Video production lighting. Once you’re in the production phase of your movie, there will be a lot going on. But everything tends to focus around the cinematography, the actual recording of images and the look of your movie.

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Some people call cinematography painting with light and that’s basically what it is. Right now we’re going to focus on lighting. How to do it and how it can affect the mood of your final product.

Once you’re on set, the first thing you’ll want to do is get your lights set up. That’s why it’s important to have a shot list and some story boards. That way, you’ll know what areas and at what angles you’ll be shooting. So you’ll need to know what parts of the set you’ll need to light.

First, let’s talk about the lights you’ll be using. Big productions use expensive movie lights like this. But you can actually get a really great lighting set up using your own home lamps and work lights like this. That can be found at any hardware store. And hey, bonus feature, many of them come with clips so you can attach them to chairs or coat racks to get the positioning just right. You can also use normal household lamps with reflectors made out of aluminium foil built on.

This can turn a normal household lamp into a more directed and more powerful light source. Don’t forget that even a normal household lamp can get very hot if it’s been on for a while. So be careful with all your lights. And if you’re using more powerful work lights or movie lights, consider investing in a good pair of work gloves to protect your hands. Also remember that you’ll be plugging in a lot of lights and you run the risk of overloading a circuit and blowing a fuse. Not the end of the world. But something you’d probably rather not deal with. To avoid this, try to plug in all your lights into different outlets to spread out the charge.

You have to remember how important it is to get good exposure for your movie. If a scene is too dark, you might still get video but it will look muddy and grainy. If it’s too bright, your colors will be blown out to white. Now that you’ve got your lights together, let’s talk about lighting set up. The most basic set-up and always a good starting point is called three point lighting. You only need three lights for this and it makes for a pretty nice shot.