Who doesn’t love the pleasant smell of the rainy season, wet mud and fresh air all around? When the rainy season is approaching, everyone wants to enjoy the weather riding on the roads with their gang, families or partner. Riding in the rain brings excellent adventure. It not only changes our dull mood but also adds a thrilling experience to your day.

If you want to enjoy this experience, you must know the best motorcycle helmets and how to ride in the rain safely without facing an accident. Even those who are not fond of riding in the rain must learn this skill because sometimes, the need may arise to reach the desired destination in an emergency. As we all know, the weather of India is unpredictable; thus, every motorcyclist needs to learn the skills and techniques to adapt to the ever-changing road condition and climate. 

Tips for riding in the rainy weather

Here we have listed some essential tips that will help you choose the best motorcycle helmets and prepare you physically and mentally by learning some practical methods to ride safely.

Rain gear- an essential item

The first and most important thing you need to have is a complete rain suit which includes- riding jacket, pants, waterproof gloves, boots, the best motorcycle helmets and some waterproof bags to keep your essential items safe. Waterproof gear is a crucial item you need to keep with yourself to beat the most challenging weather conditions. This will help you stay dry, secure, and comfortable even if you are riding to a distant place.

Slow down, be smooth

It is essential to know that during rainy weather, roads get slippery, so there are more chances that your bike gets slip-on on that surface, even if you think you have a good grip over your vehicle. Thus you need to adjust your speed or slow down to coincide with the wrong road and weather conditions. Apart from this, it would help if you avoided sudden moves like turn, accelerate, brake change gears etc. These little precautions will help you reach safely to your location without any hassle.

Watch out for rainbows on the road

If you see some colours spread like a rainbow on the ground or mixed in water, stay away from it. This is nothing else but oil or fuel; when mixed with water, it results in colour formation. As we all know, the oily surface is already very slippery, and when it gets mixed with water, it makes the surface greasier. Thus riding at such a surface may prove dangerous for you, and you might face any accident.

See clearly

Most people face the problem of unclear vision ahead due to fog appears on the helmet glass. This causes excellent irritation and uncomforting while riding in harsh weather conditions. This might result in uncertainties and accidents. The reason behind the unclear vision is fog which appeared because of change in temperature inside and out. In order to solve this problem, it is good to buy an anti-fog visor that prevents condensation on the glass and enable you to get a crystal clear vision ahead.

Overtaking vehicles

Overtaking vehicles may also affect your riding experience. It would help if you were more cautious of pass by vehicles than the average weather conditions. An ideal motorcyclist safeguards his or her lane position for a clear vision ahead. You will notice that four-wheeled vehicles are equipped with a massive windshield with good quality wipers, enabling them clear visibility. So it is advisable to stay focused on your track and deal cautiously with overtaking vehicles.

Don’t trust puddles

Puddles may seem fun looking and adventurous to you, but they are not your good friends in the rainy season. It is because you may not see the surface beneath the water and what you are riding into. In case you can’t resist riding through the puddle, make sure to steady hold the throttle and keep your motorcycle upright. Another thing to keep in mind while passing through the puddle is never touching the brake.

Last words

These are some of the preventive tips which will guide you on what needs to be done and what not during riding in the rain and the best motorcycle helmets. Apart from this, if you find it challenging to handle your bike, it is good to wait at the safest place until things going right.