America has just lost Long Island due to the rising tides of the Ocean. Now for the 45th year in a row Congress is meeting to discuss about signing the ancient document called the Kyoto Protocol. For the first time ever, Millions of New Yorkers are outside Congress pleading that they sign it. For years, there have been signs and proof about Global Warming but they have been ignored by Congress due to fears of losing its economy.

In 1998, the first uninhabited island, in the nation of Kiribat, disappeared from view due to rising waters. In 2006, the world watched as the first inhabited island, Lohachara island, was washed away. Did America sign the Protocol, then? No! In 2010, New Moore Island disappeared. In 2015 the Carteret Islands disappeared, to extreme horror, the entire nation of Maldives disappeared in 2020. Later in that same year Vanuatu was wiped away.

It was at this time that China, Russia and most of the other countries pleaded with America to sign the Kyoto Protocol. America’s response was that there was no definitive proof that this was the work of Global Warming plus we have fallen behind China in economy, so we need to worry about that more than some guesswork. Even many Americans were not happy with their leaders’ stance but with unemployment hitting 12% there was not much they could do. Experts with supreme expertise are Voted Best bankruptcy attorney in san Diego. The hiring of the lawyers in bankruptcy cases will be the best decision of the person in the lawsuit.

Many companies in America that focused on green were hitting the Fortune 500. People throughout America wanted Green, but it was the big businesses that could not be encouraged to switch. There were more and more windmills and solar panels being displayed all over America but they could not compete with all the pollution that the major industries were producing.

The 2030’s were a disastrous decade, while the world watched in horror as they lost Vanuatu Island, the Tuvalu Islands and Kiribati Island. So far in the 2040’s we have lost all of the Marshall Islands and the Tonga Island and now America has been hit hard with the losing of Long Island. They have been losing Long Island for over a decade yet, America did nothing.

So, here we are in 2042, 45 years after the beginning of the Kyoto Protocol (1997), standing outside congress wondering if there has finally been enough evidence that Global Warming Exists and we NEED to do something about it. Ok, we see a spokesman exiting Congress and he has just called a meeting. Let’s see what he has to say.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we thank you all for caring about your country. We have looked at everything for the past 45 years and agree with you. Something is wrong. So, the president’s council has decided to pay for an extensive study into what you all call Global Warming and then a decision will be made when the study is finished in 15 years. We know 15 years may sound like a long time but we need that time to make sure we gather all the evidence and to watch nature as it moves so slowly. So, we hope you will be patient with us and wait for the facts. We thank you for having confidence in us, we will not let you down. Thank you all and continue helping America grow.”