Saturated fats are not your enemy. Don’t believe it? Read it again: fats are not your enemy. In the great quest to lose weight, many dieting folks have starved themselves of the foods they love under the assumption that all saturated fats are bad. True, it’s not something you want to gorge yourself on. But saturated fats are an essential part of any diet, and skipping out on them entirely is like cutting off your intake of calcium, iron, or any other essential nutrient. Studies have shown that a proper, balanced intake of saturated fats reduces cholesterol buildup in the arteries, prevents heart attacks, and generally prevents heart disease.

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So, yes, too much of it can cause bad things, particularly to your heart… but too little causes exactly the same negative side effects, so don’t excommunicate it from your body, by any means! Much of the negative stigma surrounding saturated fats is suspected to be based on statistically biased findings, so don’t believe everything you read in a journal without looking up the sources.

Saturated fats help process other nutrients efficiently, give the body energy to burn throughout the day, aid in hormonal production and build muscles. Any diet that excludes saturated fats entirely is not only not going to make you healthier, it’s going to make you less healthy than you were when you started it! In addition, it’s vital to keep in mind that any diet has to match the dieting person’s lifestyle.

Take, for instance, the hard-working population of Nigeria. They have a considerably higher saturated fat intake than the people of many countries, yet their rate of heart disease and other negative side effects is very low. Why is this? Because they get plenty of physical activity to balance out the fat intake, converting the fat into energy and burning it off instead of storing it excessively. This is true of many other cultures as well, such as the Inuit for example. Too many Westerners try to diet themselves into shape when they can eat what they like so long as they exercise frequently enough to burn the fat off. The problem isn’t that fat you eat, it’s the sedentary lifestyle!

It’s also very important to distinguish unnatural, heavily-processed fats from natural saturated fats. The more a food product is processed, the more likely it is that most of the nutrients have been worked out of it. At best, the nutrition has been added back in, essentially artificially injected in a concentrated form after being removed in the first place. That’s no way to get a healthy eating lifestyle! The more basic, raw, unprocessed or minimally processed foods you eat, the better off you’ll be. There’s no need to fear any natural food so long as you eat it according to how much of it you need for your activity level. And if it’s something you love that’s giving you a bit of a beer belly or thunder thighs, all you have to do is tweak your activity levels up to match the food. Don’t be a hate-monger against saturated fat, it’s just as much a part of your body as water and bone.