Rise of kingdoms is an online game that is really popular among gamers these days. You get excellent graphics and details in the game which makes it really interesting for all the players that are there. There are tons of online rise of kingdoms guides with tons of tips and tricks that players can follow in order to get a headstart in the game. However, it is quite difficult for new players to learn and implement all the strategies that are mentioned there.

This is why we are here with some of the best tips that you can follow in the game as you switch between different civilizations and improve your level in the game. Additionally, you will learn how what game plan is best for you as you switch to a different civilization with different troop units.

As you are starting your game one of the best civilizations at the early phase of the game is China. You get a 5% boost in the building speed and action point recovery which will allow you to level up your town hall and other resources at a much faster rate. Besides that, you will get Sun Tzu an epic commander that will help you till the very end of the game because of the stats that you get with this commander.

Now that you are past the initial phase of the game and you have the basic idea of the dynamics of the game which is why now is the time when you switch to another civilization in order to improve your attacks and defense in the game.

For this Germany is the best civilizations considering the fact that you get a 5% boost in your troop training speed and 10% boost in action point recovery allowing you to train your troop and level up your commander at a much faster pace. Moreover, as you are fighting other civilizations make sure to use your cavalry troop properly allowing you to get the very best out of them.

Now that you have a decent troop level and you are ready to face the big guns in the game, you can switch to Korea at the later stage of your game. One of the main reasons why Korea is considered to be a really good choice when it comes to the later stage of the game is the boost that you get with the research speed and the hospital capacity.

These boosts allow you to finish your research more quickly as there are several things that can take up a lot of time at that stage of the game. Moreover, as you get additional capacity with the hospital you can easily take on your enemies at a much faster rate. Moreover, you are likely to get Yi Seong Gye which will boost the attack power of your archers.

Coming back to the selection of the commanders in the game, here are some of the best commanders that are there in the game that you can choose and include in your arsenal.

  1. Yi-Seong Gye
    One of the overpowered characters that you can find in this game. With decent defense and attack attributes, you can easily use him in any battle in the game. Moreover, because you get a 5% buff in the archer attack, he can easily handle large swarms of enemy troops.
  2. Alexander
    Alexander is another strong commander that you will find in the game. With his shield and sword, you can easily tackle any enemy force with Alexander. Moreover, you get a boost in attack power and defense stat if there are no active skills in the battle.
  3. Saladin
    Saladin is a commander that you can rely upon when it comes to defense. As you pair him up with Richard you can defend your city from any attack.
  4. Richard
    A well-balanced commander that you can add to your arsenal. And in order to boost your attack and defense in the game, you can pair him up with Saladin. Both, of these characters, really complement each other in the game.
  5. Genghis Khan
    With the lowest rage requirements, you get a character that you can use in the battle and deal hefty damage to your opponents.

These are the top 5 commanders that you can use in your game. Moreover, as you start with the game you can get one of them for free based upon the civilization that you choose.

By following all these strategies you can get a really good advantage against all the new players and this is also going to help you with your gameplay at the later stage.