Body Building Info-If you like to read and learn beyond what tells you the monitor of the gym you will see that there are different structures and frequency of training. What is the best to gain muscle mass? This training way more optimal results?

I’ve previously talked about the 3 types of most popular routines that can be found today. Each of these types is different from the above not only in the structure but also in the frequency of training each muscle group.

We understand by high frequency when we train each muscle group 3 or more times per week and a low frequency when we do it only once. Although the differences may seem few these differences can make that us will not obtain any results with our goal of gaining muscle mass.

There are basically three ways to train

1 train every muscle group three times a week

This type of routine was previously used by bodybuilders. Consists of a training full body in which we train 3 days a week with rest days in between. For example:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Full-body Rest Full body Rest Rest

In addition, this kind of routine used to be combined with systems of different intensities. Usually was a rough day, another light, and another intermediate.

This is a good workout that was used and gave results in a time pre-steroids and therefore we can apply to our training although at that time lifters focused more on strength gains in making volume itself although, as a side effect, also produced volume gains.

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This training has some advantages, but in my opinion, the disadvantages are important. This type of training is often used heavyweights and the full body at each session is trained. It this difficult to complete routine training for each muscle butt. For example, if we begin training top when it touches us train legs energies will be, literally, in tatters.

In addition, it is very difficult to get a volume of adequate training for each muscle with this kind of routine which leads us to set aside many times some groups or just not be able to train them with the appropriate volume.

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2 train each muscle group 1 time per week

Reading the previous point we can reach the conclusion that is better to train each muscle group fewer times per week but this is not entirely true.

Routines that tend to train each muscle group 1 time a week are those known as Weirder or divided. These routines are currently the most popular and used by bodybuilders. Interestingly, this kind of routine has been increasing in popularity at the same time that has appeared and they have become more popular with steroids.

In this type of routine, you will do is crushing a muscle group once per week and then leave it to rest for six days. The main problem with this kind of routine is that we spend literally the muscle group waiting for this to heal and grow as if by magic. So much so that users who use this kind of routine are used and seen as something normal suffering aches throughout the week.

In addition to steroids, we have to bear in mind that bodybuilders are people who take training for more than 10 years and therefore have experience and greater resilience.

Therefore, if you’re natural, you should stay away from this kind of routine. In general, I assure you that you will get better results with other routines.

3 trains each muscle group 2 times per week

Finally, we have the torso/leg routines. They train each muscle group twice per week with only 4 days of training per week.

A torso/leg routine tends to be so:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Torso Leg Torso Leg

Although we can also find other equally valid with training variants the weekends or even an increased training frequency.

Personally, I think these workout routines best to gain muscle mass in most athletes means natural. Thanks to the structure of training this kind of routine limits the maximum volume that we can get for each muscle group. In this way, we avoid passing us and slaughter each group at each session. It is also structured in such a way to achieve that our body rest.

As we see with this type of routine volume is less and normally the 4 not exceed (5 as many) days of training per week. This means an optimal muscle recovery and therefore, along with a proper diet, we will end up gaining muscle mass. And the d-bal ingredients are perfect for building muscles.

Once exposed to this everyone should draw their own conclusions the only thing I can say is that my results with a table of training torso/legs are still amazing to the point of being very happy with the result.

Displaying results in me, the majority of current consulting customers are now also following this type of routine and the results are still very satisfactory. Each better than the last month.

So in summary, if you want to get results when it comes to gain muscle mass my recommendation is that you work with a frequency of twice per week per muscle group and, although you can get results with other frequencies, in this way you will get more profit in less time.