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E-Commerce Woes

As one starts a new e-commerce business, it is easy to use one’s personal money in the establishment of the enterprise. This is a very bad mistake as it leads to some serious financial woes, if not checked in time. The easiest way to get into such a predicament is to use a personal credit card to fund some business activities, such as advertisement. Before too long, a large balance is reflected on the credit card and now comes the time to rob Peter to pay Paul. If one maxes out a credit card, this causes a decrease in disposable personal income. What is really happening in this instance is a thing known to lawyers as co-mingling of funds.

This decrease in personal income will lead to problems within the family, if not solved quickly by a small business loan or some other creative financial activity on the part of the new e-commerce businessman. If co-mingling is excessive then the family has to do without some of the things that have been available, in the past. As can be seen, this will cause friction within the family and threaten the very fabric that is responsible for holding the family together.

In many instances the co-mingling starts as an innocent quick-fix for what appears to be a minor problem. Many co-mingling of funds problems start with using your own money to purchase something for the business. You might rationalize your action and tell yourself that you will write yourself a check to cover the cost, but you have to realize that if the e-commerce company is not making money then what you have done is cheat your family out of some of its purchasing power. Most of the time, this small purchase is made on one’s personal credit card.

A good rule to follow, when considering co-mingling, is if the added increase in credit card activity is 10% above what is normal on one’s credit card bill, and the business activity will not support this increase, do not do the co-mingling. It is better to try to establish a loan that can be supported by the money being made by the e-commerce business. A business must be able to pay for itself or it becomes a monster that cannot be controlled.

The sad yet true fact is that only 10% of thee-commerce businesses started on the internet succeed. That means only 1 out of 10 businesses will be successful. Those are not really good odds. If one does not have a fund to fall back on, then starting a business is out of the question. It is much better to leave one’s money in a secure bank than to engage in a business activity when funds are not available to support the business.

‘David After Dentist’ Video Stirring Emotions

The video of David After Dentist had Internet searchers abuzz on February 3, after receiving over one million hits and three thousand comments since January 30, 2009. David After Dentist has been linked to on digitaldaily.allthingsd.com, and dimemag.com named it their link of the day for February 3. The clip was taken by David’s father. Videoed after David’s dental surgery, it records the woozy ramblings of a kid still feeling the effects of the anesthetic used to knock him out. But is it as funny as his father and many viewers seem to think?

Comment reactions contained varied viewpoints. Evidence of the disparity of opinions can be found in the two comments left on poponthepop.blogspot.com where the blogger states, “What kind of stage father films his drugged innocent 7-year-old son just to get a few hits?” One poster agreed; the other did not . . . vehemently.

Many posters to the original You Tube video thought David was so smashed, he was hilarious. More than one said they wanted to go to their dentist and get some of the same kind of drugs. Some compared David’s slurred speech and fuzzy babbling to their own fond memories of college dorm parties.

Some posters said David was sweet and cute. Their responses reflect mild sympathy for what he was feeling.

A few posters stated the video was exploitative to the point of being not funny and indicative of a sick mind. Their opinion may have come from a recognition that dental surgery is considered major surgery, requires special treatment, and can have complications.

In May 2008, my seventeen-year-old daughter had oral surgery to remove four wisdom teeth. Two were completely impacted and two were partially impacted. David had one tooth removed.

Prior to surgery my husband and I were required to sign consent forms which informed us that our daughter could have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia or she could hemorrhage. In short, we were told the dental surgery was not without risks. I am sure David’s father was required to sign consent forms and was given similar information.

Our daughter’s condition after surgery was nothing to laugh about. While David’s father had to carry his son to the car after surgery, our daughter staggered out to the car with her father and the attending nurse supporting her on either side. Like David, her eyes were barely focused.

Unlike David, once in the car, she mumbled a few words and fell asleep. The surgical gauze in both sides of her mouth, necessary to stop the bleeding, prevented her from saying much. David did not appear to have gauze wadding, but dental stitches were mentioned in the conversation he had with his father. Our daughter had dental stitches in all four places where her wisdom teeth were removed.

What the viewer did not see in this short video was the amount of care likely needed after David’s dental surgery. After dental surgery, the patient has to refrain from sucking on straws or chewing for at least a day. David may not have needed cold compresses to reduce swelling as our daughter did. He likely had to rinse his mouth regularly with warm salt water after twenty four hours had passed. This is common post-surgical treatment.

Like her, he may have required scheduled doses of antibiotics and pain medications. The parents would have to watch for dry socket, a painful condition where the blood clot is prematurely removed from the area of the sutures.

Our daughter spent a miserable twenty-four hour period resting at home. We had no problems convincing her to follow the surgeon’s orders to restrict her physical activity for that time period. David, being a healthy seven-year-old, was probably a little more active.

Soon enough, the video of David’s return from his dental surgery will drop from the Google Trends list and into obscurity. The video does raise questions about what is considered humor, what constitutes exploitation, and what the reaction of the viewing audience should be.

Cleanse Your Inside Naturally, with a Salt Water Flush

Some naturopaths recommend cleansing your digestive tract of waste products, which have accumulated there, by use of the salt water flush. If you have digestive problems, for instance, the salt water flush can greatly help alleviate the symptoms.

When your system is clogged, or almost clogged with waste products, and a salt water flush is carried out, then you can expect to feel better, in so many ways.

This method we used on problems such as constipation is a wonderful alternative. Instead of the use of harsh medications, which can sometimes do more harm than good.

Salt, as everyone knows, is essential for the body to function efficiently, but saline levels are greatly reduced by exercise, or other forms of exertion. This is why a very popular sports drink in America, contains salt to help re-establish the electrolyte balance of the body.

The normal salt, one purchases in the local supermarket is not that healthy, or even natural. Sea salt contains more natural minerals, but even sea salt is far less efficient for bodily functions, then the Himalayan salt, which is far more natural and contains a great deal of minerals lacking in either sea salt or ordinary supermarket salt.

However, for this article, we shall confine our comments to sea salt, which when used as a laxative eliminates from your digestive system various impurities, whilst giving your body, minerals, perhaps lacking in your diet.

Remember that people will ulcers, illness and the digestive system, or even cancer, etc should do their due diligence and check with their health provider. Before embarking on this process of intestinal cleansing.

To make this salt water flush yourself, take a half gallon of warm water and mix in two teaspoonfuls of sea salt (unrefined). If you experience difficulty in swallowing it. You may add some lemon juice. The effect on people varies after swallowing this salt water flush. You may find yourself going to the toilet in a few hours. I know it’s sometimes difficult, at first, to swallow the solution, but please try as the benefits outweigh this small discomfort.

When you get used to it and are able to take it more easily, the many benefits will be obvious to you. You might find your sinuses clearing and be able to breathe more easily. Your moods could improve, because you could find yourself with much more energy.

Salt water flushes had been recommended for many years and is to be found in forms of folk medicine, where it is sometimes used as an antihistamine and cold cure. You should also expect your skin tone to improve; halitosis to be markedly reduced, and far less BO, if you had suffered from that, prior to the treatment.

You can also enhance the effect of the salt water flush by eating properly. Reduce fats and increase fresh fruit and vegetables, and you will find a great increase in energy and self pride, as you will be both feeling and looking much better

But I Love My Air Conditioner. Can I Still Be Green?

Ok, I know. You think I’m going to tell you that you have to suck it up and just sit there and sweat. But no! You are totally wrong.

Actually, living in Southern California like I do, I am fully aware that AC’s are among the great gifts of the last 100 years. But how can we love the planet and our AC? Is it possible to save energy and be comfortable?

Sure it is. Start with the simple. This is a very hot time of year (in much of the country). There are several simple things you can do to cool off.

1. BUY WINDOW FILM: You have probably seen this stuff in the stores. When I was a kid it was this hideously sticky stuff that once you applied, it was on forever, or at least the adhesive was. But times have changed and it is now much improved. You can now buy it at any number of places. And many of the brands use static, or water to hold the film on the glass. And here’s the cool part: You can reduce the amount of heat that enters your home by 20 – 40% by spending one day putting this film up. The price has come down a lot in recent years, but you can save money by just putting the film on the windows that have the most sun exposure. (Often the south facing windows, but you know your house). If you feel that you’re gung ho and going to put it everywhere, good for you. But my recommendation is spend the money where it does the most good. Can you imagine how much you could save by cutting 20-40% of the heat that enters your house during the summer days. I’m guessing enough to pay for the film in just one summer. So where do you find it. Most home improvement stores have it, but you can even get it on Amazon now.

2. CHANGE YOUR LIGHT BULBS: Incandescent Light Bulbs are not at all efficient. Only 15% of the energy they use goes towards producing light. 15%.! That is horrible. That means that 85% of the energy produces heat. “Whatever!” you think. How much heat can a light bulb produce. Well, having a theater background, I can tell you with authority, A LOT. Anyone who has ever been on stage knows how hot the lights are. Your home’s lights are not that hot, but you’d be surprised how much heat they do generate. If you switch to CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulbs) you will dramatically reduce the heat being generated as wasted energy. A CFL can produce the same amount of light with 1/4 or less energy, and considerably less heat. They also save a huge amount of energy. So, that one move will cut your power bill dramatically, (Mine dropped by 70% when I made the switch.) and keep your house much cooler.

3. INSULATING PAINT ADDITIVES: This is a very cool new technology. Several companies now produce a powdered additive that you mix into paint and it will increase the insulation of your walls. How cool is that? I am no scientist, but what I’ve read is this additive is basically ceramic powder. When your paint dries, it forms a very thin ceramic layer that insulates your wall. Some of the additives will increase your walls insulation by 20% in one application. That means you’ll keep out radiant heat, and in cool air in the summer, (visa verse in the winter). I’m not suggesting you paint your wall if you don’t need to, but if you’re planning home improvements, why not save the planet and your wallet, by increasing your home’s efficiency.

In these difficult economic times, every dollar makes a difference. You can make these simple changes, and after you have done what you can to make your home more efficient, why not run your AC? I firmly believe that if we all do what we can, (without worrying about being perfect) we can all make an enormous difference for the world and for our pocketbooks.

3G Tethering

Many of the 3G carriers offer the ability to share WiFi to mobile devices that can use the wireless internet. It would be great if this was included into your unlimited phone plan but this is simply not the case. Each provider has an additional charge of about $20 per month for this added feature. This is an extremely high price and I do not see how it can be justified by the mobile carriers.

The price for some at home high speed internet services are anywhere from $19.99 to about $30 per month roughly around the same price range as the services to use your mobile 3G phone and pump out that connection and turn it into a wireless or tethered internet connection. I do not see that many people who are willing to pay such a hefty price. Unless you are on the road or commute by train and must submit work online it just does not make much sense.

The main reason this price point is a bit absurd is that people who are technically inclined can access the administrative properties of their phones whether they are Android or iPhones and can manipulate the phone in such a way to obtain this service for free. All you have to do is a quick search for how to root your phone which is the term used for going into the phone and gaining the administrative access to manipulate the phones properties. If the directions seem complex there are a plethora of YouTube videos that provide a step by step guide.

Cell phone providers do not want everyone getting a paid service for free, and really what company would want that to happen? The fact of the matter is they provoked the rooting of phones by offering unlimited data plans and then saying that you are not allowed to tether WiFi to devices unless you pay yet another monthly fee on top of the unlimited data plan you already pay for. Then it technically is not an unlimited data plan it is an unlimited select services plan.

As long as people are pushed they will find solutions to potential problems and many people just do not take kindly to being lied to so blatantly with the sneaky billing tactics of cell phone companies. While I usually do things by the book I can see why people would circumnavigate the providers. Tethering WiFi could be a great selling point for business people, older adults on the road or people who just want the latest and greatest technologies. However they need to make the price more attractive or people will just find ways around it by rooting their phones and hampering the integrity and speed of the wireless networks.

The Dangerous Mix Of Celebrities And Social Media! How? Have A Look

20 years ago, before Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace joined the American lexicon, people had very few ways to find out about their favorite celebrities. Gossip magazines were popular, as were tabloid television shows that reported more up-to-the-minute news than a weekly magazine was able to. This all changed, however, when social media sites exploded onto the Internet. Before long celebrities joined up in an attempt to promote themselves. Some, like Kim Kardashian, have been quite successful at making money off the posts and “tweets” they send out for their millions of fans to read.

The question must be asked, though, is this a good thing?

Social media sites have effectively brought the celebrities and their fans almost as close as they can possibly be. Friending a pop star gives anybody nearly unfettered access to the singer, no matter the time of day or night. The result of this sudden desire to put every thought on Facebook or Twitter means that a celebrities’ simple musings or bad idea of a joke has the potential to become headline and to achieve high instagram followers, resulting in news around the country. In addition, there are much more nefarious consequences of opening a social media account. The fan that Miley Cyrus just friended? He’s not a 12 year old girl, he’s a hacker who now has potential access to Miley’s computer via her Facebook account.

Many stars have felt the pain of their personal phones and computers being hacked. Chris Brown and Rhianna have had nude pictures of themselves spread all over the web while Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have had to deal with the fallout of their personal info being leaked. Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band Paramore, mistakenly sent a naked picture of herself out to all her Twitter followers while it was only supposed to go to her boyfriend via a personal message.

Beyond those instances, tweets and Facebook posts can have negative consequences as well. After the devastating earthquake in Japan recently, Gilbert Gottfried posted as many as a dozen jokes about it, all of which were in bad taste. He was fired from his job as the Aflac duck almost instantly. Rapper 50 Cent also took to Twitter and it landed him in some hot water. After telling his millions of followers to invest in a stock for a company he owned part of, he was forced to take down his Tweets by the SEC.

Before these sites revolutionized the contact between stars and their fans, celebrities routinely had their publicists or representatives issues statements. These people were trained to say the right things at the right times. Stars most likely do not have this training so their personal musings do not have the luxury of being “cleansed.”

It is obvious social media is here to stay. Likewise, famous people are more than likely going to continue using these sites as a vehicle to further their careers. Frequently hearing about inappropriate posts or seeing the occasional naked pictures or sex tape are things that will come with the territory. This is just another way the ever-evolving technological world of social media will be impacting the future.