The place of the sun at the moment and place of your birth plays a major part in your chart for the same reason it plays a major role in all of the goings on of Earth: it is the largest and most integral celestial body of our solar system. Thus, the location of the sun in a natal chart serves as the focus of your life, the way you generally interact with your surroundings, how you encounter your problems, and possibly even the feelings you may harbor towards yourself.

Because of the great force of the sun on the Earth, people tend to turn to newspaper horoscopes and either eagerly try to place those generalities onto their lives or feel dismayed by the supposed inaccuracy of the prediction. You must realize, however, that these horoscopes are strictly based on your sun sign, which–by its very nature–is general! So, if one of your problems with astrology is how general it is, then unfortunately, you don’t know anything about the way astrological charts are interpreted or even created.

As per the abundance of patriarchal societies, the sun represents masculinity and logic (and the moon femininity and sensitivity). The sun rules Leo, a sign that is often associated with leadership, teaching, fatherhood, a concern for public issues, and (unfortunately) condescension.

The power of the sun in your natal chart can be tempered by the placement of the moon and the native’s rising sign (the sign that appears in their first house). For example, if your sun sign is Virgo, this means that you tend to have a lot of common sense, you are dedicated to your duties, and you tend to be concerned with the most basic aspects of your life–you make sure you have enough food, water, and a decent shelter. You are not one to spend money capriciously and you try to approach your life in a practical way. You are concerned with maintaining good health and hygiene. You are an efficient and effective communicator who can be overly critical. However, if you have Pisces in your first house, you may also be a very strange, “space-y” person who at times can’t help but to encounter your problems emotionally. The fact that these can be aspects of the same person’s personality should not seem strange–human beings are very complex, multifaceted animals with a whole host of demons with which to content on a daily basis.

In addition, the placement of the sun in relation to the moon can have major effects on how you encounter things emotionally. If your sun is in the opposite sign as your moon, then you are most likely an extremely conflicted person, one who is constantly mediating between your heart and your head. The placement of the sun will define the abraj conditions in the life of the person. Proper knowledge will be provided to the person about the opposite sign. 

Trying to assess people’s sun signs in terms of compatibility is another aspect of astrology that is often perverted. Two people of opposing sun signs are two sides of the same coin. For instance, Gemini and Sagittarius are opposing signs, but this does not mean that two people of these signs are going to hate each other and constantly be at each other’s throats–all it means is that they are both interested in very similar things and most likely have similar concerns, but approach these concerns in very different ways. Their diverging approaches to life may be the source of conflict, but it could also be a match made in heaven, as opposing signs can also complement each other.