Getting pure and healthy water has now become very economical. With technological advancement and many brands coming together, one doesn’t need to hurt their pockets while getting a water house reverse osmosis system. All you need is the best water filter pitcher- a one-stop solution for all your requirements. 

Water supplied by the city and even the DIY filters are not safe anymore because of ever-growing pollution, water contamination, and tons of chemicals mixed in the water supply. Thus, for the same, you need something that provides you top-notch quality pure water. 

Drinking pure water loaded with nutrients and minerals is the pressing priority when the world is already facing a medical crisis. Thus, reading reviews and researching a bit about the best water pitcher would be the best thing you do for your family and loved ones. Two such water pitcher global leaders are zero water filter and Brita water filter, which are best because of economical and affordable price with exceptional features. 

Brands like Zero water and Brita can help you achieve high-quality water with convenience. The crucial product segment one needs to take care of before buying any water pitcher is water filter pitcher, water filter dispenser, and water filter cartridge types. 

Zero Water Filters: Pros V/s Cons 

One of the leading producers of water filters globally, Zero Water Filter produces water pitchers with a capacity range between 6-40 cups. The firm also claims that almost 99.6% of dissolved solids in water are removed by the water pitcher, including Fluoride, other heavy metals, harsh chemicals, and organic contaminants. Another stat about this water pitcher is that to filter 1quart of water takes 6 minutes. 

Surprisingly, with convenience and affordability, it offers a good taste as well. The only drawback with Zero Water filters is that they are not quick in filtering the water. But if you don’t mind just waiting there for a glass of water but clean water, then it is the right product for you. 

Brita Water: The Pro outweighs the con, or Is It the other way round?

Brita gets one point over Zero water in the quick filtering feature. The water pitcher is designed to deliver water free from any chemical and pour water into your glass within a minute. The manufacturer does not provide the percentage of the levels of contamination removed by the filter. But the fast-filtration rate and many layers of filtration assure successful removal of any harsh chemicals in the water. 

The downfall of this product is the mere fact that water filtered from Brita might contain a small percentage of Fluoride. The company prefers a little amount of Fluoride in water because they believe it prevents tooth decay. Some other disadvantage includes the lifespan of filter, accuracy of filter-indicators and prone to spilling nature of indicators. 

Declaring the winner between Zero Water Filter V/s Brita 

Both Zero water and Brita have their Pros and Cons. If you don’t mind a little wait, zero water is the best bet for you. However, if you prefer quick filtration and at a cheaper price, nothing could beat Brita. One can go on the official website of both the brand’s water filter manufacture and click for more info on the website about section detailing the information about their products.