There are plenty of articles that warn young girls and women of all ages about the dangers of being on extreme diets and losing a lot of weight even if they don`t necessarily need to. Most of these articles mention things like the BMI, the number of calories that females should consume, and what foods are necessary to eat in order to get the right vitamins and minerals. However, what I don`t notice often are real stories about women that made mistakes while trying to get the “perfect body,” whatever it might mean for them. Although it is scary to realize, but a lot of young girls now try to look like celebrities or their skinnier friends at school and turn to unhealthy diets and excessive exercise. Most might not even know what a BMI is, so it would be silly to expect these girls to know how to lose weight the healthy weight if they decide to do so. That is why I want to share my story to show what a poor body image can do to a person.

Place Setting and Plate, Pie Chart, HealthySome people are blessed with a small frame, and some are not as lucky. I was always the tallest girl in class so obviously I had a bigger frame as well. When I look back on it, I realize that I was not fat at all, but compared to other girls in class that would only come up to my chin I was definitely bigger. The desire not to stand out from the group of my tiny friends would once in a while, spark an idea of going on a diet, but just for a second because when mom would come back from the store with a chocolate bar I would forget all diets. Therefore, my first experience of being on a diet, which was at the age of ten, lasted a grand total of one day. Even in that short time realized that being on a diet is no fun at all. I struggled with accepting my body all throughout my childhood but I did not take any action to change my body.

Moving to another country and being exposed to completely different food led to my consumption of a lot of unhealthy things. I was also stressed about being far away from home, living in a new environment and as a result I turned to food for comfort. For some strange reason I did not gain much weight, although I spent the weekends watching television shows and eating potato chips and ice-cream. However, I was feeling heavy from the inside and my skin was breaking out from all of the junk that I was putting in my body. I was frustrated but I did not think that the acne was the side effect of my poor eating habits. Again, the inability to understand how to eat healthy made me go down the wrong path. When I found out that I was going to be traveling back home for vacation I made the worst decision that I have ever made. I decided to completely change my eating habits and finally get the body that I really wanted to have.

The internet can be a great tool, but it can be dangerous as well. I used it for all the wrong reasons, trying to figure out how many calories a cucumber slice has. My main goal was to have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner but eat the least amount of calories. I would browse the supermarket and look for the most diet-friendly yogurt and bread. The diet became sort of like a game in which health did not play a big role. I was able to get down to eating around eight hundred calories, do cardio and still feel good so the thought that I was doing something unhealthy never crossed my mind. The weight came off and in about four months of eating little and exercising a lot with one “cheat day” a week I was able to lose a good amount of weight. I went on vacation feeling ecstatic and proud of my new body.

The lucky people that never had to count calories should know that staying on any kind of diet that allows you to eat less than a thousand calories a day is difficult. In the beginning the body tries to deal with getting less nutrition than it needs, but eventually the natural desire to eat more variety and more food in general overcomes you. This is the main reason why extreme diets lead to the so called “yo-yo” effect. Who wouldn`t binge on pasta and chocolate after having broccoli and rice cakes for four or five months straight? After four months of dedication my motivation disappeared and I did not even realize that I was eating everything that I had excluded from my diet for a long time. The food binges got worse and worse and soon the weight crept back on. The scariest part was that I did not even notice how fast I put the weight back on because I was in this food coma, where I did not care about what and how much I ate. Although I was getting enough or even too many calories I could not get back into my old eating habits. Soon, not only did I gain the weight that I lost back, but I gained an additional ten pounds. Feeling ugly and devastated I would manage to drop a couple of pounds and gain them right back on. This crazy roller coaster of not eating, overeating, over exercising, sitting on the coach the whole day led to the culmination which was a huge panic attack that I was sure was a heart attack. After the incident I was shocked to my core and realized that if don`t stop pushing my body to do something that it cannot do, I will make myself really sick. For the first time I realized that my relationship with food and exercise was not a healthy one and something had to change.

Since then I was finally able to understand what I have gone through in the past three year. In a few words, I went on a crazy diet, became obsessed with staying on the diet, lost motivation, gained tons of weight, and destroyed my relationship with food. No I am proud to say that I have read dozens of books on nutrition and exercise, as well as psychology because for the most part deeper issues lead to extreme diets. I had educated myself and I feel much more confident in the way I nourish myself. I have not lost all the weight that I have gained during my unsuccessful experiments with my body but I`m taking my time to lose the pounds in a healthy and a safe way, and not because I need to be skinnier than somebody else but because I want to feel better. I took dietary and weight loss supplements like leptoconnect to support my overall diet and system. I was so happy that I found this product. It helped me achieve my desired body weight,. Although many people say that everyone needs to make mistakes and to experience everything themselves, but I would never wish anybody else to have any eating disorder whether it would be anorexia, binge eating, or simply hopping from one diet to the next.