The pax vaporizer was designed by Ploom in San Francisco and manufactured in China. This pocket size vaporizer is more user-friendly and can be recharged. It appears just like a stylish mobile device. The smokeables are kept in a stainless steel oven and it has a magnetized lid. Now, how to use a pax vaporizer? The mouthpiece at the top when depressed activates the heating element. The herbs are ground into very small pieces and the device is switched on by pushing the mouthpiece down. Once the heating commenced a star shaped light glows. The star shaped light beomes green in 20 – 30 seconds indicating that the vaporization temperature is attained.

Ensuring better performance

Those who know how to use a pax vaporizer will also know to make the device perform better. The amount of vapor obtained depends on how finely the herb is ground. Instead of chopping the herbs into a few pieces they are to be ground almost into a powder form in order to ensure the best performance. A coffee grinder can be used to grind the herbs. The oven of this vaporizer should be loaded fully. 0.3gm – 0.4 gm of the herb is required to fill the oven.

With less quantity of herbs

One should also know how to use a pax vaporizer with less quantity of the herb. This vaporizer can be made to perform with just0. 15gm of the herb. The screen is bent into U shape and the edges of the screen are trimmed. An observer always keeps the track of the day for which the coil last. If you a good knowledgeable person who is well aware about the facts and figures related to the vapes and other affiliated devices then it becomes easy for you to make a purchase and do investment accordingly.  The screen gently keeps on top of the herb in the oven with the bottom of the U facing down. The screen exerts pressure on the material in order to keep them pressed against the walls of the oven.

Temperature setting

The temperature setting is also quite important for this vaporizer. The minimum temperature is 370 degrees F, medium is 390 and the maximum temperature is 410 degrees F. By keeping temperatures, low there can be a number of hits, but will be light hits. When the temperature is high the hits will be denser. However, as a result of higher setting the battery will go dry faster. Optimum results can be achieved by keeping the setting at medium.

The pax vaporizer is quite easy and simple to use. Instead of inhaling, the vapor can be puffed into the mouth also. It should not be held upside down since the oil may drip into the mouthpiece. While travelling with this vaporizer, it is advisable to have a rubber band around it so that the lid will not fall down. Its portability as well as an easy way of using makes the parks vaporizer more attractive. Other than a small quantity of an herb this vaporizer doesn’t require anything else. Since it doesn’t require oils or concentrates, the user need not search for various materials. This vaporizer is ideal for the indoors as well as public gatherings since it doesn’t produce smoke. This device works with any type of herb and it does not require liquids or cartridges.