What’s going on – I’ll never know. Whenever the end of the day, I feel squeezed like a lemon, and energy is just the fact that collapse on the couch at home. First I went to the doctors. Passed a bunch of tests, and all bestolku. It turned out that in all respects I am healthy, and his status as a sort of pretend. I went to the doctors on. Came to acupuncture and imaging of the brain. And all to no avail. And my problem in the end – all decided nutritionist from my own fitness club. It turns out that I only ate wrong! Did not observe three golden rules fitness diet.

It happens to everyone: there is no want in the morning, the day of such obstruction on the job. That come to the dining room can not be well, after work – a gym. And this is a recipe for overeating: When we finally gets home, stopped at the table itself is impossible. Yes, we have such a tradition – the bulk of daily calories we get in the evening. Just because of what their daily rate we consume does not gradually, as it were, one large portion, we have to become 40 years across a wide. According to science, such diet little upset hormonal secretion. And the fourth top ten completely reconfigures it in the direction of hormones that promote fat deposition. I have yet to forty far, but from such a regime, I had already hurt. Enumerate the symptoms, and are sure you are familiar with.

Here’s one: mood swings. It turns out, the mood is directly dependent on muscle tone. And the tone – the level of sugar in the blood. Immediately after eating, he takes off, and then slowly decreases, and after 3-4 hours is minimal. Accordingly, the mood has deteriorated sharply. Suddenly everything starts to irritate. If you do not eat, more will be worse. Nakata still sleepy. And sleeping on the job impossible. We’ll have to fight with them. And it’s unnerving new inconvenience. Second, the club come completely broken. You look at simulators sad eyes and think, well for me that this torture? Third: The brutal attacks of the craving for sweets. Themselves remember, if there is a long time, it then pulls are not useful for buckwheat, and the sweet cake obzhirenny. Drools knees podgibayutsya stuffed sweet … and then a pity – how could I?

In fact, there should be frequent, but little by little. Such a diet reduces the secretion of hormones, store fat for future use to the bare minimum. In addition, blood sugar levels are not jumping, the mood is smooth and quiet. What does it mean much? Every 2.5 – 3 hours. If you did not, then at least a third of the calories (ideally – half) Eat BEFORE you sit to eat. More specifically, in the first eight hours after awakening.

After speaking with experts, I realized my mistake: the protein-I ate, but not in the quantities and at the wrong time. It was found that the rate for fitnesistki – about 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If this rule is not followed, the muscles do not become one. To grow, they need feeding. But that’s not all. Protein may be a kilogram, but it will not go in your favor, if the muscles do not receive the “building material” in time. Define “h X” is simple. So, if you are in the morning, eat at least half the daily allowance of protein in the evening. If you exercise during the day, at least half of the protein must be received in the morning. If you go to the gym in the evenings, then you need to get protein, and during dinner, and immediately after exercise.

If you do not follow this rule, a terrible happens: Your body begins to eat itself. Yes, it’s true! The minimum protein that you get from food, go to the emergency repair of tired muscles. But protein is still needed blood, hormonal system, your hair, nails, skin! Needed at all costs! And then the body begins to break down protein internal tissues. First go under the knife muscle. As a thing which, by the utility for life is the last in the series. Muscles decrease, shrink, lose their force. But protein is still lacking. Hair becomes brittle, dull, nails – crumble, the skin loses its elasticity, pale. Dramatically reduced the secretion of hormones – because “doing” nothing to them. Decreases in libido, headache, pressure jumps …

Some say that early to do fitness and feel bad. That’s right! Protein then you are missing! Someone I say, “protein – meat, fish, chicken. To make such, we must all day to hang around in the kitchen! “Did you buy powdered protein. Dilute with water or skim milk daily rate of the whole protein and grab a cocktail at work. And drink strictly by the hour. No hassle! And you can buy a tile protein in the manner of chocolates. Throw in a bag 3.4 stuff, and you are provided with protein throughout the day!

3 rule fitness diet: do not let yourself wither

Unbelievable but true: even the smallest loss of body water (at least 2% of body weight!) A catastrophic impact on our health. You know why? Our body, just like a nuclear reactor works on the water! No water, no chemical reactions, no energy. Here is the formula of life!

Little drink? Then the growth of athletic performance is nothing to expect. However, this trouble just to help. Wherever you go, at least for a job, even in the movie, even though the boutiques, take a bottle of water. You do not like empty drink water? Then give it flavor by adding lime or lemon juice, if using bags of herbal tea. Check whether you are drinking enough water can be so. Stand on the scales before and after training, and then compare both measures. If the “post-exercise ‘weight will be very different from your usual (more than 500g), then with a drink problem. It seems that the daily rate of 3 – 3.5 liters you do not do. (By the way, to make up for losses, one must at once have a drink of water at exactly twice as much).

But that’s not all. During exercise you lose not only fluid but also carbohydrate. So take it a rule not to quench their thirst with water and sports drink carbohydrate – in that case, if you train intensely and for longer hours. (Carbohydrate, but not mineral!). If you drink this glotnete minutes thirty after the start of classes, it will replenish stocks of sugar and can help you with the honor to hold out until the end of the workout. On the way home from the club, eat some fruit: an additional portion of the carbohydrates will be very useful. (The best option – the big apple!)

As the old saying goes ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and the same goes true in this case as well as losing weight is a difficult task that takes a sometime but entirely depends on how focused and dedicated you are in shedding those extra kilos, which is why it is important to give up on fast food that makes you obese and eat healthy stuff like green leafy veggies and have a planned diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner for which you can check here in the entire article on how to follow through on this.