Bikes have become the eco-friendly way of traveling these days. We have seen a massive growth in the bike industry. People of all ages have started using bikes for the daily commute. Not only riding a bike discards pollution, but it helps to keep you fit and healthy as well. With several kinds of bicycles available, you can even find foldable ones these days. Yes! The foldable bikes have become very popular and a lot of people are choosing them over regular bikes. Are you planning to get one yourself? Then here are the top pros and cons of owning a foldable bike in 2021. Take a look at them.

Pros of Foldable Bicycles

The use of foldable bicycles have gone up in the last few years because they bring a lot of benefits to the users. Here are some of the pros.

  • Saves Space –

One of the best reasons to own a foldable bike is because it can help you save a lot of space. If you want to store your bike in your home, then it will require a lot of space. But the requirement for space is reduced significantly when you have a bike that can be folded. You can fold it and keep it in any corner of your room easily. This helps you to save your space.

  • Easily Portable –

It does not matter where you are traveling, carrying a portable bike with yourself is easy. You cannot carry your regular bike in any public transport. It can also be a pretty hectic thing to fit it in your private car or van. But, if your bike is foldable, then the task becomes easier. You can now fold and put the bike in the back and take it out when needed.

  • Safer Option –

Everyday there are so many cases of people stealing others bikes from public or private properties. But stealing a foldable bike is not so easy because you can carry it with yourself wherever you are going. Also, at home, you can keep it inside your own house without taking up too much space. So it eliminates the risk of theft.

Cons of Foldable Bicycles

The benefits of using a foldable bike is surely the game changer, but it has its own set of disadvantages as well. Check them out here – 

  • Road Bumps

Due to the small and very compact size, foldable bikes are manufactured with small tires. That is why they are much less stable than regular bikes. When you come across a road bump, you have to be very careful or else you can quickly tip over.

  • Reduced Speed –

Smaller tire size leads to reduced speed in foldable bikes. You have to paddle harder in order to attain a certain speed or when you are in a rush to reach somewhere. This leads to quick energy drain and you feel more tired while using a foldable bicycle.

So, these are the top pros and cons of using foldable bike on a regular basis in today’s time.