No matter what age, everybody loves the idea of instantly losing ten pounds and looking thinner. Imagine eating Thanksgiving dinner then taking a family portrait and actually looking slimmer! As unrealistic as it may seem, a new series of Hewlett-Packard digital cameras on the market claims to instantly shed the pounds on not only family and friends, but also beloved pets. Although you also have liposuction surgery that you can opt for in order to lose your weight quickly. Additionally, Liposuction can be done alone or at the same time as another procedure which will allow you to go with this surgical process according to your comfort. 

Hewlett-Packard has established itself in recent years as a stronghold in the digital photography industry. With its wide range of consumer photography products, Hewlett-Packard manufactures digital cameras with ground-breaking features as technology evolves. As people claim cameras add ten pounds to any subject, Hewlett-Packard introduced a new artistic effect to its array of on-camera features. The slimming feature is included with several Hewlett-Packard digital cameras, but not all. As Hewlett-Packard claims, the slimming feature can make anybody look lean immediately.

How does the slimming feature work? By applying the slimming feature, the difference between “reality” and slim is very subtle in most cases. To prevent over-slimming your family, friends, or even pets, consumers can opt to adjust the level of slimming to create a more dramatic or a more toned-down effect. Likewise, slimming yourself on the Hewlett-Packard digital cameras is not a risky decision. Camera users are provided with an applicable before and after the display to ensure the results are desirable and do not overly distort the subjects after the immediate, electronic liposuction procedure.

The slimming effect is founded upon the idea that in order to make a person look thinner, one has to do just that – make the person look thin. After applying the slimming feature of the Hewlett-Packard digital cameras, subjects not only look thin, but they also look slightly distorted. Income cases, the heads of subjects in the photograph appear too small for the bodies.

In essence, it appears as if the slimming effect simply compresses a photo horizontally to make the subjects in the photo look thin. Therefore, if photos are taken with the digital camera turned sideways, ten pounds can actually be added to the subject – a feature Mom or Aunt Sally would definitely disapprove of! Thus, rotating photos prior to applying the slimming effect is a must to ensure the feature works as promised, instead of making a light picnic in the park turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Many Hewlett-Packard digital cameras also include other useful tools to enhance photos to near-perfection. For those people who exclaim, “That picture makes me look much older” or “Look at those wrinkles,” Hewlett-Packard created a feature designed to reduce noticeable wrinkles and unsightly blemishes. If a subject has a healing sore, applying the blemish removal effect instantly removes the affected area and fills the location with the appropriate color pigments surrounding the sore. Voila! The scar appears nonexistent, and the photo is now the perfect portrait of your family member or friend.

Humans are not the only ones who can reap benefits from the Hewlett-Packard digital camera technology. Spot, Fluffy, and Miss Kitty-Kat can all look less-zombie and more domesticated by Hewlett-Packard’s “pet eye” tool. Just as humans suffer from infamous red-eyes, man’s best friend also suffers from the same photographic affliction. Orange, blue, yellow, white, green, and red eyes can all be fixed through the pet-eye feature, making pets look more natural and picture-perfect.

Altogether, Hewlett-Packard continues to deliver quality products with unique and groundbreaking features. By combining the slimming effect with blemish and wrinkle removal, a simple snapshot of your loved one can easily become a priceless portrait that will last a lifetime.