Everyone, as a child or teenager, loves to play video games. These video games are available in distinct categories based on the players’ taste and are accordingly bought by them. one of the most popular games since 2014 is sims 4. This game offers players the to live the life of various characters and change whenever they want. Because of this exciting feature, the game is still high in demand. But recently, the complaints regarding the bug were reported telling that the players are unable to change their traits while playing the game. In this article, you will learn how you can change the traits in a very easy manner. Let us understand further!

What are the types of sims’ 4 traits?

The best part about sims 4 is its trait changing feature for the players. It helps the player to see the world through various lives, and simultaneously they can control them. There are mainly four different types of traits offered to the players to choose from in the game. These are namely: death, reward, personality, and bonus. Before you choose one, you should know about every trait in detail. Once you choose a trait, you cannot change them through your gameplay.

How to change traits in sim 4?

You cannot change the chosen traits while playing the game, but you can use other easy solutions to change them. The cheat console will help you with this. By pressing the CTRL + shift + c, you can enter the cheat console and find an appropriate solution for yourself. Here is a stepwise explanation for you:

  • First, load your sims four gameplay
  • Then press shift + CTRL +c to enter the cheat console
  • full edit mode and then press the enter button
  • Press the household to manage icon
  • After this, select the household icon you need to do edit.
  • Choose the pencil icon
  • Choose the sim you desire to edit
  • Now you will be able to edit your trait

Why doesn’t sims 4 let players change traits?

Despite this, many players are still reporting that sims 4 won’t let me change traitsHowever, they can take help from the team or look up to the faq sections in such a case. The use of cheats is easy, but you need to know of it. Usually, if cheats are also unable to solve this issue, this is considered a technical error and will be removed with an upcoming update.

Apart from these, other solutions come as a part of a cheat. You can also use cheat to win. However, such tactics ruin the fun in the game. Hence, it can be said that the use of f traits is the best feature provided by sims 4 to all the players, and they make the most of it. Using the guide above, it will become easier and clearer for you to change traits while playing sims4. You will have fun while you will be controlling your sims; they will land themselves in amazing circumstances.