Life is full of options where you get to choose the best of the lot whether it is while choosing a job or even something as simple as selecting your favorite motorcycle but in this digital era, we have entertainment and frolic galore in the form of video games that have become more reachable through app stores.

Whether you have an Android or Apple phone, the first that people search for, after adjusting the settings, is the app store to install their favorite games so that they can play along as much as they want while looking for a nice time and this Covid-19 period is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Due to lockdown restrictions, casinos and theaters are closed while work front too is done from home as a result of which everyone is playing mobile games most of the time but today we are going to talk about one that is unarguably the most popular one.

Describing Content

Player Unknown’s Battleground, known by its acronym PUBG, has become the darling of the younger generation and so much so that it was found in a recent survey that nearly 94% of the youth brigade has become addicted to it, which is an alarming percentage as the world population is nearly 8 billion people and counting of which 30% comprise of youth.

PUBG is what you call a battle royal that one would be reminded of the Royal Rumble from WWE but this one is a South Korean venture that has little to do with the American wrestling company because it restricts itself to social media without going for a franchise build up.

It is said that the Japanese movie Battle Royale served as an inspiration for this game and this influenced gamer Brendon Greene to start out this venture, which is how he earned the nickname ‘Player Unknown’ and today his fans address him through this moniker only.

The game would give you vibes of Terminator and Robocop, which is a compliment especially after the helmet worn by the protagonist has a striking resemblance to the latter’s protagonists’ helmet.

The moment people come across PUBG on the app store, they download it without second thought but there is a problem that beginners phase with this game and we’ll see what.

Procuring Benefits

This game not just involves having player unknown’s battlegrounds cheap account but understanding the main concept of the game, which is to procure the UC, which in turn is called the in-game currency to begin with the game.

You can get the UC from ‘Google Opinion Rewards’ that is available on the play store where you will get a nice reward for conducting surveys on gaming platforms where they will pay you a nice sum, which can be saved little by little to create a play balance from Google.

Once you have a considerable amount as balance, you can get a UC and open up PUBG on the mobile application and start playing to your heart’s content but it is better to practice things out first.