case you are audited.

Hopefully, I will not be receiving my check for long. $275 is a big loss from what I was making as a teacher, but it serves the purpose of helping me make ends meet until I get a job. Teaching jobs are scarce these days, so I’ll take any job that comes my way.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to increase your chances of being approved for unemployment insurance if you apply. Maybe things will improve soon and no one else will be faced with the prospect of a job loss. We can only hope!

Tips For Buying a New Furnace

So you need a new furnace. The first thought that may come to your mind is to break out the yellow pages, and call two or three dealers to come out for a free estimate. It sounds promising to let someone else do the legwork for you. But, a better approach may be to do some preliminary research on your own first.

It is because you need to have sufficient knowledge regarding furnace and its functions and whether it can fit into your house or not depending on the size so do conduct an extensive research regarding the same and before taking a decision, do ask yourself the following question, ‘Are you looking for heating oil for your business or home in New Jersey’ because you can afford only one of them.

Consumer Reports Buying Guide is probably as good of a place as any to start. They review furnaces by brand, durablitity, number of repairs, cost, etc. This will give you some guidelines for what is good and bad, that way when you hit the Yellow Pages, you will know who not to call, based on poorly rated brands. Another great source for picking a dealer is to ask your friends and family. Chances are several of them have had experiences either replacing, or repairing their furnace or air conditioner. If they had a bad experience with a dealer, don’t call them. If they had a particularly good experience – move that dealer up to the top of your list.Assess Your Needs

Next you need to honestly assess what you are looking for the way a dealer would. When the sales consultant visits your home – he/she is going to ask some of the following questions:

How old is the unit you have now?    How long do you plan on staying in your home?    Are you looking for something just basic, or a little bit better?    Do you use portable heaters in any of your rooms? Which ones? and, Why?    Are any of your rooms difficult to keep comfortable?    What have you looked at so far?

What do these questions tell your sales consultant? If the unit is 10 years or older, it is probably less efficient than it could be. It may be time to step up to a newer high efficiency model. If you plan on staying in your home five years or less, you are probably not looking for the greatest thing out there with all of the bells and whistles. A “contractors grade” model may be just what you are looking for. In furnaces, as in everything else there are good – better – and best models. A Lennox dealer will lead with Lennox in most cases, and fall back on Air Flow or DuKane if you balk at the price. Either model will do a good job for you, and keep your house comfortable. The big difference is – the premium unit, in this case Lennox, will hold up better over time, because it is built with better parts. So for someone planning to stay in their home ten years or longer, the Lennox will hold up better, and experience fewer repairs. If you will be moving in the next three to five years, the Air Flow or DuKane, may be a better choice. You will spend less money up front, and will still have a new furnace in your home to help enhance resale value. If you are looking at Carrier, Carrier is the premium unit, and Bryant is normally their “contractors grade.”

Are you looking for something a little bit better, signifies you may want a high efficient model, or more advanced features like a two stage blower, or variable speed blower. Most furnaces sold in the past are single stage, meaning they run at a constant speed. Two stage units are just that. They normally run at low speed, but when called for they can run at a higher speed, and bring your house up to temperature quicker. A variable speed unit is the best of both worlds. It has a two stage blower, plus it runs on dc power which means it operates more efficiently, and can run at an even lower blower speed. The advantage here is that it can run for a longer heat cycle, pushing heat out more evenly, making a more comfortable and cozy home.

If you use portable heaters, or have uneven heat in different rooms – the odds are that you have a duct work problem, and the dealer is probing to see if you may need to do more work, than to just add a new furnace. Sometimes old duct work is poorly run, or as additions were made to the home, the ducts were not properly placed. Now may be the perfect time to fix these problems.

What have you looked at so far tests your product knowledge, and helps the sales consultant decide what to show you. If everyone else has shown you contractors grade units, or low efficiency units, he will probably show you something similar.Ask About Specials, Rebates,  amp; Tax Credits

Finally, be sure to ask your consultant what specials and rebates they are currently running. Also, check for any utility company rebates available. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. If business is slow, or the dealership is trying to meet a sales goal, the price can drop $500, or even $1,000.

Another tip. The best time to buy a new furnace is usually in the dead of winter – March and April. By this time most people have replaced bad units, and others have decided to wait until spring. A lot of dealers put specials at this time, such as buy a new air conditioner, get a furnace for $500 or $1000.Never Take the First Price You Are Offered

Most companies are willing to deal. Sometimes by as much as $500 or $1000, especially towards the end of the month when the dealership is fighting to make its numbers.

The World’s Oceans and the Southern Ocean

The International Hydrography Organization has recently recognized the Southern Ocean as a new ocean.

70% of the surface of the Earth is covered by water. The seas of the earth are linked with each other. The world’s oceans are the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern, and the Arctic. 10 Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Travel Program will be available with the agencies. Some of the areas to be visited through the travelers are provided in the article. 

Atlantic Ocean

It is the second-largest among the oceans. Its name is derived from Greek mythology’s ‘Atlas’. It lies between Africa, Europe, North and South Americas, and Antarctica. It is the youngest ocean and occupies 21% of the surface of the earth. The average depth is 3,927 m. The deepest point is Puerto Rico Trench. The currents in the Northern Atlantic flow clockwise and the currents in the Southern Atlantic flow anticlockwise. The endangered marine mammals such as seals, turtles, sea lions and whales live in the Atlantic.

Arctic Ocean

It is the smallest ocean. Icebergs float over frigid waters. Greenland, North America and Eurasia and several other islands exist around the Arctic. It is connected with the Atlantic via the Greenland Sea and the Labrador Sea. It is connected with the Pacific via the Bering Strait. The central portion of the Arctic is always covered with ice ten feet deep. Endangered marine species like the walrus and whales inhabit here.

Indian Ocean

It is the third largest of all oceans. It is surrounded by Africa, South Asia, Arabia, the Sunda Islands, Australia and Antarctica. Its average depth is 3,900 meters. The deepest point is called the Java Trench (7,725 meters). Species of seals, whales, turtles and dugong exist in this ocean.

Pacific Ocean

It is the largest ocean. It occupies nearly 33% of the surface of the earth. Its name has been derived from Latin – ‘Mare Pacificum’ meaning ‘peaceful sea’. Ferdinand Magellan named the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded in the west by Asia and Australia. Towards the east, there are the Americas. To the north is the Arctic. To the south is the Antarctic. The deepest point is Mariana Trench (10,911 meters). Species that live here are sea otters, sea lions, turtles, seals and whales.

Southern Ocean

The sea water surrounding the Antarctica region is called the Southern Ocean. It is also called as South Polar Ocean or the Antarctic Ocean. It is the fourth biggest of the oceans. Melting glaciers are the source for this ocean. The Ross Sea, Bellingshausen Seas, Cooperation Sea, Cosmonaut Seas and Amundsen Sea are in the Southern Seas. Dolphins are some of the marine endangered animals that reside here.

The study of marine species, oceans and waves is known as marine science. Marine sciences are collectively also known as oceanography. The vertical and horizontal water movements on the ocean are known as ocean currents. The field of study is vast and there are many mysteries about the oceans that remain as yet unresolved.

Why You and Your Significant Other Should Both Take Your Puppy to Training Classes

If you and your significant other have never raised a dog together before, that new puppy can bring up some unique challenges in your relationship. Hopefully your expectations are similar enough that you can agree on house rules, such as whether or not the dog is allowed on the bed. Consistency is key for dogs, and that is never more true than when you are training your new furry friend. Even if both of you have trained dogs before, it is extremely helpful for both of you to take your new puppy to a formal training class.

Training the Trainer

Formal training is not just for your dog. In many cases, you will learn just as much as your puppy by taking a training class. Training is not just about giving commands. You have to be aware of how you are communicating with your dog, and you will learn timing, patience, body language, and how to be a calm yet assertive leader. It is necessary for all humans in the house to grasp these concepts so that your dog has a firm understanding of his place in the “pack”. If only one of you works with the trainer, it’s possible the dog will only end up listening to that person. This can cause frustration and resentment, and the dog’s unruly behavior can drive a wedge between you and your spouse.

Constancy is Key

Your dog is more likely to respond reliably to commands when they are given in a consistent manner. Everything from tone of voice to body language is important. Lets say that only Jane takes the puppy to class. When she gets home and shows the commands to Joe, he says them louder than Jane or with the wrong hand signal. The puppy is confused and does not do the behavior. Jane is embarrassed that the puppy seems to have forgotten what she learned, and Joe doesn’t think that the classes are working very well. If Joe goes to class with Jane, he has a chance to practice the commands, receive feedback from the instructor, and the puppy learns to do the behavior for both of them! Everybody wins.

Differences in Training Experience

While both of us have trained dogs in the past, my fiance and I had never done it together. I train animals for a living and he was a bit rusty. While our relationship has many strengths, teaching each other how to do things isn’t one of them. It was much better for both of us to receive instruction from a third party. We both got praised for our efforts, and both of us got corrective feedback from the instructor! This made the process go much more smoothly, both for the dog and our relationship.

Bringing a new dog into your home can be a joy, but it can also lead to challenges between you and your significant other. Taking a formal training class together can help get the two of you, and your new puppy, off to a great start. The interested persons are advised to Click here, at the official site for knowledge about the training classes. Whether the pets are allowed or not, all the information will be availed from the sites.