The last month of 2020 has arrived that means that Christmas and new year are just a few weeks away where under normal circumstances one would have been busy with Christmas shopping, buying new clothes, Christmas trees, chocolates, gifts and many others.

This year is completely different as the entire world has come under the grasp of a global pandemic called the corona virus that originated from China and slowly spread its tentacles across the globe and has claimed billions of lives until now.

In such a tense atmosphere, people are confined to their homes with little to do while the youngsters have utilized this opportunity to try out some of their favorite mobile games that they couldn’t do otherwise due to school or college but the lockdown period has, in a way, eased the burden of the working class well so let us look at a popular mobile venture.


Rust is a survival venture that was not as popular during release but is slowly acquiring its own cult following and just so that it’s die-hard fans don’t get offended that the writer is ridiculing it, it needs to be made clear that the term ‘cult following’ means that any movie or game has a passionate following.

The following isn’t just limited to a handful of people here and there but throughout the world irrespective of color or language and Rust definitely belongs to that category.

It was launched by the British developer Face Punch Studios at a time when the gaming venture was in shambles where they were desperate to match the ratings of other games like Rainbow Six Siege, Candy Crush Saga, etc. to name a few but they couldn’t work things out until ‘Rust’ brainstormed into their mind.

This is a game that involves mainly wild animals like wolves, bears, leopards, lions and tigers but I have mentioned the latter two lastly, which would astonish many people as to why the kings of the jungle are mentioned last.

It is simply because the first two dominate the entire venture but this is what makes it an exciting venture that needs to be tried out and all the players have their own role to play in this multiplayer mobile game.

Last Lines

All you need to do is to download rust cheats from their official website and get going with the game without wasting time because who knows what the other developers are thinking of to match the level of surging popularity of Rust.

The interesting think in this action venture is that despite being a game of teamwork, it is every man for oneself in the battlefield where you get varied weapons from bows, arrows, guns and projectiles.

With the map of the jungle in hand, you have to land from a hot air balloon right into the wilderness but only after consuming enough to have a full stomach as there are high chances of dying of starvation as there is hardly anything to eat in the forest.

So try it out after regular practice and you can surely achieve success in this action venture.