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Reasons Why Going To A Med Spa Is Good For Your Physical And Mental Health


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Reasons Why Going To A Med Spa Is Good For Your Physical And Mental Health

After a challenging day and packed week, everybody wishes to have some relaxing time in the best way. Meeting the...

What is the Power of Wellness Centre?

Have you ever gotten addicted to wellness centers? If you have not tried the services of a wellness center yet,...

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Hair loss in young men is a common concern, especially for men who are genetically predisposed with the condition. Total...

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Boscov’s Reports $26 Million Profit

Late last year Boscov’s filed for bankruptcy. The owner, Al Boscov, at that time, was reported to have a net worth of over $100 million. Pennsylvania counties have been lobbying to award the retailer with $35 million in so-called loans, that I call a bailout, for a few weeks now.

I rejoiced when two counties finally said NO to the retailer, but my excitement was short-lived when I found out that the county in which I live, Schuylkill County, would then be asked to give the company even more funds. Instead of investing their money with this company, the loan providers should be offering private education loans, which will help millions of deserving students to pursue their dreams.

Just a few months after all this craziness began the retailer reports a $26 million profit in December. And my complaining continues.

December 2008 was the largest December profit the retailer has ever seen. When hundreds of other companies have already reported significant December losses, the so-called bankrupt department store has its best holiday season ever.

Now I state my claim again. The man is to be worth $100 million, and in one month time was able to pull a profit of $26 million. Why oh why would the state offer them a $35 million loan paid for by 7 counties, and argument ably the Pennsylvania taxpayers.

Boscov will meet with politicians from Butler County this week, along with some state officials, to seek their support for the loan. This is the time to stand up and say NO. If they can pull profits of $25 million then they do not need a loan, a bailout, a handout, or any other help.

In fact, bankruptcy protection should be pulled. It is disgusting that just a few months after filing bankruptcy, and weeks after asking for federal and state aid, the company pulls in and brags about such profits.

I wouldn’t doubt if next week they buy some fancy high price corporate luxury jet and fly off to some island somewhere as a ‘bonus’ for having such a great December.

Where does it end? When does it stop? When do the people, the taxpayers, the citizens get financial bailouts? I spoke with six people at a local event two days ago. Four of them said they should file bankruptcy, and three of them said they couldn’t afford the fee to do so.

Obama should stop this crap with the bailouts and the aid to individual retailers. Government programs and state aid is one thing, but to individual retailers, that is unnecessary and wasteful. That money is better off in the hands of the consumer, and putting these wasted bailout funds in consumer’s hands is the only way the economy is going to recovery in a timely fashion. If it keeps up, the United States will be the new third world country.

Just Say No To Boscov’s!



5 Essential Nutrients You Need For Faster Growing Hair

Hair follicles need certain vitamins and minerals in order to produce healthy hair. Many of these nutrients occur naturally in many healthy foods like eggs, fish, and vegetables. Eating a healthy diet is the best way to get a full range of vitamins, but there are really five essential nutrients you need for faster growing hair. These vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can also be found in some supplements and hair care products.

Biotin is a B Vitamin that works by stimulating follicles in the scalp to produce healthier, faster growing hair. Eggs are a good source of this vitamins, and it can also be found in some shampoos and conditioners. Most people, though, are more familiar with herbal biotin supplements. (Source: Hair Growth with Biotin)

An iron deficiency can significantly impact a body’s healthy and the health of hair. A lack of iron can lead to anemia, a condition that is marked by a low amount of red blood cells. This can cause weakness, headaches, and slow growing or thinning hair. Red meats and green vegetables are a good source of iron. A healthy supply of iron can also be found in some hair supplements.

Vitamin B-12 is well known for its energy-boosting properties and its health benefits for the brain and central nervous system. It is also another vitamin that is responsible for healthy hair growth. Like iron, a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to anemia and unhealthy hair. Shellfish and beef contain high amounts of this nutrient, and B-12 can also easily be taken as part of a B complex vitamin. (Source: National Institutes of Health Dietary Fact Sheet)

Amino acids are some of the most important nutrients we often forget we need. Amino acids synthesize proteins that help form hair, skin, and nail tissue. One amino acid that is especially important for faster growing hair is L-Cysteine. This amino acid strengthens hair and can increase the rate of growth during the active growing stage of hair. The body also benefits from this amino acid as it acts as an antioxidant for overall health. L-Cysteine and other amino acids can be found in protein-rich foods like salmon and in certain vitamins for hair. (Source: Health Library: Cysteine) With this food vitamin in your body, you will no longer experience hair removal. Maintaining a healthy diet is also essential in keeping yourself healthy.

Healthy circulation is needed for the body to be able to properly absorb all of these nutrients. The B Vitamin Niacin helps these nutrients move along in the body by improving circulation in the scalp and throughout the body. This vitamin occurs naturally in vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli and in some meats like chicken and beef. If you are not getting enough niacin in your daily diet, you can take a supplement that contains niacin as well as other B Vitamins.

How To Save Money. How To Lose Weight

Welcome to 2017. I’ll bet most of us have abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions already. I want to show how two of our biggest resolutions, saving money and losing weight, are just the same.

First, the solution to saving money and the solution to losing weight are obvious to each and every one of us. There’s no secret here. If you want to save money, spend less and save more. If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more. We know the solution; we just don’t do it. That’s why there must be more “resolve” in our resolutions. And we must take action; we can’t just sit there and hope for better results. This is why there is CoolSculpting in New Jersey that will provide you a weight loss services, that you can choose. You get some really good and reliable services that you can choose in order to get rid of your belly fat with just a few sessions.

Common sense, or lack thereof, is a major factor. I can’t save money if I spend more than I make or if I don’t pay off my credit card at the end of the month. I can’t lose weight if I continually double down on sugary desserts. I recently did budget counseling for a young lady who did not have enough to pay the rent. She told me she has 32 pairs of shoes and described herself as a “compulsive buyer.” Common sense needs to kick in for all of us. Simply put, it is “wants” vs. “needs,” and that goes for buying food or buying stuff for the family.

As a Financial Advisor, I tell everyone to track all expenditures so each family knows where the money goes. That way they can control spending and start saving. As a Food Coach, I would say, track your food intake and switch to healthier foods. I track carbs. I read labels until I find something I like that has fewer carbs than what I currently eat. I now eat low carb bread at 6 carbs per slice compared to a small hamburger bun with 30 carbs.

Be careful where you get advice on money and on food matters. Visit a nutritionist, not someone selling a “wonder” product or a “super juice.” You don’t need food supplements if you eat right in the first place. Visit a fee-only financial advisor, not someone selling high price mutual funds on a commission. Find a food buddy or a savings buddy, someone to work with and someone to support you.

There are things you can do to help you both save money and lose weight at the same time. Shop with a list. Plan your meals ahead of time and make them healthy. Don’t have processed food on your list; don’t put sodas on your list. Also, use a list when buying other things. That way you plan what you want to buy before you go shopping. Once you have your list, stick to it. By following your list, you will save money.

Downsize! Use smaller portions, smaller plates, smaller utensils; split entrees at the restaurant; take your lunch to work. Consider how many sweaters or shirts or shoes you really need.

Miley Cyrus Vs. Selena Gomez Equals Youtube Wars

Disney Princesses Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are having a girl fight according to Youtube viewers and followers. Despite being on the same network, making millions from their own TV shows, and having dated the same guy, the teens are anything but friends. Their rivalry extends far beyond the ratings of their shows, and had escalated to a sensationalized war on the net with the former posting a parody of the latter’s video, wherein Miley and best friend Mandy Jiroux talked about gapped teeth, fashion and make-up.

There seems to be no end to the scandals currently plaguing the Disney pop princess. Earlier this year, Vanity Fair photos showing the 15-year old teen star posing seductively, albeit artistically, raised a lot of eyebrows across the nations and had mothers banning children from watching her show. Disney, in an effort to keep the star on low key and as a disciplinary measure, cancelled appearances following the release of photos and of the magazine. Recent news also claimed that the star is “doing everything she can to get fired”.

A public catfight in the making, fans have chosen sides with a number claiming that it was a mean thing to do, some considering it a harmless prank, while others finding the issue to be nothing more than a marketing tool to promote Selena Gomez’ and pal Demi Lovato’s own show by the Hannah Montana star.

“O.k. that is flippin HILARIOUS. I’m almost 30 and I have 3 kids but that is the kind of stuff I used to do with my girlfriends. And I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. It made me miss my friend Carrie that I haven’t talked to in ages. They’re just kids being kids and I was laughing as hard as them when she said “Saved by the Bell” instead of “As the Bell Rings” and then she goes “saved by the bell is with Mario Lopez back in the 80’s”!! Good stuff.” Commented one blogger who saw the video (www.celebglitz.com).

There are however comments implying that the cause of the parody is the jealousy of Miley over the budding relationship of the Wizards of Waverly Place star with ex-sweetheart Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. While some argue that the cause of the mean prank is the title given by the media to Selena Gomez, touting her as “the next Miley Cyrus”.

A public apology was issued by Miley Cyrus regarding the issue via Popstar magazine, and quoted an Elvis saying that “parody is the best form of flattery”. Many found the statement to be insincere and fans of the two stars continue battling it out on the net.

A video splicing the videos was posted online giving viewers a frame by frame comparison of the two shows and urging the audience to state their opinion of whether or not it was indeed a joke gone wrong or a mean prank meant to embarrass.

LA Fitness Shooter George Sodini YouTube Video Raises Questions

Not only did LA Fitness shooter George Sodini, the 48-year-old systems analyst who calmly walked into an LA Fitness health club and began shooting people Tuesday evening, leave behind a long and tormented blog online but he left behind a video on YouTube as well. YouTube said George Sodini posted the video a year ago. In the video, George Sodini talks of spending a day doing nothing in particular before embarking on some unnamed project, which appears to have something to do with women at least 10 to 20 years his junior. Some believe he was attempting to redirect his life, perhaps trying to find a way to meet women.

Standing before a camera in a pale polo shirt, George Sodini talks on the homemade video about being emotionally detached and how each day, each “mundane” task, becomes another year. George Sodini talks of the future, how he had no idea he had “fifteen years” in which to do whatever he has planned. But he sounded hopeful.


Taken in context with the online blog, George Sodini seemed to have gone from a hopeful man planning on being “real and learn to be emotional and to, you know, to be able to emotionally connect with people…” to a guy bent on inflicting damage on those that had rejected him for three decades.

So what happened between the time he made the video, where one segment shows a coffee table with a book on how to date women resting on top, and when he started his dangerous musings online? Had George Sodini been subjected to an intense rejection, a moment of heartbreak and feminine ridicule, one so devastating that it triggered all the pent-up frustrations of his decades-long distancing from others? Did George Sodini simply repress all his anger, frustration, and hatred toward women that appears so evident in his later blog writings? Or was the video made in a moment of psychological and emotional clarity, where he realized that he, George Sodini, was the common denominator in his failings in past relationships, only to have his moment become an isolated incident in a world where he felt women had all the control and he had none?

It is unclear what George Sodini had planned or why he made the video and posted it on YouTube. Perhaps after more is known about the man, it will become far more clear than it is just a few days after his murderous attack on the LA Fitness Center, where his deliberate indiscriminate shooting would leave three women dead. Still, he does not seem to be a mass shooter ready to begin plotting an incident where he would kill others and take his own life. In fact, his reference to not knowing he had “fifteen years” is a fair indicator that he believed there was ample time to do whatever he had in mind. It is also a fair indicator that George Sodini wasn’t planning to become the LA Fitness shooter that would attack women and kill himself a few months before he would make his first attempt in January to do just that.

But it is something that is not known for certain.

Still, something seems to have occurred.

What happened in the interim?

How to Write a Coupon For A Collaborative Marketing Project

Collaborative marketing works in several ways. Often, when two businesses get together to draw exposure, profits, and customers to their businesses, they do this with mutual advertising. Sometimes, these coupons are a one way street. In other words, the first business uses the second business as a gift service.
This scheme is common with the real estate industry. The realtor will give it a series of exclusive coupons to the new home purchaser in order to refer their friends in the landscaping, plumbing, and painting businesses. Of course, the realtor does not get any other benefit besides offering a free gift to clients.

However, not all collaborative marketing is a one way street. There are also mutually beneficial ideas for making coupons that benefit both companies. One company can also pay the other back for any discounts that are offered on their behalf.

The “Gift” Collaborative Marketing Coupon Sample 1

When a realtor and a landscaping service join together to help in a mutually beneficial business relationship, this is referred to as collaborative marketing. A good strategy for these two types of companies to work together is to develop a coupon. This strategy helps to bring business to the landscaping service and also gives the realtor to give it a gift to the person that purchases the home.

By offering the new home owner an all seasons landscaping service coupons, the landscaper gets an introduction to a new customer. In many ways, this also acts as an active referral from the realtor. In other words, if the customer really liked the realtor, they are going to take their advice about who the best landscaper is.

One Way Profits Collaborative Marketing Coupon Sample 2

This strategy can work with other types of businesses as well. In a similar collaborative marketing strategy, the collaborators are a tire specialty store and a transmission business. The transmission business offers ten% off of transmission work but as an exclusive for the tire company only.

In other words, if they buy their tires at that store, they offer a discount at the transmission business. Both businesses gain exposure to more customers and profits. Proof of purchase presented at the transmission business can be a receipt from the tire business.

Exclusive Offer for OakTown Tires Customers Only!

10% discount (up to $100) on transmission repairs.

Oaktown Transmissions

We exchange, repair, and rebuild all transmissions

Proof of Purchase Receipt Required for Discount

Expires 02/2011

Mutually Exclusive Collaborative Marketing Coupon Sample 3

A sports bar and a sports memorabilia establishment decide to join forces and created coupons that will give a discount at the restaurant for food and drink. On the same coupon, the sports memorabilia store offers a free item from their merchandise. These coupons are given as a thank you when the customer pays their bill. The idea is that each store helps the other to gain exposure from a shared customer base.

How to Find Archiver’s Coupons (Printable and Mailing List Coupons)

Archiver’s, an upscale chain paper crafting store, is a favorite of cardmarkers, scrapbookers and crafters alike. However, as great as the store may be, shopping at Archivers can be expensive and can blow your entire scrapbooking budget after only buying a few pieces of paper! Luckily, Archiver’s periodically gives out coupons to make shopping at their store a little friendlier to your pocketbook.

How do you get Archiver’s coupons?

There’s a few ways to get Archiver’s coupons. One way is to get on their mailing list. To do this, you can go into any Archiver’s store, and when you purchase your items, the sales associate will ask you if you want to be on their mailing list. You can give the sales associate your mailing address and your email address to get double the coupons! You can also visit the Archiver’s website at Archiversonline.com to sign up for the mailing list.

Search online for Archiver’s coupons

Simply do a Google search for “Archiver’s coupons” or “Archiver’s printable coupons.” Many online coupon websites will have links to a printable Archiver’s coupon. Feel free to print the coupon as many times as you wish, however, Archiver’s allows you to use only one coupon per person, per day. This is a good option if you want Archiver’s coupons but don’t want to be on any mailing list.

What kinds of coupons does Archiver’s send out?

Typically, Archiver’s has a 30% off or 20% off a regular-priced item coupon deal going on all the time. Another common coupon item is a Buy “X” amount of cardstock, get “X” free. This is only good on the Archiver’s brand of cardstock, not the pretty patterned paper. As for sales at Archiver’s, there aren’t many. In fact, the only time I ever find discounted items at Archiver’s is when they are on clearance. When items are on clearance at Archiver’s, it isn’t much of a discount; typically you’ll find a lot of 25% off the regular price items. You will find 50% and 75% off items, but the selection is slim. Archiver’s doesn’t have Black Friday specials, or day after Christmas deals either.

Does Archiver’s accept competitor’s coupons?

No. If you have a pocket full of Joann’s or Michael’s coupons, you won’t be able to use them at Archiver’s. While Archiver’s might sell some of the same items a “big box” craft store might sell, generally the majority of their merchandise is not sold at the big box stores. Archiver’s sells more of the “designer” paper and cardstock, and other products that a Joann’s and Michael’s do not carry. Hence, Archiver’s does not consider themselves to be a direct competitor to a Joann Fabrics, Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby. This stinks, I know – Joann’s and Michael’s coupons are for a much bigger discount (usually 40% or 50% off a regular priced item) than Archiver’s coupons.

Health Care Deadbeats

During most of my life, my health insurance was paid for through the company that I worked for. I felt that purchasing health care through my employer was a good investment in case I became ill. But I was a little concerned about other employees who did not want to waste their money paying for health care when they were not sick. After all, they said, they could always use the emergency room! And when one of my female co-workers became pregnant she told me that Medicaid would pay for the birth so why should she pay for health care.

When people choose not to purchase health care, and then use health care facilities without paying, this drives up the cost of my insurance! When people choose not to purchase health care and expect the government to step in, this drives up the cost of government. This is what happens when you leave the choice to buy any insurance up to the individual. Most will do the responsible thing and purchase insurance to protect themselves, but there is a segment of the population who would rather keep their own money, spend it and then expects everyone else to pay their bills!

This happens with all insurance! We have to pay extra to protect us from the “uninsured motorist”. Many people would choose not to take out homeowners insurance on a home that is still technically owned by the bank until the mortgage is paid for. But Homeowners insurance is required by the bank when you take out the loan. And Car Insurance is required by law for those who would drive a vehicle. You can still choose your policy, the company to purchase it from, and how much protection but you must have it!

The responsible thing for a person to do is to buy Health Insurance. But since they refuse to, thinking they can freeload on the rest of us, then I would support the same requirement as we already have with other insurance. Making people purchase insurance would bring down Hospital Costs, Insurance Costs, and Government Costs which should save money for those of us who are responsible!

The argument is not about Freedom! Freedom is not about dumping your health care cost on everyone else! You do not have the Freedom to be irresponsible when the price is paid by those already paying to protect themselves. In fact those who pay to be responsible should have the Freedom to get the best Health Care that is provided while being assured that they are not being overcharged to cover those who choose to be deadbeats!

The Republican Party has taken a position AGAINST requiring people to be responsible and purchase health insurance. They seem to think it is more important to protect the freedom of those who would take advantage of the system and not protect the freedoms of those who do the right thing! I cannot believe that the Republican Party would choose to defend this irresponsible behavior, the cost of which those of us who have insurance pay for!

Great Ways to Save Money Where You Shop

Start saving money today! Almost every store and restaurant has a website with the option to join or register. By doing so it allows them to send you updates as well as money saving coupons! Some offer 10-20% off your bill, a free appetizer, buy-one get-one free offers, and others may even send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday or anniversary! If you like to save money you will want to take advantage of the savings that are out there waiting for you! I have listed many websites where I have personally registered, but if there is a particular brand or place you shop get online and see where you can save too!


Chili’s – We have received free chips and salsa coupons as well as updates for when kids eat free.

Carino’s – Many times we receive only promotional information, but have received a free dessert and 10% off.

Olive Garden – Mostly promotional emails but occasional savings here and there.

Schlotsky’s-By far the best buy one get one free coupons, buy a sandwich get a free drink or chips, defiantly my favorite!

Golden Corral – We received a complimentary meal on both our anniversary and birthday.

Subway– I just recently signed up and have not received any coupons yet, but can’t wait!

IHOP – Offers a free meal just for signing up plus a free meal on your birthday and anniversary of signing up. The site also allowed me to add my husband and child’s birth date for free meals for them too! GREAT DEAL!

What-a-burger offers promotional deals, however, on their website they did not list in detail what those might be.

Cheddar’s– offers email promotions and hopefully a free cookie monster dessert on birthdays! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Department Stores

Michael’s – Offers several savings coupons a month, you can also follow them on Facebook to get coupons

Kirkland’s– offers some pretty good coupons and you can also follow them on Facebook for savings alerts

Old Navy-Just for signing up I received a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50.00 or more, can’t wait to see what kind of coupons follow!

Grocery Stores

Kroger is not only popular for their in-store card rewards and 10 cents off gas, but you can also sign up online and get coupons added directly to your card so you do not have to clip coupons.

Tom Thumb is my least favorite place to shop, but if they send me a good coupon I’m there!

Albertsons – On the website it was a little difficult to find where to register, but after a little searching I found it.


Marlboro. offers coupons you can print or have mailed with .50 to $1.00 off a pack of cigarettes or $3.00 off a carton. Visit www.marlboro.com to sign-up

New Port cigarettes also offers coupons through their website at www.newport-pleasure.com

Rewards amp; Points

Carino’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Freebirds have a point system where you use a card every time you make a purchase. After accumulating a certain amount of points you can redeem them for a free item. Sounds good, but keeping up with cards and points can be a hassle. However, take advantage where you can, the more you save the better!

E-Commerce Woes

As one starts a new e-commerce business, it is easy to use one’s personal money in the establishment of the enterprise. This is a very bad mistake as it leads to some serious financial woes, if not checked in time. The easiest way to get into such a predicament is to use a personal credit card to fund some business activities, such as advertisement. Before too long, a large balance is reflected on the credit card and now comes the time to rob Peter to pay Paul. If one maxes out a credit card, this causes a decrease in disposable personal income. What is really happening in this instance is a thing known to lawyers as co-mingling of funds.

This decrease in personal income will lead to problems within the family, if not solved quickly by a small business loan or some other creative financial activity on the part of the new e-commerce businessman. If co-mingling is excessive then the family has to do without some of the things that have been available, in the past. As can be seen, this will cause friction within the family and threaten the very fabric that is responsible for holding the family together.

In many instances the co-mingling starts as an innocent quick-fix for what appears to be a minor problem. Many co-mingling of funds problems start with using your own money to purchase something for the business. You might rationalize your action and tell yourself that you will write yourself a check to cover the cost, but you have to realize that if the e-commerce company is not making money then what you have done is cheat your family out of some of its purchasing power. Most of the time, this small purchase is made on one’s personal credit card.

A good rule to follow, when considering co-mingling, is if the added increase in credit card activity is 10% above what is normal on one’s credit card bill, and the business activity will not support this increase, do not do the co-mingling. It is better to try to establish a loan that can be supported by the money being made by the e-commerce business. A business must be able to pay for itself or it becomes a monster that cannot be controlled.

The sad yet true fact is that only 10% of thee-commerce businesses started on the internet succeed. That means only 1 out of 10 businesses will be successful. Those are not really good odds. If one does not have a fund to fall back on, then starting a business is out of the question. It is much better to leave one’s money in a secure bank than to engage in a business activity when funds are not available to support the business.