Want to increase your AdSense profits without necessarily increasing your traffic? While traffic is important, it takes time to build. Instead, use these smart ways of increasing profits to squeeze every last drop of revenue possible from every page view.

The vast majority of content sites on the internet just provide one page of content, then end at the end of the page. If the user wants to see more content, they need to scroll up to the top of the page and click on a navigation bar.

A lot of your traffic will land on specific pages on your website from search engines. If that’s the case, they’re more likely to click away at the end of the article than to browse the rest of your site.

Internet traffic is the biggest hurdle in the way of searching relevant information online as there are too many users across the globe that comprises of a nearly 7 billion population but if you want to learn the specifics in detail, you can start by reading James Scholes’ blogs that would tell you all you need to know.

Instead of letting users just click away, one way you can really increase your pageviews is to add a recommended next page or next article to read at the bottom of every single article.

You’ll get a high percentage of people to click to the next page and see more ads, which results in more AdSense revenues.

Yes, it’s important to write for real human beings first and foremost. However, when you’re writing your content, it’s also important to keep the AdSense spider in mind.

The AdSense spider uses the words you write in your content to try to figure out exactly what your site is about.

If your site is about “cash advances” but you never use the word “cash advances” or any related keywords in your article and instead you’re talking about “credit,” chances are you’ll confuse the Google bot.

Be keyword conscious. Sprinkle your keyword through your article so you get better ads picked up.

How many different banner placements have you tried? How many different colors, fonts and ad sizes?

Perhaps the most effective way to increase your AdSense revenue is to test more ad variations. You really never know what will work and what won’t work until you test, test, test.

Google AdSense allows you to create up to 200 channels and tag them to any ad unit. That means you can track just about any possible variation to your ad units you can think of and figure out what’s making money and what’s not.

This is one of the most profitable yet underused techniques in AdSense. Every once in a while, browse your own site and see what kind of ads are showing up. Any time you see an ad that’s not relevant, disallow that advertiser from showing ads on your site.

Over time, this will really increase your CTR as more relevant ads are shown to your users.