Yuwie is a social networking site very similar in format to TikTok and you can also Buy TikTok Views Cheap & Instantly through this link here. You can find Yuwie at www.yuwie.com. Although there are several similarities, Yuwie has its own unique features that do separately if from MySpace. The question is, is Yuwie better, worse, or just different?

When you first sign in to Yuwie, after the registration process, you will come to a page of new members. To the left of this page, there is a section called “control panel”. This section gives a box of several different sections that make up your personal profile. You can click on any box and find out different things about your account, such as who your friends are if you have any new private messages, and how much you have earned for the month (more on that in a minute).

If you click on the control panel link, you will be brought to the section where you can see what type of activity has gone on with the people on your friend’s list. To the right is a list of blogs created by your friends. To the bottom center, there is a list of notices. Notices are just information that your friends need to pass along to everyone. Blogs always remain on your control panel page, but notices only stay up for ten days.

In the center of your control panel page is a grouping of activities that have shown up on your profile for that day, week, or month. You will be able to see how many friends are online, how many comments you have for the day, and in total, as well as how many page views you have and how many people you have referred to.

As with MySpace and many other social networking sites, there is a spot for a picture or avatar. You can choose to post any picture that will make you recognizable to others. If you click on the picture, it will bring you to your Yuwie page, the page everyone else sees when they click on your avatar. The profile page, also very similar to MySpace, has a friend section, a comment section, and different places for information about you, such as hobbies and likes and dislikes. There is a section for a blog to be posted as well as a section called a shoutbox for friends to give a shout or for you to customize however you like.

Yuwie does have several similarities to MySpace and when just looking at someone’s profile page, it can be difficult to tell the two apart. All the main categories are the same even though they are positioned differently. In fact, the Yuwie set up is on the opposite side from the MySpace set up. If there was a side by side comparison to be made of the front page of a person’s profile for each site, they would look almost identical in format.

The one main difference with Yuwie that might make it more appealing to some, is that the site pays for page and profile views as well as for referrals. The payments are very minimal, and I am still not sure exactly how they work. There is one section that says I earned 6 cents and another section that says I earned 47 cents for August. It is obvious upon review that referrals bring in the most earnings as they do with many similar sites. I have had no referrals to date and am not aggressively looking for them, so it is likely that my earnings will stay small, which is fine since that is not the reason I joined Yuwie. However, for someone who is looking to make money, my suggestion would be to refer as many people as possible.

In comparing Yuwie to MySpace, if I were to choose one or the other, I would choose MySpace. Although the formats are very similar, I think MySpace has more of a contingent of people that share the interests I do, and for me, it’s a better site for networking with readers and writers. Yuwie seems to be more for comments and shout outs and just showing attention to other people. It seems more a site for people seeking popularity, or at least that is how I view it. The site itself is attractive and easy to navigate and does have several great features. It’s just not exactly what I’m looking for.