When I tell people they can decrease dog hair in the house if they learn how to vacuum the dog, their eyebrows raise in disbelief and they say, “Vacuum the dog? No way!” However, jaws drop when I bring out the machine and demonstrate by vacuuming my Welsh Corgi.

Starting Age

A grown dog can be trained to this, but it’s better to start young. However, a level of trust must exist, so wait until the puppy has bonded and learned basic commands. During the training, if he becomes genuinely frightened, move back to a previous stage of comfort, and progress slowly.


Puppies are afraid of noisy machines, so have the vacuum turned off and in another room with an assistant standing by. Distract the puppy with a toy, or tummy rub, and have the assistant start the vacuum. When the puppy hears the noise, give a treat. After a few seconds, have the assistant turn it off. Repeat this process until the puppy associates the sound of the vacuum as an opportunity for treats. Over several days, gradually move the vacuum cleaner closer before starting the session, until the machine can be turned on in the same room and he remains calm.


Put the round, soft brush on the vacuum’s wand. With the vacuum turned off, bring the puppy to it. Praise him and give treats. Holding him by the collar with one hand, take the wand in the other hand and slowly move it toward the puppy, in a non-threatening manner. Be sure not to touch him with it, but give treats when he responds calmly. Eventually, gently move the wand and attached brush so that you’re fully brushing every part of his body, except his eyes, ears, and nose, which should never be vacuumed.


Puppies balk a little at this, but it’s mostly nervousness. With the vacuum turned on in another room, carry the puppy in and sit on the floor with the dog – as far from the machine as possible and yet close enough to reach the wand. Have an assistant hold him by the collar and distract him with a toy or treat. While the puppy is distracted, move the wand close enough to his back for him to feel a very slight suction. Immediately give praise, move the wand away at the same time, and give a treat. Continue for another time or two and then end the session on a positive note with a treat. Repeat short sessions until he no longer shows anxiety about it.

Continuing Praise

While it’s still new to him, keep it short – only a few seconds – but gradually increase the time that you vacuum the dog. Remember to do it gently, and always with the round brush. Continue praising but give treats only at the end of the session.

Vacuuming the family pooch won’t rid the house of all dog hair but it will cut down on the amount, and it’s easier to vacuum a dog than most people think. All it takes is patience and plenty of rewards. My Welsh Corgi follows me when I’m cleaning the house, giving a look that says, “Pllllllease vacuum me!” In no time at all, your dog could be doing the same. Instead of searching in the local market, Buy Car Vacuum Cleaners online at reasonable rates. The house of the person will be cleaned through efficiency with the product and tubes.