Most men, when visiting the gym, are there for one reason: To look good. Of course, the side effect of exercise is that one’s fitness and overall health will improve, but for a lot of people, resistance training is really used for the purpose of improving their physique. People just starting out on a weight training program will need to consume a lot of protein; this requirement can be made significantly easier by using the Best Muscle Building Supplements. These used to be very expensive, but in the last few years have significantly dropped in price, so discount supplements & protein powder are now easy to find.

If you are attempting to design a high-calorie diet, or are considering supplementation, it can help to know a little about how it all works. Firstly, protein is the name given to a group of twenty amino acids, which are the basis for growing muscles and other tissue in the body.

These twenty amino acids are further split into essential and non-essential types. If the body’s supply is lacking in any of these twenty acids, it will not be able to form muscle tissue easily and this can severely hinder an exercise regime. The non-essential type can be created inside the body using combinations of essential amino; however, it is important to ensure that any supplement contains all the essential amino acids.

So, how much does one need? If you eat meat regularly (every day), then the likelihood is that, as a sedentary individual, you are already getting more than enough. The keyword here is “sedentary” – when starting on an exercise regime, your requirements will increase dramatically. It is estimated that the average male starting a weight-training program will need to consume up to 1.5 grams per pound of lean body mass each day.

There are several types available, with each offering different benefits and each being extracted from a different plant or animal product. The main types you are likely to encounter are soy, casein and (most popularly) whey.

Whey is by far the most commonly available in stores because it is so popular. As it is created from a milk product, it is easily absorbed by the body, which makes it very efficient. It also contains all essential amino acids. Unfortunately, it is not suitable to be consumed by people that are lactose intolerant.

Soy is completely derived from plants, which means it is good for people who are lactose intolerant and one of the only types suitable for vegans (believe it or not, you can build muscle on a vegan diet, but it is much easier with supplements).

Casein is good as a long-release supplement. It can take several hours to fully digest, which means it helps to keep the body topped up all day. However, it is not as useful for that post-workout burst. It is much more expensive than whey, so if one is searching for discount powders, this may not be on the shopping list.

Incorporating supplements into your diet can make it significantly easier to consume enough calories to properly repair muscle tissue after a workout. Due to the discount supplements & protein powder market, this is now also significantly easier on the bank balance.

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