Spying on our teenagers, should we do it? That could be a tough call for any parent to make. On one hand if you don’t and you suspect something is not right problems could arise. If you decide to spy then the relationship between you and your child will be put to the test.

Reasons a parent might spy. You suspect your child is doing drugs. This is a major problem if your suspicions are true. Finding out your teen is mixed up in the drug scene will create a lot of heartache, but you need to know for sure in order to get them the help he or she is going to need.

You might suspect your teen is drinking. If he or she has come home with the smell of alcohol on them and, gives you an answer like someone spilled it on me. They come home and go straight to their room, without so much as a hello. Sneaking into the house late. Of course there is the obvious signs slurred speech, walking funny etc. Chances are they have been drinking.

Suspicious behavior that would lead you to believe they are having sex. After all you want to take precautions not to have an unwanted pregnancy. Nor do you want your teen to have a sexually transmitted disease. This would be extremely hard for your teen to handle at a young age.

Spying without getting caught. In order to accomplish the task you will need to spy when your child is at work, school or out with friends. Make sure you are aware of the time your teen will be gone. The last thing you want is to get caught. At least until you are ready to confront them as to what you found. If you are lucky your suspicions are wrong and no one has to know.

Getting caught spying. Ouch, you just got busted spying on your teen. Explain to them the reason you were spying. Concerns about behavior you may or may not have noticed to prompt you to spy. With any luck they will understand. If not remember they are teenagers, and they like their privacy. Just as we parents do. In time they will understand.

What to look for when spying. Journals are a good place to start. Teens usually have one and write everything they do, even what they are thinking about doing. This is how I found out about something that was going on with one of my children. I know firsthand this works.

Look under their beds, under mattresses and in their closet for signs of drug use. Bags with residue left in them will be hidden where they think someone would not find it.

Empty alcohol or half full bottles are usually hidden in dresser drawers or shoe boxes. Sometimes even in the trunk of their car.

Effects of spying and your relationship. As parents we don’t want a strained relationship with our children. Spying on them will do this. The trust and privacy issues are broken. Only time and effort on the parent’s part will heal this.

Approval of spying from your spouse. When I spied on my teenager it was for a good reason on some suspicions I had and I won’t go into details. My husband was in agreement. In the end I was right and things are great now, and so is our relationship. The Controllare uno smartphone a distanza allow to spy on the spouse from certain distance. The relationship of the person will become trustworthy and confident from the spying mechanism on the spouse.

There are going to be times that you will need to spy. Just remember no matter what you find out, they are still your children. Love them and help them through whatever is going on.