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Nutritional Deficiencies to Be Aware of on a Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free diets may be the new ‘fad’ diet out there now. However, one must be aware that such a radical dietary change can cause unforeseen nutritional deficiencies resulting in new health challenges. If one is aware of what kinds of deficiencies can result, it is much easier to manage or prevent them all together.

Many times when starting a new diet, whether for general health benefits, weight loss, etc., we tend to only focus on the positive outcomes that may result in such a change. No negative results are even considered. Specifically for the gluten free diet, many times individuals are dealing with serious health problems of which removing gluten will seemingly wipe away all that ails them.

Unfortunately, for some adopting a gluten free diet, it means removing a convenient source of nutrients that can result in additional health problems well after feeling the initial relief from the original health complaints.

I personally experienced all of these deficiencies of which I would like to warn others to be aware of:

B Vitamins

The gluten free diet tends to be lower in essential B vitamins. Many Americans are following the Standard American Diet heavy in breads, cereals, and pastas that have been fortified with B vitamins like folic acid (especially important in women who may conceive) and B6. Shortly after I started the gluten free diet, I began to experience pre-menstrual spotting on a regular basis. One of the reasons I knew it was pre-menstrual spotting and not my period was because I regularly chart my cycles. I immediately suspected the dietary changes. Whenever there will be deficiency in the diet of the person, the consumption of the top probiotic should be done. The following of the instructions will be done for the consumption and drinking of the organic products. A budget can be prepared through the person for the spending of money at the purchase of the nutrients with vitamins and minerals. 

After consulting with some women online knowledgeable about cycles and nutrition, I was advised to supplement with some B6. It is common practice that many cycle savvy women use B6 supplementation in order to strengthen their progesterone levels. Progesterone is a hormone secreted during the second half of the menstrual cycle (luteal phase). If there is a deficiency, the uterine lining begins to shed prematurely and can lead to fertility issues.

I started taking a simple B Complex multivitamin and the spotting stopped immediately. When I ran out once and didn’t purchase some more right away, that same month, the spotting returned. One should be mindful that even if you’re male or a female not having menstrual difficulties (now), it may be wise to take a B Complex multi for a little extra ‘health insurance’.


The gluten free diet is also lower in fiber than comparable gluten based foods. If one were to do a head to head comparison of gluten free versus non-gluten free foods on the grocery shelves (breads, cereals, etc.) by scanning the labels for fiber content, it is easy to see the higher fiber content in the gluten foods.

Before removing the gluten from my diet, I used to consume plenty of high fiber cereals and whole wheat breads as is advised by many health experts and associations. When eating this type of diet, it kept my digestive tract very regular. However when I ceased eating these foods, there was a huge shift and constipation resulted. It didn’t matter that I was trying to increase water and eat more fruits, vegetables, and brown rice. They were no substitute for the special kind of fiber in gluten containing foods that seemed to work so well for my system.

This problem persisted for me for a long while until I found a fiber supplement that put an end to it.


Like the B vitamins, iron is another nutrient many Americans get from gluten containing foods which are iron fortified. If you check labels for many processed foods popular in the American diet, you’ll see iron mentioned often. When one switches these typical foods to gluten free ones or you try to observe a diet with more foods that are naturally gluten free, many times all the iron that was consumed easily is now non-existent. Someone would have to be much more diligent to consume more foods with higher iron content like red meat and beans to avoid anemia.

I personally experienced anemia some months after going gluten free. After months of wonderful energy levels, I was tired all the time. I had absolutely no clue it could be anemia. I always get anemia when I’m pregnant, but I never thought it could be a problem for me in a non pregnant state. It never dawned on me that I was getting the vast majority of my iron from fortified foods I was no longer eating on a daily basis. After several months went by, I went to the doctor and she ran a complete blood count which confirmed the anemia. The worst part is that it took about four long months of supplementation to get my energy levels back to normal.

If you’re about to start a gluten free diet or have started it already, please be hyper aware of any new health challenges no matter how small that may be a result of nutritional deficiencies created by your new diet. You may even want to have your doctor monitor you with some blood tests. Believe me, it’s no fun having to troubleshoot new problems when you are just starting to get relief from the original gluten related problems.

B.Y.O.C.? – a Green Way to Save Cash at the Local Coffee House

During these tight times we are all striving to save some cash. Even keeping a small amount of jingle in our pockets at the end of the day seems like a fine accomplishment. Another concern many of us are thinking about is our environment. Any small change that we can make to go green and help reduce pollution and treat Mother Earth with respect is a good idea. How can we do all of this with a simple cup of java?

Save the Planet

Each morning as you drive up to your local coffee house, you simply walk in order drive up to the window and ask for your favorite latte. Tossing some money to the person behind the window or counter, you grab your cup of coffee and head about your day’s business. Your mind wanders to the warmth of the brew or the chill of your ice coffee. Your nostrils tingle with the fresh aroma wafting from the cup. Speaking of the cup, have you ever even noticed it before.

Typically, customers grab their coffee to go on the way to the office or en route to their next college seminar. Who has time to consider the inexpensive container that holds their coffee? Well, maybe we should take a moment…

Most travel cups that hold your coffee in the morning are either made from bleached paper or Styrofoam. Such products have such a negative impact on the environment. We all know this, but what can we do about it? Bring your own travel mug from home, of course. With the time saving or less effort, arabica coffee subscription singapore will be effective for the person. The flavor of the coffee will be excellent for drinking with less sugar. There will be no negative impact on the health of the person with the subscription. All the essential information should be available with the person.

Ask the worker to fill your own reusable coffee mug that you brought with you from home. Most coffee houses will be happy to oblige and you have saved the use of a cup that will spend years in the landfill. Reduce the need for such disposable cups will also keep down pollution. With every sip of your joe, you will know you have done your part to save the planet. What a great way to start your day.

Save Money

Most coffee houses will offer you a small discount when you bring in your own coffee mug and take it with you to go. Why not pick yourself out a nice, sturdy travel mug that will last you for years to come. Take your travel mug with you every single day and fill it up with a steaming cup of coffee or a cool, refreshing iced coffee drink. With each cup of coffee you will be saving yourself a bit of money, which is very important these days.

B.Y.O.C. means bring your own cup. Bringing your own cup to the coffee house is not a major change in your lifestyle, but can make some real change for both your wallet and the world.

What Is The Best CBD Oil For Pets?

Last time I checked; CBD was only for people. But that is no longer the case. These days, people are even using it for their pets, to be more specific, they use it on their dogs. I bet you are wondering why this is. Well, for one thing, we know for a fact, that CBD contains substances that can boost internal healing of the bodies. It is a great vitamin for dogs in a way that it can rid them of certain illnesses. It can even guide the way so that they can heal the existing ones that they are already suffering from. In this article, we are going to talk about the top CBD oils you can get for your pet. 

Medterra CBD Pet Tincture

Your going to love this product but you won’t be the only one. The great thing about this CBD oil is that it comes with multiple flavors. With that, you will be able to test out which one would be the right match for your dog. The substance can from high-quality ingredients. That being said, you can rest assured that this CBD oil will be completely safe to use for your dog. 

Honest Paws

This substance is an important source of purity levels. This means that the brand offers strength varieties that is the sufficient type for you dog. Take note that dogs come in various shapes and sizes. With that, we can say that they can also have a variety of CBD needs. Honest Paws gives you a wide selection of what your pet needs. 

CBDistillery Pet Tincture

This one is really fantastic. You get to choose which ingredients you would want to be included in your dog’s tincture. The way this substance is created is done through cold press. With that, you can be absolutely sure that it is completely safe. All the ingredients are organic. 

cbdMD Pet CBD Oil

This is the best one on our list. That may come as a surprise to you since the price is sort of affordable in comparison to the rest of the CBD oils we talked about in this article. But the truth of the matter is that you cannot really determine high-quality CBD in just the price alone. cbdMD Pet CBD Oil is a prime example of that. It may be cheap and affordable but it certainly is the substance that will give your pet the most assurance. 

In terms of safety, there is no doubt that this one will not give your pets any unwanted side effects. As for the efficacy, all you have to do is look through the variety of reviews people have given this product. Let me give you a hint. They all loved it. They are not going to love this product if it is not as effective as what we are telling you right now. 

This one also comes with various flavors. With that, it won’t be difficult to convince your dog to give it a try.

Feeding Your Dog – A Balancing Act in More Ways Than One

If you are a dog lover and have one of your own, it’s vital to pay close attention to the kind of food you provide him with so that he gets the sort of nutrition that’s right for him. This is particularly important given the number of quick fixes on the market.

Should you stick to a single brand of dog food, you could be endangering the health of your pet. Did you know that he could end up with food poisoning or even be malnourished in the process?

So the best thing you can do is check with your vet – he’ll probably suggest that you feed your dog a balanced diet, which you may be able to accomplish by varying the brand of dog food you select for your pet, so that you can offer him variety. It’s also what specialists usually recommend.

However, if you think that’s the end of the story, you’re making a big mistake. The fact is that the majority of packaged dog foods contain artificial preservatives, which will eventually be detrimental to your pet’s health. As they accumulate in his system, these synthetic compounds can play havoc with his immunity, which will make him more susceptible to illness.

Since this is so, packaged dog foods do not offer you an ideal solution to meeting your dog’s nutritional needs. If you were to take the content of manufacturer’s labels at face value, you’d probably be satisfied. But what’s really happening behind the scenes.

There are various ways in which the quality of the product may deteriorate in the process of storage and distribution. For instance, the quality of nutrients may be impacted by temperature variations. Again, these very nutrients may be far from satisfactory because the ingredients from which they are derived are often acquired from sources that may not be very reliable. A knockout post like this will help you to learn more about the proper way of feeding your dog. 

This is also a factor that manufacturers cannot guarantee, and you may find that the food you have selected for your pet is loaded with stuff like magnesium and calcium – way out of line with the recommendations of vets and specialists in the field of dog nutrition.

Ultimately, in the interests of the health and happiness of your beloved pet, do pay close attention to the labels on any dog food packs you are considering before you make your purchase. As long as you are careful, it would be safe to say that offering him different brands of food is one way of providing him with a balanced diet. It’s also vital to ensure that the products you buy are fresh.

If you take these considerations into account, you and your dog should be home and dry without too much trouble. Take care!

How to Avoid Struvite Crystals in Cats

Several years ago, one of my cats got struvite crystals which required surgery and several days of hospitalization. After much research and talking with veterinarians, I was able to get a very good idea of what caused the struvite crystals to form in the first place, and what should be done to prevent them. If the condition is not detected quickly, the cat can die from excess ammonia going in the bloodstream and kidney failure. If your cat has struvite crystals, he will let you know right away. The struvite crystals will lodge themselves into the small urethra and prevent urination, which is always very painful.

The connection between struvite crystals and cat food:

Struvite crystals will develop in the bladder if the urine’s pH is not acidic enough. In my cat’s case, his pH was right on 7.0 which is neutral and anything above is alkaline. One way to prevent struvite crystals from forming is feeding a high quality food to your cat. I personally use dry food because it is more convenient, as well as canned food occasionally. Any good quality food will work, as long as the main ingredients are meat, and anything you’d eat yourself if you were a picky carnivore. Would you eat beaks and claws? Not unless you are very hungry. Would you eat human grade chicken? Definitely. Stay away from fillers such as corn gluten and flour, and animal by-products. Also, look at the magnesium level. Any level above 0.09 or 0.10 is not healthy, and might lead to struvite crystals.

Struvite crystals and a cat’s pH:

As I said, an important concept here is pH, as our body’s different pH have to be at certain values for us to stay healthy. Our blood pH for example has to be around 7.3 and our bodies constantly work to keep it at this number. A cat’s urine has to be slightly acidic, around 6.4 or 6.6, and a slightly acidic diet can prevent struvite crystals from forming, since they are caused by a more basic urine. Of course, it is better to feed a high quality diet so that the cat will be healthy and the pH will almost certainly stay at a steady, healthy number, because if the urine is too acidic, then oxalate crystals will form. It’s all a question of balance.

Struvite crystals and a cat’s weight:

Also, try to keep your cat at a healthy weight. A standard cat will weigh around 8 pounds, which seems pretty skinny. When you touch her sides, you have to be able to count ribs. This is not easy to do when the cats are getting old, as they are usually much lazier and do not want to exercise. In my case, I also have to deal with the dog trying to play as well, but my cats don’t appreciate his enthusiasm.

When I was discussion treatment options with the vet, he mentioned that he had an older, overweight cat and wouldn’t be surprised if he developed struvite crystals sometime in the near future. Indeed, even if you do all of the above, your cat may still develop struvite crystals. Regularly, when you are petting your cat, you can try touching and palpating gently the area of the lower abdomen and the sides. It’s difficult at first, but you will feel the bladder when it’s somewhat full, like a soft balloon. The cat shouldn’t react negatively, and might purr if you pet her at the same time.

If the cat develop struvite crystals, urination will become difficult and impossible, and the bladder will fill up. It will become extremely painful, and your cat will let you know. But you have to keep the idea of struvite crystals in the back of your head at all time, because some cats prefer to hide from everyone when they are not feeling good. So when you come home, and your cat is nowhere to be seen, try to find her. Stay calm though, it could be that she is just sleeping and didn’t hear you open the door!

This is quite common when the cats are unable to make out sounds due to struvite crystals which is quite peculiar given the condition but you need to see this as a telltale sign that things aren’t as smooth as they seem to be.

Struvite crystals are much more common for male cats, as the urethra is very small. If your cat keeps getting an obstructed bladder, then your veterinarian may perform a surgery where they will remove the penis, and create an opening similar to a female cat’s, so that if struvite crystals do develop again, they will be easily excreted.

5 Free Weight-Loss Tips to Lose 2 Pounds a Week or More

If America actually has a national pastime, it’s losing weight. As a country we seem obsessed with dieting and diet fads. There is always a new pill or new exercise junk or new infomercial that catches the nation’s attention and sells like mad. The truth is the same as it always has been, but we love something new. We even feel a sense of accomplishment just by buying something.

If you are like me you have tried multiple diets in your lifetime. Some have been better than others and some plain don’t work. Struggling to lose weight is not uncommon, but I’m going to give you five steps to get you on the right path to losing weight. These five steps are simple and anyone can do them. These five steps work because they take into account our genetic makeup.

One thing you must learn is that success is not in a pill or a product. The media hype’s every new pill and product because they get paid to. The media never sells common sense. But they will sell anything that they get paid to even if it is unhealthy. It’s the American way.

Step One: Never Skip Breakfast

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to drink a very cold glass of water just after I wake. The beauty of cold water is there is 0 calories and your body burns calories just to digest it. The reason you never should skip breakfast is because your metabolic rate is very high in the morning after you wake. So eating healthy in the morning combined with the cold water will actually create a caloric deficit situation. Your breakfast should consist of fruits and some sort of protein. The leptoconnect supplement can be taken in the breakfast to provide the weight lose benefit to the person. The digestion system of the person will be improved when the intake will be done under the supervision of the doctors. The protein requirement of the body will be fulfilled through the supplements. 

Step Two: Eat Low-Glycemic Carbs

You often hear about low-carb diets, but in the long run we need carbs. If you eat low-glycemic carbs you do yourself the favor of not raising your insulin level. Low-glycemic carbs are things like vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains. Try not to believe that there is such a thing as a low-carb doughnut or chocolate chip cookie. Even if they make one your body won’t know how to process it. Sort of like high fructose corn syrup.

Step Three: Do a Fat Loss Exercise Routine

In recent years it has been proven that cardio exercise by itself doesn’t burn calories as much as it has been hyped in the past 30 years. Weight training combined with cardio is by far the most effective exercise routine you can do in order to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be heavy weights nor does the cardio need to last an hour. There are several workout programs for free on the Internet. Find something that fits your lifestyle and your age. They can do something as simple as walking and doing a little weight training.

Step four: Eat Five to Six Meals a Day

This is the one tip that is counter-intuitive. But it proves that common sense and how our bodies work doesn’t go together. By eating five or six times a day our metabolism stays high. The higher our metabolism the more calories are burned. The five to six meals must be small and should lean toward protein. If you also drink a cold glass of water with each meal you will burn even more calories. Again, fruits and vegetables should make up half of these meals.

Step Five: Do Not Eat after 9 P.M.

This step is what a lot of people fight me over. But it is very important. By not eating, while you are sleeping you will wake up hungry and your metabolism will be high. By snacking after 9 p.m. you defeat this. While you’re asleep your metabolism drops, so if you eat before you sleep it will turn to fat. If you must eat, eat celery. Or find something that has near 0 calories that will take your hunger pain away.

The Top 3 Dog Breeds For Endurance Athletes

Long distance runners and other solo athletes spend hours alone training. If you enjoy companionship while training for endurance sports, a number of medium to large dog breeds will easily fit into your active lifestyle.

A dog’s age, temperament and personality are important factors to consider when choosing a big dog to accompany you on long bicycle rides or runs. Some dog breeds are equipped for short sprints. The dogs outlined in this article are better training partners for athletes that enjoy extended outings.

In all cases, the animal you select as a partner for long distance training programs must be a fully grown adult dog. There are no exceptions to this. Never take a puppy on an extended run.

Certain big dogs are bred for athleticism and endurance. Any of these medium to large dog breeds will make an excellent pet for athletes and endurance sports enthusiasts.


High energy Vizslas are an excellent option if you want a big dog as a running partner. Fast and agile, Vizslas are elite sporting dogs that can run for long distances with ease. In addition to their outstanding endurance, these dogs are loving and intelligent. Vizslas crave attention and form close bonds with their owners. These breed characteristics coupled with their desire to be physically challenged are why Vizslas make wonderful pets for athletes as well as for families that lead an active lifestyle.


Athletic and lean, Weimaraners have great stamina. One of the original sporting dogs, the intelligent Weimaraner needs intense exercise and daily mental and physical stimulation. With well developed muscles and a vigorous stride, most adult Weimaraners will outlast seasoned long distance runners. Noted for their physical endurance, this dog is an ideal animal to accompany you on long bicycle rides or runs.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Fast running German shorthaired pointers, like Vizslas and Weimaraners, are sporting dogs. A powerful animal with strong hind quarters, the German shorthaired pointer is a popular large dog breed that requires ample and vigorous exercise. These intelligent animals make wonderful canine companions. With their vast stamina and easy disposition, the German shorthaired pointer is a delightful endurance training partner. You can learn more about this breed of dog when you browse around this web-site. This will also give you some helpful tips on how you should properly take good care of your pet so he will stay healthy and in good condition.

Final Thoughts

These sporting dogs (and most others) are eager to please, and will continue to exercise even when dangerously overheated. Practice safe training techniques with your canine running partner and you will enjoy a long and healthy relationship.

Not all canine running companions must be purebred dogs. Consider mixed breed dogs in your search for an athletic cohort. For endurance training, look for a sleek medium sized or large dog with well-developed, muscular hind quarters. Check animal shelters and breed-specific rescue sites for your new pal.

Pet ownership is a big responsibility. Research dog breed characteristics thoroughly before making a final decision.

Where to Cut Corners in Your Kitchen Remodel & Where Not To

One of the greatest home equity builders is found by remodeling your kitchen. The wealth of information on how to get the most for your money may be overwhelming. Make a plan on where to cut corners, and where not too, for the best returns on your money.

Kitchen Appliances

Buying used appliances may seem like the best way to save a ton of money on your kitchen remodeling project. The problem is, so many homeowners want the latest and greatest in this area. For example, picture walking into an updated kitchen. The counters are all granite and the flooring and cabinetry look high-end. The appliances, however, are plain white throwbacks to the kitchen of your childhood. It ruins the look doesn’t it? Instead of grabbing the cheapest items that you can find in your local newspaper, check out closeouts at your local home improvement store, scratch and dent items at your local appliance store or search Yahoo! Shopping for Discount Kitchen Appliances. You’ll save money and still have the gadgets that you crave.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is an element that is able to break a perfect interior design scheme, or finish it off flawlessly. Nowhere in the home is this truer than in the kitchen. Being the hub of a home, it’s a room that needs lighting for many different tasks as well as for decorative purposes. Under cabinet lighting for prep and overhead lighting for cooking are just two of the main purposes that you buying kitchen lighting. Other elements to consider are setting a mood for dinner party such as dimmers or shades and display lighting in cabinets that contain glassware or dinnerware that you want to showcase. Buying older fixtures, such as chandeliers, is a way to save money. Update with paint, contemporary shades and decorative bulbs to match a more modern kitchen. Be careful though, some older fixtures may have problems in their wiring that you will not notice until a fire starts and it’s too late. Either update the wiring to be safe or check out Yahoo! Shopping’s Lighting Page to search for deals on everything from overhead lights to specialty switches. You’ll save money and be able to get just what you want to illuminate things.

Kitchen Accessories

Items such as your kitchen sink, faucet and hardware play a big part in the overall finished appearance of your kitchen remodeling project. Though they may seem like small elements, they pack a big punch in the look of the room as well as can burn a big hole in your budget. Search through Yahoo! Shopping’s Kitchen Remodeling Category and their Hardware Page to compare prices on quality items for less. Why pay more in stores for the same thing online? Or worse yet, buy something you do not want to save money when you could get what you do want and still stay in budget.

Kitchen models are not something that immediately come to mind but if you want to home equity but home builders in PA are quite adept at their job as they do their homework from start to finish without compromising on their ideals.

How to Determine Whether or Not to Incorporate Your New Business

One of the decisions you must make when starting a new business is whether or not to keep your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership or create a corporation. Each has their benefits depending on your goals and aspirations as a business owner.

Incorporating your business essentially means that you are creating a standalone legal entity in the eyes of the law. However, to know whether or not you should incorporate your business, you should first ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I want to protect my personal assets in case my business fails? If yes, then incorporating your business is a good choice. Creating a corporation protects your personal assets and prevents creditors from coming after you personally to fulfill the debt.

  1. Do I want to be able to easily transfer my business to someone else if necessary? If so, incorporate your business. Ownership in a corporation can be easily transferred to another entity. In fact, some states make this incredibly easy to do in order to increase economic activity in their states.
  1. Do I want to pay lower taxes? If yes, it’s another reason why you should incorporate your business. Corporations are taxed at a lower rate than individuals.
  1. Do I want to create a separate credit rating for my company? A corporation’s credit worthiness is developed independent of its owners. If you have bad credit and are worried about securing funding for your business, incorporating it is the way to go.
  1. Do I want my business to stay open in case of my death? If yes, incorporate. Corporations can carry on indefinitely. A corporation is not affected due to a death by one of its directors.

If, after going through these questions, you’ve decided that you should incorporate your business, there are many steps you need to take in order to make this happen. First of all, you’ll need to file your Articles of Incorporation, or Charter. This information lists the purpose of your business and where you will conduct business. Fees for registering this information vary, but normally run anywhere from $100-$1000.

Next, you’ll need to develop a corporate name. A legal corporate name generally consists of the following elements: Distinctive Element, Descriptive Element and Legal Element. For example, Smith’s Sewing, Inc. Smith’s is the distinctive element, with Sewing being the descriptive element (showing that the corporation does sewing) and the Inc. signifies that it’s a legal corporation.

You’ll also need to file bylaws with the state you are incorporated in. This document outlines certain details about your organization like when your annual shareholders meeting will be held, etc.

Incorporating your business is a wise choice for many business owners like yourself. It may be just the right choice for your particular situation, but with any legal business decision, its best is to find an attorney who specializes in corporate law that will help you understand all of the paperwork you will need in order to incorporate. Another wonderful resource in your local Small Business Administration office that knows exactly what is needed to incorporate your business quickly and effectively.

All in all, having your own business instills a sense of importance and self confidence within an individual where they can become the boss and call the shots alongwith a decent set of people to help him out and platforms like Pilotoasia.com to help find the right set of partners to invest into it.

Large Breed Puppy Training: Using the Wolf Within

The majority of the larger breed dogs are very pack oriented, which can make for a simpler method of training. You don’t need to fight nature when you can use the wolf within to train your puppy, or dog if you’re starting late, to do everything from sit to stay.

The first step with any dog is to assert dominance; be the alpha dog in your family pack. Puppies normally do better with training if it’s preformed by one person. You want your dog to listen to everyone in the family and eventually it will, but at first setting that base understanding of obedience is important. There can be only one alpha dog. If your puppy isn’t sure whose number one so to speak they may think they are, and everyone else is under their command. This can result in your puppy sleeping your in bed, not allowing you to take toys, or things that aren’t toys away without a fight, aggression, lack of obedience and just a generally bad dog.

So how do you establish yourself as the top dog?

Starting at a young age engage your puppy in non-aggressive trails of dominance, an example of such a trial:

Hold your puppy either up off the floor holding from behind the front legs in your lap, or if it’s a larger dog, straddle him and standing over him picking him up by under the chest. You can also hold him down with a hand on his middle back if you wish. If the puppy growls or struggles, give a low guttural growl back. Keep this up until you can hold your dog down, or up without it putting up any resistance. Be sure to support this positive behavior with praise, you may also begin to teach the command, “stay” with this technique by saying it as beginning the test.

This may prove more difficult if the puppy you’re attempting to train is not a puppy, and has had previous owners. If the dog bites you, professional help should be obtained at once. If it is a puppy and it playfully nips, remember the low growl, and if behavior continues turn to discipline covered in the coming paragraphs. Nibbling may be cute now but when your puppy is grown he could hurt children, or even adults. This is true with all puppy behavior, if you don’t want your dog doing it as an adult don’t allow it as a puppy.

Once your puppy has a firm understanding that you can make it stay and are the stronger member of the pack, you can further establish yourself as alpha dog by using eye contact. Only the alpha dog is allowed to maintain eye contact. Look your puppy in the eye, and when he looks away praise him. You must not be first to avert your eyes.

It shouldn’t take long for your puppy to understand you are boss with these training techniques; now you can use your leadership to train and discipline your puppy as well.

To discipline a puppy in training no hitting is necessary. Show the puppy what it is its done wrong. (ex/ wet on the floor) Grab the puppy by the snout, look it in the eye and say “No” very firmly. No is the first and easiest command a puppy learns. He will avert his eyes, then grab his scruff (or the loose skin and fur on the back of the puppies’ neck) and shake. Don’t give the puppy attention for about 15 minutes after wards.

To praise a puppy in training for properly performing a command you can either, pet them, praise them in a positive tone or even offer treats. If you expect a puppy to learn repetition is important, but do no attempt long training sessions. Puppies have very short attention spans; it will only result in you and your puppy’s frustration. Use opportunities like feedings to add in extra time. (ex/ ask to “sit” or “lay down” before receiving food.)

The alpha dog method of training doesn’t normally work as well with smaller breeds of dogs, this is perhaps because they are further removed from wolves, and have lost more of their pack instincts, but if you’ve chosen a large breed dog this method is by far the easiest.

After your dog is well trained it’s only a matter of establishing that the rest of your family is also above the puppy in rank, but not above you or whoever will be the main handler of the dog. (The main handler should be the puppies trainer) Soon your dog or puppy will listen to you and your family as well as have an established pack bond with you, which will promote a good guard dog and a safe house.

Having a good dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, or one of the most obnoxious. The difference between the two is behavior, and behavior is for the most part a result of puppy training. Good luck, and have fun.

If you want to learn more about dogs and how to train them into shape, you can hop over to this web-site that is titled Pup Life which just requires an online search and it pops up in front of you.