Many weightlifters make a grave error — they underestimate the importance that diet has on muscle building. For example, consider this. If your body has no protein, it has no ability to build muscle mass. It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting weights or not, if you don’t get protein your muscles while grow. With that in mind, this article will focus on diet plans for muscle building.

All diet plans for muscle building revolve around the proper balance of certain essential nutrients. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates and fats. We will now discuss each of these in more depth.

Protein is a staple in many weightlifters’ diets. In fact, there are some weightlifters who go by rule of thumb that you should take one gram of protein every day for each pound you weigh. So if you are 200 pounds, you should be taking 200 g of protein. While some may consider this extreme, it all depends on your weightlifting program, and how intense it is. But, all weightlifters who want muscle growth need more than their fair share of protein.

The best way to get protein is to take it in a powder substance, such as whey protein. In addition, you can take your protein naturally with fish and eggs.

Carbohydrates should never be shunned. There is a lot of confusion about carbohydrates. Basically, carbohydrates come in two forms — simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are those found in junk food, refined sugars and anything overly processed and generally unhealthy. They will spike your blood sugar, which causes your insulin levels to rise, which means your body stores more fat than it should. This is naturally not desirable if you want to build muscle mass.

Diet plans for muscle building require complex carbohydrates, taken in proper amounts. You should get your complex carbohydrates from sources such as brown rice, whole grain sources such as breads, as well as pasta and potatoes.

Fats are also like carbohydrates — there’s some you should deliberately take, and others you should deliberately avoid. For example, the fat you get from a deep-fried piece of chicken is not going to do your body a bit good. However, fat is needed to protect the organs and to insulate the body. Without the proper amount of fat, you will get injured lifting weights. On top of that, you should also use the right equipment when working out. To help you, you can check this article about treadmill vs elliptical vs bike vs stairmaster.

The best sources of fats are unsaturated fats. This means you should stay away from vegetable oils, and other processed oils, and replace them with all of oil and fish oil. At the same time, peanuts, and peanut products are good source of unsaturated fats.