Electronic cigarettes are currently taking the world by storm and they are getting very mixed reviews from the media. We need to ask ourselves why is this happening? When you have so called specialists in the health industry making bold health claims and government agencies either are for or against these devices. It is sending out very mixed messages to consumers and is confusing smokers that are trying to quit.

Let’s take a closer look at these devices first and discover what all the fuss is really about. The early ecigarette devices where invented by a Chinese chemist who made the discovery of liquefied nicotine that could be heated and turned into vapour. Basically what you have is a two or three piece device that heats up liquid nicotine and vaporises it. This is delivered in an odourless form and is an alternative way for giving up smoking.

So this is an idea that has come out of china and made its way to online and retail stores all over the world. You will even see them for sale in street markets in cities. It has also attracted the eyes of Hollywood celebs whether they have taken them up on their free will or are being sponsored to do so it is attracting a good image. They have walked onto interviews smoking these devices giving them bigger appeal like never before.

So why so many mixed reviews in the press?

Well the truth is that electronic cigarettes are infringing on a billion dollar market and people just don’t know how to regulate them. Whichever way you look at it consuming nicotine in any form will damage your body and health; it is of course a drug.The mixed reviews could be down to many different government bodies testing different brands ranging from the really cheap to the well-known recommended manufacturers. The cheaper varieties are obviously going to come from sources where they take less care in manufacturing their liquid nicotine.

But it is important to remember that companies that are based in the United Kingdom and the United States come under strict pharmaceutical laws and have to produce e liquid that does not contain any harmful or toxic additives. E-liquids are basically designed keeping the health of people in mind. people who are addicted to the premium quality cigarettes can simply jump to the Vape Dinner Lady that is known for its best supreme quality and has also achieved award for this. It has high standable battery upto 300 mah and is less harmful than cigarettes.

This can actually make the results by this and also give a misconception of electronic cigarettes. Because if one media source is reporting that these are good for your health and another is saying that there are harmful chemicals that can cause cancer in electronic cigarettes then of course the consumer is going to be confused.

There are around 6000 chemicals that come out of a tobacco cigarette when smoked. If people really look at the numbers then you will realise that smoking ecigs are going to do considerably less damage to your body than a tobacco product.

As a whole you will find that most newspapers and magazines will give an overall positive view of electronic cigarettes as there is solid research that inhaling vaporised nicotine is a lot healthier than smoking a conventional cigarette. It also leads to greatly improved health and most importantly there is no passive smoke to damage others around you. You can now get your hit of nicotine were ever you feel necessary and not have to worry about sitting in a special smoking room or walking off your work premises to have a cigarette.

So the overall view of the media is one of a mixed but positive look on electronic cigarette. What they would like to see is local and international government agencies get their act together and enforce some sort of regulation for the production and sale of e-cigs.