Sound cloud is an online application that provides streaming services to the user. It also allows you to share music videos with the online community beyond limits. Sound cloud was first founded in Berlin in 2007, and since then, it offers innumerable ways to stream music or any audio online. If you are fond of singing or have the talent to express and flourish, it is an excellent application for you.

The user can share and upload its original music audio with any number of fans or community. Sound cloud provides a ladder of success to such talented people to achieve great heights. Even it is easy for fans to make a playlist of his or her favorite artist or singer to stream the songs on repeat. This application is not only restricted to music, but you can also share any pieces of national or international news, sports media outlet, etc., so you can use this app to buy plays on Soundcloud and other purposes too.

How does it work?

If you want to use the app to upload and share music or audio files, it is good to take a paid subscription. However, you can also run a free account, but it only allows you to upload an audio file for up to 120 minutes. But by taking the subscription plan, you can explore several other features which will enable you to stat on your track or to hide the comment section.

Here are some of the features of sound cloud and how you can get started over buy plays on Soundcloud. Let’s begin-

Sign in to an account

This is the very first step, to begin with, sound cloud. You can sign in through a Google account or Facebook. Otherwise, you can log in by using your email address.

Once you sign up for a sound cloud account, it allows you to enjoy various features on the app, including personalized statistics and customization.

Setting up your profile

Setting up a profile is a very crucial step if you are a singer or musician. This step helps you promote your songs or audios to a large population. To set the profile, you will see the profile icon option on the top navigation bar; click on it and edit to select your picture. Sound cloud helps you to directly link your other social media account (Facebook, Twitter, song kick, or more) to your profile.

Uploading an audio 

Once you finish setting your profile picture, you can begin by uploading your track. For this, you can see an upload button next to your avatar in the top navigation bar. 

If you want to reach a broad public and make your track easily findable, it is good to add a suitable title, add a description and label your track with commonly used tags.

Making a playlist

It’s straightforward to make a playlist of your own songs or adding your favorite songs through the sound cloud. You need to hover over a track and clicks add to the playlist to add a track and create a playlist of your favorite songs.

You can even drag the track to arrange it in an order according to your wish. Furthermore, you can give a name to your playlist, add an image to it, change the permalink, and edit tags. In addition to this, the sound cloud can create a waveform to put all the songs in one entity. Once your playlist is ready, you can buy plays on Soundcloud and hear innumerable songs without any commercial breaks.

Sharing and downloading sounds

This also happens with you when you hear a track you like; you want to share it with your friends or with everyone connected to you. 

The sound cloud allows you to link the track via Twitter. Facebook, Pinterest, google+, or email. 

The unique way to share an audio or music file via the sound cloud is the embedded code. In this, you can simply copy and paste the HTML in your own post and get an embedded mini player.


You can explore more music tracks just by clicking the left side of the top navigation bar. While changing different interfaces between you can stream your track in the background. Sound cloud not only allows you to browse musical genres, but you can also browse other media like audiobooks, newscasts, sports, and many more.

Following other users

Sound cloud is not only a music streaming app but a social networking model. It works just like Facebook’s Twitter feed; it means you can browse record labels, news outlets, favorite artists as you get to see their posts on your stream.

If you found interest in any post, just click “follow” on the user profile to connect with them and get updated with each track they post on your stream.


These are some of the tutorial guides which allow you to buy plays on Soundcloud and explore every unique feature of sound cloud. This makes your experience more exciting.