If you and your significant other have never raised a dog together before, that new puppy can bring up some unique challenges in your relationship. Hopefully your expectations are similar enough that you can agree on house rules, such as whether or not the dog is allowed on the bed. Consistency is key for dogs, and that is never more true than when you are training your new furry friend. Even if both of you have trained dogs before, it is extremely helpful for both of you to take your new puppy to a formal training class.

Training the Trainer

Formal training is not just for your dog. In many cases, you will learn just as much as your puppy by taking a training class. Training is not just about giving commands. You have to be aware of how you are communicating with your dog, and you will learn timing, patience, body language, and how to be a calm yet assertive leader. It is necessary for all humans in the house to grasp these concepts so that your dog has a firm understanding of his place in the “pack”. If only one of you works with the trainer, it’s possible the dog will only end up listening to that person. This can cause frustration and resentment, and the dog’s unruly behavior can drive a wedge between you and your spouse.

Constancy is Key

Your dog is more likely to respond reliably to commands when they are given in a consistent manner. Everything from tone of voice to body language is important. Lets say that only Jane takes the puppy to class. When she gets home and shows the commands to Joe, he says them louder than Jane or with the wrong hand signal. The puppy is confused and does not do the behavior. Jane is embarrassed that the puppy seems to have forgotten what she learned, and Joe doesn’t think that the classes are working very well. If Joe goes to class with Jane, he has a chance to practice the commands, receive feedback from the instructor, and the puppy learns to do the behavior for both of them! Everybody wins.

Differences in Training Experience

While both of us have trained dogs in the past, my fiance and I had never done it together. I train animals for a living and he was a bit rusty. While our relationship has many strengths, teaching each other how to do things isn’t one of them. It was much better for both of us to receive instruction from a third party. We both got praised for our efforts, and both of us got corrective feedback from the instructor! This made the process go much more smoothly, both for the dog and our relationship.

Bringing a new dog into your home can be a joy, but it can also lead to challenges between you and your significant other. Taking a formal training class together can help get the two of you, and your new puppy, off to a great start. The interested persons are advised to Click here, at the official site for knowledge about the training classes. Whether the pets are allowed or not, all the information will be availed from the sites.