I started smoking when I was about 12 years old. I started buying cigarettes regularly at 16 and smoked an average of a pack a day until now. Eleven years makes smoking the single longest commitment I’ve had in my life to date. It was a constant in my life. The past year I struggled with quitting a few days here and there and always ended up returning to the habit. There are lots of tips and tricks out there and really it comes down to finding what works best for you. I tried lots of things, but this last one worked and I have been smoke free for almost two months now. Thanks to e-cigarettes, or electronic vapor cigarettes.

These product started to come around when the public smoking bans were getting passed in cities and states a few years back and then went under the radar. They are back now and better than ever. New and Improved, with more options to cater to individual needs. The latest versions are now disposable and inexpensive. The particular one I used called N JOY, retails for around 7 dollars, last as along two packs of cigarettes (less expensive than two packs of traditional cigarettes). They come ready to use right out of the package and look just like a cigarette. The smoke tastes and feels realistic. N JOY products contain small amounts of nicotine along with water vapor. There are nicotine free versions that are about the same price, but the nicotine ones worked better at stopping my cravings during the first couple weeks. If a person is suffering from addiction of cigarette, then the smoking of aquavape uk will offer massive benefits. The package will be ready to use for the person. A lot of information should be available with the person to get the effective results. The charges of the product will be under the budget and funds available with the person. 

Smoking isn’t just one habit, its several. Buying cigarettes is a habit, lighting cigarettes, taking the five minute breaks at work, rolling down the window in the car, the slow measured breaths of taking drags, the hand to mouth activity, all of it. The e-cigarette first killed my habit of buying and lighting cigarettes. After that it made me focus on when and why I wanted to smoke. Quitting cigarettes to me felt like I was breaking up with someone I was in love with. There was remorse and longing. I felt like I actually missed cigarettes like I would a friend that moved away. I really enjoyed the company of cigarettes. That is why the e-cigarette was so helpful to me, because it was like a rebound. I could still go outside and take smoke breaks at work, and roll down the window and puff in the car (one of the places I craved cigarettes the most). Even to stand around with my still smoking friends while drinking and not feel awkward for just standing around, and want to ask someone for a smoke. Another time that was bad for cravings for me was walking my dog, and I used it for that too.

Once you stop giving your body a cigarette every time it wants one, eventually it stops wanting one. Like if you tell a dog no so many times, eventually they stop trying. By hitting the e-cigarette every time I was having a habitual craving like after a meal or while driving I was fighting the physical addiction to smoking. While still smoking the vapor let me keep my emotional attachment, to the act of smoking, under control while dealing with the task of weaning my brain off nicotine.

After about a month when the cravings stopped, it was time for me to quit the attachment that I transferred from real cigarettes to the e-cigarettes. This proved to be a super mental game but it was made easier by the fact that I wasn’t physically addicted. I simply reminded myself that I hadn’t been smoking and that I was fine, I felt great (and smelled better). I had to tell myself that not smoking the e-cigarette is was the same as using it, because its fake smoke and its just a regular habit, like checking locks and biting fingernails. It wasn’t an addiction anymore. I still have small cravings but they always pass and they are fewer and far between. I think even if I had decided to keep using the e-cigarette, it is still a healthier alternative and it is way easier to quit.

This is a good option for people who are really emotionally attached to cigarettes, It breaks up the big problem and lets you tackle it in small steps that make a difference. Its not such a dramatic change, so it really eases you into a smoke free lifestyle. It is also good for people who want to cut back on smoking even, it will cut out all of the boredom cigarettes and help you save money by making packs last longer, and you might end up quitting in the process. Its just a great way to transition your way of thinking, which is helpful in any drastic lifestyle change. Quitting can be easy, you just need to find what works for you.