The benefits are endless when it comes to a really good strength training program, you will become aware that you have less time off work for sickness, less disease, but also the most important thing of all, being able to flex those pecks as you walk by a hot lady on the street or when you’re out on the pull…

I am a big believer that EVERYONE should have strength training scheduled somewhere into their workout routine, even if it’s the last thing you do at the end of your workout, make time for it, you will understand as you develop your strength over time and with Testogen review you can see how useful strength training is.

It has been said and I do believe this that you only need to do strength training 2-3 times a week, if you’re like me and are in the gym most of the time, then I would do it 3-4 times a week, with each session lasting no more than an hr, in such a short time, you will see the huge difference it will make to you.

If you do regular strength training, you will realize that tasks that might need that little extra ump will not need as much as you will be building and creating new strength barriers for yourself, and this will increase what you thought was normal to a new normal level, so things will get that little bit easier, so say if you’re an older person who found it difficult to lift the bins out, you will be able to do it with a bit more ease with strength training.

It will also help lower the risk of hypertension; diabetes and lower the risk of osteoporosis, as we get older these are the things we now have to concern ourselves with.

  • From my own experience, it does also help you avoid lower back pain.
  • It has been said that it can increase bone density which is very important for us post-menopausal woman.
  • It also helps increase muscle mass which burns more calories throughout the day than an equal amount of fat.

I have had chats with friends of mine who want to get into training, and even with all the benefits, they are still a little reluctant to start training with weights, let alone heavyweights. I get people’s concerns that you can injure yourself, or not wanting to create too much muscle, but strength training is much more than that, you are building from the inside and making that stronger so your outer case will and can be stronger than before you started, you can shave muscle down if you build some, but unless your jacking up with roids, you won’t gain too much muscle and you won’t turn into a man overnight, You can learn not to injure yourself, by learning to stand and lift weights properly, its the beginning of the journey. There are also machines that do the same job as free weights; it’s your training, so it’s your preference on how you gain your goal.

When you think healthy, most think eating right and running, these are two great ways to get fit and healthy (but for me, running should only be done if you’re being chased by the taxman or the police) strength training shouldn’t be forgotten, in fact, I feel it should be in your top 3 training lists of things that need to be done for your week work out, the benefits are too great, you can’t build a house without a base, well this is your base and you need to strengthen it.