For the android community, YouTube Vanced is a different version of YouTube. When we say that this one is for the android users only, then it directly means that people who are using IOs will not be able to use this version of YouTube.

There are many benefits of using this application, and the main thing that people love about it is that we can download it on the phone. YouTube has given a lot of benefits, and it came up in trend very easily. People are not only using it for their entertainment, but they are using it for a lot of things. It could be listening to songs, watching some movies, looking at artistic videos, learning something, and even earning money.

With the version of YouTube Vanced, people have been fawning over it, and the features are extravagant too. The features are not just easy to use, but are making it easier for everyone to take advantage of them; here are the main features of this app,

It has an in-built Adblocker

Ads can ruin all the fun and excitement right away. Many people like to watch videos and their music online on YouTube, but when the video is too big, there are always a lot of ads in-between. Okay, we know that these ads are the ones that are helping us get free use of the application. But they are annoying. Imagine listening to the favorite song, and there was an ad right when the mainline was about to come. How would that feel like? That would make anyone blazing mad and not use the app again.

With the help of YouTube Vanced, all the android users are getting the opportunity to get the best experience. There is no ad and nothing in between the favorite music at all. It will go as smoothly as possible, and there will be no disrupting of fun ever.

Background play

Listening to songs at night just before drifting off to sleep is the most peaceful way to sleep. At that time, we don’t want the phone’s light to pierce through the eyes and interrupt the good feeling. After playing the favorite song, we lock the phone, and the song STOPS! That feeling is really bad, and that happens on YouTube. This interrupts the good vibes, and then we have to listen to the song with the light on. This doesn’t just happen at night; and this happens a lot of times.

The only way to get rid of such this is to put on YouTube Vanced download. With the help of this particular application, it will be easy to listen to music without interruption. There will be no problems with music time, and it will go smoothly.

Download and play offline

Not every application provides the feature of keeping things on the phone by downloading them or keeping them offline. There are many other applications, but they charge money to keep the music offline, but there is no feature for videos. Many times we go on trips, and what do we do to make the trip memorable? We play songs and click pictures. But when there is no network connectivity, how is it even possible to play the songs? It is not.

This application is very useful when it comes to downloading the songs and then playing them offline. It will keep the experience easygoing, and it will also help create everything in a better way. These small things play a big role in the best experiences, and without music, nothing is ever complete.

HDR mode

First off, HDR is short for High Dynamic range. To explain HDR in an easy way, we can say that it is in a high dynamic range when the music is of good quality. All the other applications never allow listening to the songs in the best quality, and videos are often in bad quality. What to do about this? The answer is really simple! Put YouTube Vanced on download and get ready for the best experience.

Listening and watching the music videos in high definition quality is something that will help one to get the best out of the experience and enjoy it to the core.

How to put YouTube Vanced on download?

This application is not available on the Google play store, so there are different steps to download this particular app. Many people have never downloaded something outside of the play store. Don’t worry, and there will be no risks; just check out the below-given steps and get started,

  • The first step to this process is to download the Vanced manager Apk file.
  • Now, to install the Apk file, there is a need to make some settings changes. Just because this will be an unknown source for the phone, the changes are necessary. Changes also depend on the model of the android phone.
  • If the model is android 7.0 or below, get to the settings of the device. Then look for the security and turn on the unknown sources button.
  • If the model is 8.0 or anyone above it, then there is a need to get to the browser with the name of brave and then allow check the allow button on that.

After making these changes, get back to the install screen and finish installing Vanced manager.

Step 3. In the application, there will be microG and Vanced. Download microG first and then download Vanced if the version of the phone is an older one.

Step 4. When the app shows reinstall on microG, it means it is downloaded, and there is a need to download Vanced now. There will be a confirmation bubble for downloading YouTube Vanced, and it will be installed right away.

Step 5. After this, choose the theme that looks better and the language that you speak in the application. There will be written success in the phone for the application’s download, and it will be ready to use.

And voila! You are free to use the application easily. Remember, this application is only for android users, so there will be no such applications for Iphone users.