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The 10 Worst Applications On Facebook

I’m getting old. I know I’m getting old, because the other night I used the phrase “in my day”

Not that my day was that long ago. In fact, it was probably a little less than ten years ago. The subject that was brought up was Social Networking Sites, and, in the same way the MTV stopped showing actual music, social networking sites stopped…being social. I blame applications.

Apparently, we have decided that even online interaction has gotten to be too much. Instead of going out to a party, or even sending an email about a party, we can send a virtual drink, a virtual STD, and a virtual shot of penicillin all in the same night without leaving our computer. I used to have to travel to Tijuana for that kind of action!

Facebook, a site that used to be all about simplicity, has become a hub of virtual businesses and activities. So, without further ado, here are the top ten absolute worse Facebook applications.

  1. Farmville – Thanks to this application, there are now officially more virtual farmers in the US than there are actual farmers. Seriously. In the past month alone, I have received about 10 virtual cows, a virtual fence, a virtual pile of snow and a virtual mystery gift (I assume its virtual manure) that I promptly threw into my virtual dumpster.
  2. Mafia Wars – This application is pretty much Farmville, where the cows are replaced with more Italian American Stereotypes than your standard episode of Jersey shore. Most concerning is that my mother plays this game. There’s nothing like opening my Facebook page and finding that my mother has just used me in a hit to take out another mob boss.
  3. Knighthood – This application has gotten less popular but previously used to be a big draw. I got sucked in to this game in the same way some men get sucked into fantasy football leagues. I would agonize over troop positions, defense levels and supply rations more that Robert E. Lee ever did. Then, one night, as I sat in front of my computer at 3 am preparing for battle, I realized I was actually sweating. Over an imaginary battle. The most strenuous thing I had done all night was to lift a can of Coke. I, who once considered myself pretty cool, was spending all my time in an online role playing game. I was steps away from becoming a Larper. I closed my account.
  4. I Hate Applications – This is an actual application for people who hate applications. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a lot like writing “say no to drugs” on the side of a joint?
  5. 25 Things – For everyone who filled any of these out NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW 25 THINGS ABOUT YOU. They just wanted to tell you 25 things about themselves, but had to notify you so you would go read their 25 things. There’s pretty much a standard format to every 25 things I have ever seen. If the person is married or has children, they’ll use about 5 of those 25 things to talk about how much they love their husband/children/Spanish Snapping Turtle. Here’s a tip, it’s supposed to be 25 things no one knows. We all know you love your family to pieces. Now tell us how you once got really drunk and made out with your college roommate.
  6. Become a Fan – You can become of fan of anything, and I mean anything, on Facebook. However, people rarely seem to understand the message their sending out with their choices. I once deleted a friend for becoming a fan of Crocs, the movie “Homeless to Harvard”, and John Mayer all in the same day. I really had no choice. Sorry mom.
  7. How will you die? – This application spread like a virus one day. It supposedly calculated how and when you would die based on your birthday. Really? That’s all it takes? If that’s the case, Doctors should start using it at birth. People would live forever and I’d get to stop breaking in new neighbors. The application told me that I would die at the age of 98. Then it lost all credibility by stating I’d die in a car accident, rather than of terminal oldness.
  8. Are you a racist/good lover/sex addict/alcoholic/invisible ninja? -All the quizzes are mainly the same, with three clearly wrong answers and one clearly right answer. The only thing the test proves when you take it is how good you are at faking your way through a test.
  9. Angels – People keep sending me angels. Guarding Angels, Healing Angels, angels of all shapes and sizes. If I get into a horrible car accident today, I’m pretty sure the only reason I will have survived is because this morning I got a Property and Collision Angel from my old insurance agent.
  10. Causes – This last one is the one that frustrates me the most. Not because I hate charity, hell, charity is great. It’s the extent of the causes and the invitations I get to them, as well as the friends I have sending them to me. Here’s a couple of tips for you cause crusaders.
  11. Actually pick a cause and do something about it. Don’t sign up for 400 different causes and send me “A Petition to Stop Pygmy Goat Abuse in Southern Bornia”. And why can the breast cancer people all get together and create one site. Then, they would get more visitors and more money. Or even better, organize an event, leave the house, make a donation. Don’t just click on a cause so everyone knows how caring and involved you are.
  12. Stop the “Petitions to keep Facebook from being a paysite”. It has been stated over and over and over again that this isn’t being planned. What’s the big draw to Facebook? It’s free. All the money is made from advertising. If they try to make people pay, they lose their audience, and then the advertisers pull out. Stop joining causes for problems that don’t exist. Which brings me to my next point.
  13. Stop joining causes for problems that don’t exist. About a year ago, a performance artist in Italy made big news for allegedly starving a dog to death as part of his performance. This was not true. Even after hundreds of news sites informed the public at large of the hoax, I was getting petitions to stop this man from starving his dog. I was getting them for months after. By the time I stopped getting them, the dog involved died of old age/morbid obesity.

Causes can be helpful, when in the right hands. When it the wrong hands, you wonder if your cause sending friend would notice if you took them off your friend list.

Sometime I wonder when the virtual takeover will end. I started out virtually meeting people, sending messages back and forth. Then I moved on to playing a nice game of virtual tic-tac-toe. When that got to taxing, I’d simply send them virtual guilt presents. What’s the next step? Can I virtually break up with them? I wonder if there’s a break up application that will randomly select friends that aren’t meeting your standards and send them a nice Dear John letter. I could use it. I’m pretty sure I have more Facebook Friends than I have people that I’ve ever met. Anyway, happy social networking that no longer involves being social. I’m off to feel my virtual dog. These worst applications are totally screwed. It is still better to have Buzzvoice on your Instagram than play these applications. You can get a lot of followers and likes and so you can grow your network. If you own a business, this platform is a good choice.

What Really Cbd Oil Is? Is It Beneficial Or Not?

Nothing is better than CBD oil that will able to ease the symptoms of normal health issues. It is considered as one of the great chemical compounds that are providing instant relief from the chronic main. This particular oil is manufactured using a cannabis plant.  The majority of the doctors are giving CBD oil to the patients that can easily treat the pain. CBD is relatively responsible for pain-relieving effects.  It is fantastic oil that is eradicating the pain and improving sleep, appetite. If you want to improve the health of the immune system, then you should make the use of CBD oil.

Find out a genuine CBD oil website where you should visit for the latest CBD reviews.  It is proven to be great that can eliminate chronic pain from the body.  CBD and THC both are effective that will able to treat the chronic pain. Here I have recapitulated the benefits of the CBD oil where you have a glance.

  • Eliminate depression and anxiety

The majority of the populations are suffering from complicated problems like Anxiety and depression that is creating a negative impact on the health. Depression is relatively one of the biggest contributors to disability. If you want to get rid of Anxiety related problems, then you should make the use of CBD oil on a regular basis. You will find a lot of people are treating the anxiety disorder with pharmaceutical drugs that are associated with a lot of side effects. If you want to reduce the chances of anxiety disorder, then you should consume a 300-mg dose of CBD on a regular basis.

  • Eliminate cancer

CBD oil is one of the great products that can easily eradicate the chances of cancer. It will able to treat a lot of chronic problems like vomiting, pain, and nausea.  It is your responsibility to find out a certified and reputed company that will able to offer superior quality CBD oil that will able to improve overall health. Such fantastic oil will surely remove the cancer cells from the breast.

  • Eradicate the acne

A lot of people are suffering from acne related problems. If you are searching for perfect treatment of the acne, then CBD oil would be an ideal option for you. Such ultimate oil can easily reduce the production of sebum in the body. You will find a lot of people are investing money in the CBD oil because it is associated with ultimate anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Neuroprotective properties

CBD oil is creating a positive impact on the endocannabinoid system. It is offering a lot of benefits to those who are suffering from any kind of neurological disorder.

Moving further, make sure that you are making the use of CBD oil on a regular basis that can easily reduce muscle spasticity.  CBD oil is beneficial that can easily improve sleep quality. If you are suffering from any Parkinson’s disease, then you should purchase CBD oil.

4 tips to remember while buying Water Filters?

Filtered water is your key to good health. Tap water is often loaded with various contaminants and heavy metals which pollute the eater, endangers our health and also ruins the taste. Properly filtered water will not only guarantee safe health but also nice-smelling and sweet water. Are you planning to get a credible water filter for your home? Well, the water filter market is undoubtedly flooded with a wide range of options, making it tricky to choose a suitable one. Much to your convenience, the post below offers a pro guide on choosing the right water filter for your home.

Choose the type

The world of water filter is huge and varied. There is a broad range of water filters to choose from as per your needs and budget. You have water pitcher filter that can fit your refrigerator and are handy for a small family. If you need to filter huge volumes of water regularly, you will need countertop filter. Another good option here is undersink filter, but unlike the previous one, it would call for plumbing modifications. If you need a filter for cooking water that can snugly fit your sink, a faucet-mounted filter is the go-to option. You also have Reverse Osmosis filter which can deal with vast array of contaminants and dissolved solids. But, it’s a slow process.

The bottom-line is- learn about the different filters available in the current market, contemplate your needs, affordability and choose the one that suits your specific needs.

Get a comparative survey

Once you narrow down on your type, it’s time to shortlist some of the top brands and models of that particular filter niche. Don’t just jump for the first model you come across online. You can ask your friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors here for suggestions. Otherwise, you can also check out the water filter buying guide sites online that list down top water filters in the current market. Look for a reputed brand and reliable model which has earned a long list of happy customers. Don’t for the absolute latest ones that have just been launched as you will hardly find any reviews on them. Look for an updated model backed by rave reviews and ratings.

Does it meet industry standards?

This is absolutely important while looking for a reliable water filter. Your chosen water filter should be absolutely compliant with industry-standards set to determine the efficiency and safety quotient of water filters. For example, a credible water filter like propur always meets the NSF standards as set by water filter authority bodies.

Food-grade plastic

After filtration, drinking water will pass through the filter before you take it out for a glass of clean water. As it will travel through the filter body, it’s important that the filter is made from safe materials only. A premium water filter will always be made of 100 percent food-grade BPA-free substance.

Last but not the least, your chosen filter model should be an independently-tested product to ensure most authentic and impartial test reports.

Things to know about water treatment?

What is so important about water? Is our water pure for our body consumption today? What about water that flows from the tap? In Singapore we have “New Water” which is recycled from sewage water.

We all know that a big proportion of our body is water, including our bones. Water regulates all our body’s functions. If our body dehydrates by just a small percentage, our energy level will drop by 20%. Coffee, soda, beer etc are not good substitutes for water, in fact they will cause more dehydration of your body fluid, because your cell will be drawing water from your bloodstream, putting more stress to your heart. At the same time more stress to the kidney and liver as well. When our body is short of good water, cancer cell begin to flourish. Water is thus very important factor for our body to function well, our digestive enzymes together with water help to dissolve food and transport all the good nutrients to all parts of the body through our blood stream.

In contrast if our water is so badly polluted with chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, we are just poisoning ourselves. As are result our kidney develops stones, we get tooth decay, liver failure, poor memory etc.

Cancer patients in particular suffer chronic dehydration and are unable to flush out toxins from their body system. Cancer cells thrive when our body is weak and intoxicated by polluted water, air and food. It is therefore, absolutely essential that our body must have good water to detoxify the drugs, medicines, pollutants and remove them from our body system. So as to prevent the build-up of toxins which will cause more symptoms and discomfort. Many studies have linked cancer to contaminated water. Waters in many parts of the world are treated with Chlorine and Fluoride (to kill bacteria and also helps us to prevent tooth decay). However, boiling of water causes Chlorine to change into Trihalomethanes which is a carcinogen and is cancer causing. Chlorine is a highly toxic substance commonly used in bleaching power.

Drinking water containing Chlorine destroys intestinal flora, ie the good bacteria that helps us to digest the food we eat. Chlorinated water also destroy polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E in our body while generating free radicals which in turn create cancerous cells. In particular Chlorine triggers the growth of abnormal cells leading to tumours in the bladder and rectum. Chlorine in water is bad, equally bad is Fluoride, which is an agent used in insecticides. Fluoride leads to poor immune system and is linked to bone cancer and birth defects. Cure is from inside out, so people who are suffering from cancer must have a lot of pure drinking waters. Pure means as much to nature as possible, not water that are distilled and stripped off of all natural nutrient. In our modern society, the best way is to have a water filter at home that can filter out to not more than 0.2 of a micron, this will ensure that all the natural nutrients in our water stays in tack. The next best option is to have a water filter that have a UV light that can kill bacteria and viruses and finally the filter should have a monitoring system that can tell you when to change the filter.

So does pure water exist today? Water from the rain used to be pure, but today our rain water is full of acid and pollutants from the air. Recycled water is even worst, the risk is very high even with the best of technology. Just imagine how a single bacteria can multiply and cause a catastrophic problem in our body. Certainly have a water filter at home is a good option, but what about those people that cannot afford it? The next option is to drink water from coconuts, fruits and vegetables and do a lot of exercise so that your body can get rid of the toxin as quickly as possible. For more information and for your commercial water softener and water purification needs, please click the high lightened link. 

Best Swimsuits For The Busty Woman

For the well-endowed, the approaching swimsuit season can be less than appealing. While other, less robust women eagerly shop for the latest and cutest swimsuit, their busty counterparts cringe, envisioning the shopping swimwear nightmare they know awaits them.

Fortunately, this year is different. Nowadays there are more and more avenues for big breasted women to find swimwear that can hold its own. Both online and off, some stores have recognized the demand and begun stocking their shelves with bustier swimwear. One such avenue is Jets One Pieces that provides you some of the very best swimsuits offers no matter what your body size is. You will also get to experience some of the trendiest designs that are there in the market.

Coco Reef swimwear seems to have finally nailed it! They are sized by the cup (32-38 C-DD) and have a number of styles in bikinis, tankinis, and full suits. They also come with or without underwire. Bikini tops run about $56 and bottoms (sized S-L) run about $30. They do not have a website but there are plenty of online carriers. You can also find them at Macy’s.

Tummy Thinner seems like a promising line of swimwear. As you can imagine, they only sell one-pieces but the cups seem substantial and are definitely worth trying on. A bit pricy at about $90 per suit. Again, no official website, also sold at Macy’s.

Anne Cole is hands down, the go-to woman for busty swimwear. Ms. Cole just seems to really get big breasts. You will likely have to purchase the top size or two bigger, regardless of the frame. However, most of her bikini tops tie, which means you can adjust them to fit your body. Macy’s carries a large selection of her swimwear, including halters, tankinis, bikinis, and suits. Anne Cole can be a little pricey but if you can make it to your TJ Maxx or Marshalls, you may nab a deal. The Nordstrom Rack might be another outlet for her swimwear. You can always call them and ask.

Longitude is a brand of swimwear that specializes in tankinis and suits. The brand’s main focus is minimizing, which means that their swimsuits tend to have a lot of support, which equals good news for big breasts. Longitude swimwear comes with or without cups, but those with cups tend to have the best support. JC Penney, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls carry the label for about $30-$60.

Jantzen, known for their more athletic swimwear, make the list because they do have one or two styles of bikinis where the tops are pretty substantial. Granted you will have to purchase at least a size 14, but as long as it is a tie top, you can make it fit any body frame. You can find them at TJ Maxx for about $20.

When looking for a swimsuit to contain your beauties, keep in mind that you may have to go up a few sizes at the top. When buying bikinis, regardless of dress size, shoot for a 14 or a 16 top. You may be a size small, but if you are reading this then your breasts are not. Don’t be ashamed to buy an XL top. As long as it is a tie top, you can tighten it to form around the rest of your body. Don’t forget to remove the extra padding that comes in most bikini tops. After all, you certainly don’t need it. Finally, don’t rule out any style, except for those ridiculously tiny, triangle bikinis.

Don’t get frustrated this swimsuit season. With some creativity and a little patience, there is no reason you can’t find a suit that is both cute and supportive.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Review

I hate carving a turkey. This year, I decided I was going to win the battle and carve beautiful slices, rather than hunks. I purchased the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife just a few days before my Thanksgiving feast and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the results I got. The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife was one of the best purchases I’ve made all year, but why? What makes the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife so great? Here are some of the best things that you are going to find in Hamilton Beach Electric Knife along with that you can read customer reviews and rating on https://knifedge.net/ and see for yourself if this electric knife is worth it or not!

Ease of Use

First of all, the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is easy to use. All you have to do is stick the two blades together, insert them into the unit, plug the unit in, and pull the trigger. It’s really that simple. The two blades move back and forth in such a way that they cut through turkey like a hot knife cuts through butter. I was honestly amazed at how simple it was to use. The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife even comes with a meat fork to help you carve off beautiful slices of meat.


The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is also very easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the blades, take the blades apart, and quickly wipe them down with a soapy sponge and hot water. It couldn’t be any easier. I do recommend that you dry the blades immediately, to prevent any rusting or water spots.


The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife even comes complete with a storage case. This is the main reason I choose this brand over others. Everything fits into the case nice and snug, which means it doesn’t take up too much room in your kitchen drawer. It also means that you aren’t reaching into your kitchen drawer and getting cut with one of the blades.


The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife was surprisingly affordable. The set came with the storage case, two blades, and a power handle for only a little over $13. To me, this was a steal. I would have easily paid $20 for this product, especially after trying it out.

Satisfaction Rating

I would have to give the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife 4 stars. I do love this product, but I have one issue with it. The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is a bit heavy. If you carve an entire turkey at once, your arm is going to be very sore and your hand will feel numb from the vibrating of the handle. Other than that, the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is a great buy and a product that I highly recommend.

Makita Impact Driver – Let’s Know How To Use It Perfectly?

An impact driver will be the finest addition to your toolkit, as you can use it conveniently without seeking help from elsewhere. This tool is proficient in tightening up the long deck screws or the carriage bolts, which are stuck in wooden posts. This incredible tool can make your life easier by reducing the burden of work as it enables you to work smartly. The impact driver has become a necessity in hundreds of shops and homes as well.

The key quality of an impact driver is, it can enhance the productivity of users. These impact drivers are powered by a powerful Li-ion battery, which offers a battery backup of three hours on a full charge. These drivers have the option to select clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. You can adjust the speed to fasten or loosen bolts adequately. If you bought Makita impact driver and feeling confused about how to use it effectively and maintain it, then you should read this post till the end.

Impact drivers are more in demand among homeowners as these are used for several purposes. Well, these drivers are small in size and look like the cordless drill. With the use of this tool, it becomes easier to loosen screws as well as nuts. It is hard to do it by using a traditional screwdriver, and that’s why it is good to add this device to your toolkit. These devices have hexagonal-shaped collets, whereas the drills or other tools have three-jaw chucks.

Benefits of using impact drivers

Impact drivers are very similar to cordless drills, so you may feel confused while buying the tools. You need to know the difference between the drills and drivers. Some people still think that why they can’t use a drill instead of the driver to complete the jobs. To know the main reasons, you should read the points which have been mentioned below-

  • Torque is higher– No doubt, the impact drivers are more powerful as compared to the cordless drill. If you are trying to drive screws in tough materials, then you can’t do it in an effective manner by using the drill machine. All you need to do is to make use of the Makita impact driver for easing up your task. It can help you to do the same faster as well as in a better way.
  • No burden on your wrist – The cordless impact driver is light in weight that means you can use it without hassles. You don’t need to take a lot of burden on your wrist for using it as a drill machine. The lightweight and the other features make it easier to use the impact driver for loosening the nuts and bolts. You can also see the difference by using a drill machine for a day and then an impact driver for a day.
  • Suitable for tight spaces – if you have ever seen the cordless impact driver, then you may know that its head length is short as compared to the average cordless drill. Well, this feature makes it beneficial for use in tight spaces. While you are facing issues with the use of a cordless drill, then you should opt for the impact driver to reduce the complications and to squeeze into the tight spaces.

After knowing these benefits, you may get encouraged to buy this tool instead of the other options like drills. It is easy to use the impact driver, and that’s why you don’t need to struggle with lots of complications.

Tips for using the impact driver

As you know, impact drivers are highly useful and also considered as powerful tools. You should add this tool to your arsenal in order to complete the DIY projects with ease. If you are interested in the woodworking projects, then you should also buy this tool to avail various benefits.

To know how to use this tool in an effective manner, you should read the tips which have been given in the below post.

  • You should never recharge the fully charged battery because overcharging the battery may also affect its life.
  • While recharging the battery of your Makita impact driver, you should use the charger of the same brand to avoid problems.
  • You need to be aware while fastening the small screws with the impact driver. You should use the correct size screw bit to use it smoothly.
  • Before turning on the driver, you need to insert the bit perfectly and also in a secure manner to reduce the complications.

You should also use a good quality impact driver to perform the tasks. Before going to buy the impact driver, you should check the information on reviewjam about the top best products available in the market for sale. Check out their features and other details to make final purchases.

How to Increase Your Chances of Drawing Unemployment Insurance

Even a year ago, who would have thought that a teacher would lose her job due to budget shortfalls? Special education teachers are always the first to go, so here I am, finding myself without a job. Besides that, the only positive thing right now is my auto insurance. This is why you should choose the right car insurance policy to suit you and will help in times like these. The same day I was let go, I applied for unemployment. I am one of the lucky ones and was approved, but getting approved is getting more and more difficult, the tougher the economy becomes. Here are a few tips to better your chances of not being turned down.

1) Above all else, do not resign. Employers love to tell people that it looks better on their work records if they resign. They often do this after they call you in and tell you that you are being fired. They know that you probably won’t receive unemployment insurance if you resign. So a signature from you, ensures they save money on the amount they pay in for the unemployment insurance. 

My principal tried pulling this trick on me. I was called into his office, told I was being let go, and he stated the school board would need a resignation letter. I informed him he just let me go. The next day I was called to the school board to sign my exit packet, and the first thing to sign was a typed up resignation letter. Again I told them I was let go, I still wanted to work at the school, and would walk across the street right then and there and start teaching again if allowed. Under no circumstances let the employer bully you into signing a resignation letter. True, it may look better on your work record, but in the meantime, how will you pay our bills?

2) If you are having work-related issues, and fear you may be let go, make sure you submit documentation supporting your side of the issues. Ask that the notes or documentation be included in your employee file. If you miss a lot of work due to a doctor’s appointment or sickness, include the notes from the doctors also. If unemployment should investigate your reason for being let go, you will have something to back you up.

3) If things are looking bleak and you fear to lose your job, try to hang on as long as you can. This applies especially if you are a relatively new employee. Each state is different, but Florida mandates that you must have worked enough to make 17 times your weekly unemployment amount or they will have to investigate your last job. Chances are if they have to go back to other jobs, you probably won’t receive unemployment. In Florida, the weekly amount can be no more than 275, so you would have had to make $4675.

4) Try to ensure that you do not job hop. If you job hop, this decreases your chance of getting unemployment insurance. They will begin to question why you can’t seem to hold down a job.

5) I have a friend who was approved for unemployment and began to brag to everyone that she was not planning on getting a job till her unemployment insurance ran out. She bragged to the wrong person and was audited by the unemployment agency and lost her unemployment, In the audition, she had to pay back everything she had earned, as she had no record of looking for a job. Most states require you to keep your own record of job searches and require you to list at least two attempts per week. It is important to keep this record, in case you are audited.

Hopefully, I will not be receiving my check for long. $275 is a big loss from what I was making as a teacher, but it serves the purpose of helping me make ends meet until I get a job. Teaching jobs are scarce these days, so I’ll take any job that comes my way.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to increase your chances of being approved for unemployment insurance if you apply. Maybe things will improve soon and no one else will be faced with the prospect of a job loss. We can only hope!

How To Save Money. How To Lose Weight

Welcome to 2017. I’ll bet most of us have abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions already. I want to show how two of our biggest resolutions, saving money and losing weight, are just the same.

First, the solution to saving money and the solution to losing weight are obvious to each and every one of us. There’s no secret here. If you want to save money, spend less and save more. If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more. We know the solution; we just don’t do it. That’s why there must be more “resolve” in our resolutions. And we must take action; we can’t just sit there and hope for better results. This is why there is CoolSculpting in New Jersey that will provide you a weight loss services, that you can choose. You get some really good and reliable services that you can choose in order to get rid of your belly fat with just a few sessions.

Common sense, or lack thereof, is a major factor. I can’t save money if I spend more than I make or if I don’t pay off my credit card at the end of the month. I can’t lose weight if I continually double down on sugary desserts. I recently did budget counseling for a young lady who did not have enough to pay the rent. She told me she has 32 pairs of shoes and described herself as a “compulsive buyer.” Common sense needs to kick in for all of us. Simply put, it is “wants” vs. “needs,” and that goes for buying food or buying stuff for the family.

As a Financial Advisor, I tell everyone to track all expenditures so each family knows where the money goes. That way they can control spending and start saving. As a Food Coach, I would say, track your food intake and switch to healthier foods. I track carbs. I read labels until I find something I like that has fewer carbs than what I currently eat. I now eat low carb bread at 6 carbs per slice compared to a small hamburger bun with 30 carbs.

Be careful where you get advice on money and on food matters. Visit a nutritionist, not someone selling a “wonder” product or a “super juice.” You don’t need food supplements if you eat right in the first place. Visit a fee-only financial advisor, not someone selling high price mutual funds on a commission. Find a food buddy or a savings buddy, someone to work with and someone to support you.

There are things you can do to help you both save money and lose weight at the same time. Shop with a list. Plan your meals ahead of time and make them healthy. Don’t have processed food on your list; don’t put sodas on your list. Also, use a list when buying other things. That way you plan what you want to buy before you go shopping. Once you have your list, stick to it. By following your list, you will save money.

Downsize! Use smaller portions, smaller plates, smaller utensils; split entrees at the restaurant; take your lunch to work. Consider how many sweaters or shirts or shoes you really need.

Notch Filters- An Interesting Case Study Of Electronic Device

It is a known fact that the essential need of growth in life for any human being is to have good education, which is the first excursion of every child out of the comfort zone of his home and parents’ protection and into the outside world.  

It is the only way how you can determine your standing in the world and people will look at you with respect and admiration, which will make you a role model for budding individuals who aspire to go far ahead in life.

When it comes to the topic of studies, it is impossible that physics will not be mentioned among the most important ones, which is a testimony of its significance in shaping the lives of many a budding scientist.

Quantum physics has been both an interesting and intriguing topic to study where apart from discoveries and inventions, electricity and electronic devices also command a great deal of respect among field experts.

Learning Basics

Our topic of discussion for today would be notch filters, which form one of the core basis of electronic conductors among filters, which in turn a small branch of physics in general as it encompasses a wide range of studies from filters to electronic gadgets.

Notch filters are regarded as forming a very narrow bandwagon of band pass filters and play an important part in expanding the horizon of frequency modulation and electrical engineering further.

In order to know the basics of these filters, we need to first be clear about band pass filters first as they are the main entities in which the notch filters are a part of its family.

Band filters are the ones that alter the signals that pass through the frequencies unabated but mix up within the specified range of dynamics to go down to the lowest level layer in the field.

In similar fashion are the notch filters, which attune the signals from a narrow bandwidth of frequencies which can be of both high and low level depending upon the electric current process and how the altered signals are being dealt with.

Contrasting Features

An interesting theory here is that many science experts have likened notch filters to band pass filters due to their similarities and as a result, people have started taking them as one entity.

Another group of experts opine that since notch filters reject the signals that pass by a specific frequency they are of significant importance and are on par with band pass filters while classifying them as parallel entities and hence they are also called Band Reject Filters or Band Stop Filters.

Such contrasting features at times make it difficult for people who are into the study of filters on whether to classify them as similar or different entities but they can make up their mind depending on the way they see the things.

The stop band range of frequency is a type of frequency band that notch filters reject the frequency if it is not attuned properly and as a result they pass the signals both above and below the specified band which is an interesting collision to behold for experts.

Resonance Technique

A notch filter has many different characteristics that are unfathomable to a common man and due to its many layered structure, it is held with awe and idolized by people who have even the slightest interest in the field of physics.

But we are going to talk about an interesting technique that notch filters are well known for and that is of resonance and noise, which are essential for today’s standards.

It is an astonishing fact that notch filters are an important part in the use of controllers by removing the band of frequency and is therefore called the notch frequency.

The all pass filter is included in the extended filter family that has its own roles to play regarding the frequency however when it comes to noise and resonance, notch filters take the cake as they form a lag in the phase on reaching the crossover frequency module.

It is of great use among for commanding the noise frequency at a fixed phase and the source is so strong that it follows through with the line frequency for noise. Notch filters are known to do away with resonance from the main parts of the system and are an excellent remedy for resonance.

They have just a small drawback in the sense that even though they overcome low pass filters, their usage is limited in various areas and the intervals are also few and far between.

The extra frequencies provide a distraction to others and if they come under scrutiny, the notch filters can be used in digital format and can be filtered with an even greater flow of accuracy but it depends on how resonance and noise are going to vary.

What Part Does the Sun Play in Your Natal Chart?

The place of the sun at the moment and place of your birth plays a major part in your chart for the same reason it plays a major role in all of the goings on of Earth: it is the largest and most integral celestial body of our solar system. Thus, the location of the sun in a natal chart serves as the focus of your life, the way you generally interact with your surroundings, how you encounter your problems, and possibly even the feelings you may harbor towards yourself.

Because of the great force of the sun on the Earth, people tend to turn to newspaper horoscopes and either eagerly try to place those generalities onto their lives or feel dismayed by the supposed inaccuracy of the prediction. You must realize, however, that these horoscopes are strictly based on your sun sign, which–by its very nature–is general! So, if one of your problems with astrology is how general it is, then unfortunately, you don’t know anything about the way astrological charts are interpreted or even created.

As per the abundance of patriarchal societies, the sun represents masculinity and logic (and the moon femininity and sensitivity). The sun rules Leo, a sign that is often associated with leadership, teaching, fatherhood, a concern for public issues, and (unfortunately) condescension.

The power of the sun in your natal chart can be tempered by the placement of the moon and the native’s rising sign (the sign that appears in their first house). For example, if your sun sign is Virgo, this means that you tend to have a lot of common sense, you are dedicated to your duties, and you tend to be concerned with the most basic aspects of your life–you make sure you have enough food, water, and a decent shelter. You are not one to spend money capriciously and you try to approach your life in a practical way. You are concerned with maintaining good health and hygiene. You are an efficient and effective communicator who can be overly critical. However, if you have Pisces in your first house, you may also be a very strange, “space-y” person who at times can’t help but to encounter your problems emotionally. The fact that these can be aspects of the same person’s personality should not seem strange–human beings are very complex, multifaceted animals with a whole host of demons with which to content on a daily basis.

In addition, the placement of the sun in relation to the moon can have major effects on how you encounter things emotionally. If your sun is in the opposite sign as your moon, then you are most likely an extremely conflicted person, one who is constantly mediating between your heart and your head. The placement of the sun will define the abraj conditions in the life of the person. Proper knowledge will be provided to the person about the opposite sign. 

Trying to assess people’s sun signs in terms of compatibility is another aspect of astrology that is often perverted. Two people of opposing sun signs are two sides of the same coin. For instance, Gemini and Sagittarius are opposing signs, but this does not mean that two people of these signs are going to hate each other and constantly be at each other’s throats–all it means is that they are both interested in very similar things and most likely have similar concerns, but approach these concerns in very different ways. Their diverging approaches to life may be the source of conflict, but it could also be a match made in heaven, as opposing signs can also complement each other.

Tips Before Buying Weed Eater

Are you a proud owner of a garden, and are you into gardening in your free time? Well, the good thing is, having a garden or a lawn attached with your home improves the aesthetic value of your home and creates a mini hangout spot for you and your family. Being an alternative to your living room, it also becomes a home for birds and insects, and you are contributing to the preservation of the environment. Even though it may be unintentional, you are doing a great favor to society by adding greenery to the earth. 

However, a garden/lawn by your home also means that you have a tedious task of maintaining it on a regular basis. It will require your special attention at all times, just like a baby requires you to always look after him. If you fail in your duty to maintain the garden, this will give rise to problems like overcrowding of bushes, dangerous animals like snakes and rodents inhabiting it, and spreading certain plant-related diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to mention that the health of the garden is to be given the utmost value if you plan to build a garden. 

Gardening and maintaining a garden regularly will require you to invest some penny on buying certain modern equipment, which will ease your task of gardening. One of them is the weed eater, used to trim grass, giving it a clean and even look, free from weeds. If you are planning on buying a weed eater and you are in a dilemma as to which one to buy, this article will help your decision making easier. 

First, if you consider the outward appearance of a weed eater, they all look similar enough, and you will be required to look into the technicalities to choose an appropriate one. 

Electric And Battery Weed Eaters

A weed eater may have an electric connection or a battery connection. Electric connections are easier because all you will be required to do is insert the plug into the plug point/socket and you are good to go. A battery connection may require you to have ready battery available for the purpose. You will also be needed to replace the battery after its discharge. These issues won’t be faced in cases of electric weed eaters.  However, an electricity supported weed eater will require longer wires and lines in case you have gigantic lawns. Hence, you should choose one keeping in mind the size of your lawn and where your sockets are positioned. 

Gas Weed Eaters

The gas weed eater works by filling in gas or a mixture of gas and oil, is usually heavier than the others. But, these gas weed eaters are very powerful and more efficient in trimming and cutting, and best recommended in big lawns. However, you will have to arrange for gas and oil for refilling and make it function properly. 

Straight Path Or Curve Path:

Weed eaters can have straight shanks or curve shanks. The difference between the two is that the straight shanks usually are most suitable for the heavy-duty activity, whereas curved shanks are recommended for light duty. Straight shanks can be very effective in going deep under the bushes and clean up the weed beneath it. Curved shanks are handicapped in this regard as they won’t be able to reach much beyond the surface. However, curved shanks can be easily used by short height people as it is easy to handle.  Therefore, considering these factors, you may choose to go for either of the weed eaters. 

Choosing The Trimmer Lines:

Always consider the type of trimmer lines that you wish to use to trim. Too heavy or too light trimming lines may make your engine more vulnerable to damage as the engines will not able to function efficiently. Heavier lines will be suitable in cutting thicker weeds, whereas round lines are the best for trimming grass with lesser weeds. You may also choose a twisted lined weed eater for cutting thick and sharp-edged weeds. 

Choose A High Strength One:

A high strength weed eater will ensure that you trim deep into the edges, and your lawn or garden remain trimmed for the maximum time. Due to having an inner high strength core, the weed eater enjoys the maximum durability. Consequently, the infrequent usage of weed eater will ensure the long-lasting quality of the equipment. 

Along with the above points, make sure to buy a weed eater that will be easy for the whole family to use. Too professional weed eaters may not be a suitable choice for a family lawn, and it may be difficult in handling too. Make a smart investment according to the size and type of your lawn or garden. You can visit https://fathera.com/weed-eater-strings/ to know more about this.

Pressure Cooker And Instant Pot- Two Sides Of The Same Coin

When it comes to comparing two different aspects of anything, a normal discussion turns into an argument, which soon gives way to heated debates of the worst kind mainly due to difference of opinion.

People are so obsessed with seeing their subjective opinion emerge as a scientifically proven fact that they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve it. They want to see their favorites head and shoulders above all others at any cost.

In this article, we are going to talk about a similar comparison between two similar yet very different utensils that have over the years, earned the reputation of being the ‘kings of the kitchen’ due to their relatable factor among hungry yolks.

Healthy Analysis

As we are aware that unnecessary comparisons are only a waste of time so we will change it from heated arguments into healthy ones and analyze instant pot and pressure cooker with an objective and detailed analysis of both sides.

Instant pot is kind of like a miniature pressure cooker but with different features as it is a small combo part of multiple cookers so you can take it as a brand name for its more erstwhile counterpart.

Pressure cooker is a utensil where you can cook food at high pressure and temperature, which is done so by adding a few drops of water or oil so that once it starts simmering, the pressure is slowly released there is no mishap.

A striking similarity is that many people consider instant pot as a more agile version of pressure cooker that shortens up the time taken for cooking alongwith superior results in the bargain where the taste and properties of the food is superior.

Sameness Factor

Instant pots and pressure cookers are basically two sides of the same coin as both can prepare food quickly and since the latter has higher pressure and heat, it is considered the faster of the two, despite the fact that pots are regarded as agile ones as they are newer models.

Instant pots are a family consisting of different models such as Lux, Smart, Duo, Duo Plus and Ultra and they all are operated through a manual program, a surface reserved for cooking with a stainless steel container at the bottom and due to the variety in models, it can relate to a number of customers.

Lux and Duo are the most affordable and can be purchased by even middle class households whereas smart and ultra have certain unique features that cannot be found in regular cookers and therefore come at exorbitant prices.

Designer Cooker

Pressure cookers are available in different sizes with around 10 liter capacity pan being a common factor in most of them and can take in a large amount of food so that the cooker is nearly 2/3 full, which includes the liquid immersed in it.

You can find cookers made from stainless steel and aluminum but the latter is less durable and therefore cheaper whereas the former is more expensive because of its long lasting features which are why they are termed designer cookers.

Main Difference

What is the difference between a pressure cooker and an instant pot? This is an interesting comparison that will help buyers decide which one to purchase based on their preference and budget constraints.

Instant Pot and Pressure cooker have an important model each such as:

  • Instant Pot Duo60- It is a long lasting cooker with different features one of which decreases the cooking time by increasing the speed 3 to 4 times and consumes less energy without killing the minerals and healthy nutrients. The inner part is made of stainless steel which can be cleaned up easily
  • Presto Cooker 01781- It is utilized for canning smaller particles such as seeds and are easy to work on with unique features

As with every other product, these two also have their fair share of pros and cons so it is entirely up to the customer to decide which one he wants to purchase and, as mentioned above, it entirely depends on budget issues and subjective preference

For durability, pressure cooker is a better option than instant pot and if you want safety features where you have to pay a little extra, then instant pot is the one for you.

An Overview of Online Bank Accounts

In today’s economy, finding a bank that’s willing to give you a good rate on your everyday savings purchases can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Most of the major banks will give you savings rates of less than half a percent on a standard savings account, and may impose charges for low balances. Finding a interest-bearing checking account can be next to impossible. My Bank of America checking account pays a tenth of a percent of interest. Isn’t there any way to increase returns on everyday savings and checking funds?

In fact, there is a way to increase the interest you receive on your money in your bank accounts. Many banks offer online-only, or “direct” accounts that offer interest rates that are many times the national average for a standard account. Below, I’ll introduce some of these banks as well as discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of having an online-only bank account. As per the Revolut bank review, it is one of the best ones to choose. 

Online Banking Providers

ING Direct (www.ingdirect.com) is one of the pioneers of the online banking industry. The Orange Savings Account offers a savings account with an average many times the national average. ING also offers the Electric Orange Checking Account, which offers all of the conveniences of a regular checking account, but with an interest rate that usually rests around 1-3{a10f0a273fbd80fa0e73ecd0b999ae91e6d89122313bce5096ee6413d381b468}. ING will issue you a debit card that you can use to make purchases, and you can use the Electric Orange checking account to make online payments a la PayPal or mail paper checks to the person you have to pay.

Like any other online bank account, you’ll access your online account by accessing the bank’s website. If you use the online banking service offered by your regular brick-and-mortar bank account, you’ll already be familiar with the way these interfaces work. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your balances, make transfers, and receive statements electronically. All reputable online banks, including all the ones listed here, are FDIC Insured, making them a safe place to stash your cash.

HSBC Direct (www.hsbcdirect.com) is a subsidiary of HSBC, one of the largest banks in the world. They offer a rate that is, at the time of this writing, higher than ING Direct’s account. Just like ING, you can get a debit card to make purchases and access your savings and checking accounts online through an easy to use interface. HSBC has the additional advantage of being able to make withdrawals and deposits at any HSBC ATM. If you have any HSBC bank branches around you, this can be very useful. Be aware that it takes several weeks to fully open this account. HSBC sends you your username, password, debit card, debit card PIN, and several other pieces of information in separate mailings that can take a while to get to your door.

Emigrant Direct (www.emigrantdirect.com) is one of the pioneers of online-only banking as well as ING. Its American Dream Savings Account offers rates that are generally comparable to ING, and these two are often talked about together. There’s nothing special about Emigrant Bank, but it can be a solid option that has been around for a while.

PNC’s Virtual Wallet (www.pncvirtualwallet.com) is a unique new concept that pairs a powerful online interface with a good savings rate. The Virtual Wallet allows you to portion your money into several different accounts with different savings rates depending on when you’re going to spend the money. The account also offers other savings tools that could help you manage your money and set savings goals better. However, the downside to the PNC account is that the associated checking account doesn’t pay much interest at all. Consider PNC if you like the virtual wallet, but you’ll probably want to make a different choice if you want to maximize the interest rates.

There are other options available for online bank accounts, but these four should be the first ones that you check out. All are reputable companies, FDIC insured and safe to put your money in.

Pros and Cons of Online Bank Accounts

There are several pros and cons to using an online banking account as your primary payment method. On the plus side, you’ll get most of the conveniences from any other bank account at a much higher interest rate. You’ll be able to make purchases with a debit card, easily transfer money between accounts, and more without having to go to a branch.

However, not having a branch to turn to if there are problems can be an issue for some customers who want an available banking representative. There are a few other problems with using one of these bank accounts. For most, you’ll be unable to use an ATM to make deposits-you’ll have to transfer money in from another bank, use direct deposit, or mail a check to the bank’s headquarters, all of which can take time. You’ll also be unable to get cash unless you want to pay a fee to use another bank’s ATM or get cash back with a debit card purchase.

You should also know that online banks can change their interest rates at any time without advance notice. While the rates aren’t likely to become as low as regular bank accounts, don’t be surprised if you get an email saying that your interest rate has decreased for your online savings or checking account.

The happy medium? Consider having a local bank account with a few dollars to get cash and make short term deposits linked to your online bank accounts. This way, you’ll be able to use an ATM for free with still enjoying the benefits of the online-only account. Also note that some online accounts refund the ATM surcharges that other banks charge, which can be a real benefit.

Wrapping it Up

An online checking or savings account could be a great solution if you want easy liquid access to your funds while enjoying all of the benefits that having a regular checking or savings account would have. In most cases, an online bank account is a better alternative than your normal bank account-but don’t close out your local account if you want to be able to talk to a teller in person. Do the research, look around, and find the online bank that offers you the best rates and the best services. Good luck!

Why America Will Never Sign The Kyoto Protocol

America has just lost Long Island due to the rising tides of the Ocean. Now for the 45th year in a row Congress is meeting to discuss about signing the ancient document called the Kyoto Protocol. For the first time ever, Millions of New Yorkers are outside Congress pleading that they sign it. For years, there have been signs and proof about Global Warming but they have been ignored by Congress due to fears of losing its economy.

In 1998, the first uninhabited island, in the nation of Kiribat, disappeared from view due to rising waters. In 2006, the world watched as the first inhabited island, Lohachara island, was washed away. Did America sign the Protocol, then? No! In 2010, New Moore Island disappeared. In 2015 the Carteret Islands disappeared, to extreme horror, the entire nation of Maldives disappeared in 2020. Later in that same year Vanuatu was wiped away.

It was at this time that China, Russia and most of the other countries pleaded with America to sign the Kyoto Protocol. America’s response was that there was no definitive proof that this was the work of Global Warming plus we have fallen behind China in economy, so we need to worry about that more than some guesswork. Even many Americans were not happy with their leaders’ stance but with unemployment hitting 12% there was not much they could do. Experts with supreme expertise are Voted Best bankruptcy attorney in san Diego. The hiring of the lawyers in bankruptcy cases will be the best decision of the person in the lawsuit.

Many companies in America that focused on green were hitting the Fortune 500. People throughout America wanted Green, but it was the big businesses that could not be encouraged to switch. There were more and more windmills and solar panels being displayed all over America but they could not compete with all the pollution that the major industries were producing.

The 2030’s were a disastrous decade, while the world watched in horror as they lost Vanuatu Island, the Tuvalu Islands and Kiribati Island. So far in the 2040’s we have lost all of the Marshall Islands and the Tonga Island and now America has been hit hard with the losing of Long Island. They have been losing Long Island for over a decade yet, America did nothing.

So, here we are in 2042, 45 years after the beginning of the Kyoto Protocol (1997), standing outside congress wondering if there has finally been enough evidence that Global Warming Exists and we NEED to do something about it. Ok, we see a spokesman exiting Congress and he has just called a meeting. Let’s see what he has to say.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we thank you all for caring about your country. We have looked at everything for the past 45 years and agree with you. Something is wrong. So, the president’s council has decided to pay for an extensive study into what you all call Global Warming and then a decision will be made when the study is finished in 15 years. We know 15 years may sound like a long time but we need that time to make sure we gather all the evidence and to watch nature as it moves so slowly. So, we hope you will be patient with us and wait for the facts. We thank you for having confidence in us, we will not let you down. Thank you all and continue helping America grow.”

The Apartment Pet: Great Creatures for Small Spaces

The apartment pet is often a dilemma. Although a pet brings warmth and love to an apartment, not all pets are practical in a small space, and many aren’t even possible! Read as many condo reviews in Singapore and this is what you will come to know. Trying to nurture an animal that needs lots of exercise and room to run around in is a no-go in an apartment setting; you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed, and so will your pet. If you do have the space, your landlord may have restrictions on the pets you’re allowed to keep. Luckily, even if a dog or a cat is out of the picture because of space concerns or a mandate from your landlord, you’ve got plenty of great choices for an apartment pet who can make an appealing companion without dominating your living space. This article will introduce three types of pets that are ideal for apartments, along with a look at the pros and cons of each. A pet makes an apartment feel like a home, and these apartment pets are truly great creatures for small spaces.

Think Terrarium

If you’re interesting in picking an apartment pet that can bring strong visual appeal to your living space, consider choosing small amphibians or reptiles that can flourish in a terrarium. Geckos, salamanders, turtles, and fire-bellied toads all make fun terrarium dwellers, especially when you create a neat environment for them to live in. Populate the tank with lush vegetation, rocks in an eye-catching color spectrum, and anything else you can dream up. Although most reptiles and amphibians don’t require much from their living space, and a simple, sparse habitat can be quite elegant, with a terrarium, you have the opportunity to go beyond something that looks like a tank or a cage and create an ecosystem. Pick a terrarium dweller or two as your apartment pet, and you can let your creativity flourish and create a truly unusual décor accent as well as a stimulating environment for your lucky pet. Animals that live in terrariums are usually amenable to being lifted out of their tanks to play, as long as you provide careful supervision: when it’s out of their terrarium, keeping your pet safe in your palm is a good idea.

Pro: Terrarium environments are fun to design, and make your pet feel and look comfortable. Of course, you can always take your critter out to play, too!

Con: Many terrarium-dwellers require that you feed them live insects, so if dropping crickets into a tank isn’t your idea of fun, these pets might not be for you.

Think Cuddly

When it comes to picking an apartment pet, sometimes the most important thing is having something warm and friendly that can sit in your lap while you watch television. Small mammals that you can keep in a cage (like guinea pigs, mice, and rabbits) have a lot of appeal as apartment pets because they lend themselves to satisfying physical and emotional contact. However, before you take on one of these critters as your apartment pet, be sure that you’re prepared for the impact on your lifestyle and on your living space. An apartment pet with fur is almost always an apartment pet that requires a high level of maintenance. From cleaning the cage every week to grooming regularly to monitoring more complex dietary needs than those of the other pets on this list, having a mammal as your pet means taking on a substantial care burden. It’s also important to consider the impact that pet odors may have on your living space; if you have a one-room studio or a small dwelling where smells are likely to carry, you may want to opt for an apartment pet that won’t generate as much aroma. Of course, many pet owners feel that the benefits of these adorable, friendly, cuddly creatures more than outweigh the costs.

Pro: Adorable and appealing, with lots of potential for interaction.

Con: Requires lots of maintenance, including frequent feedings, cage cleaning, grooming, etc. Cages can be visually unappealing, pet odors can be problematic.

Think Oceanic

An apartment pet from the sea or the seaside can bring the beauty of the shore to any apartment, whether it’s thousands of miles from the ocean or just a few feet from the beach. Fish are hardly a new idea as an apartment pet, but what many people don’t consider is just how many options there are beyond the basics. While a single goldfish in a classic round bowl can be a comfortingly familiar pet, there are plenty of other water-loving creatures that make great apartment pets. Consider brightening up your living space with a bustling colony of elegant, ethereal brine shrimp: the only care that they require is a supply of purified water, and a single feeding every week. Or, leave the waters behind and take your inspiration from the seashore with a pet hermit crab: land hermit crabs are inexpensive, have an exotic look, and many hermit crab owners rave about the vibrant individual personalities that these little crawlers display. From minnows to sea snails, from a few brightly colored fish to a full miniature tide pool, pets from the sea and the beach can make great apartment pets.

Pro: Easy care regimen, visually exotic.

Con: In general, there’s limited opportunity for interaction with water pets, because you can’t remove them from the tank. This means that there’s less chance to get to know your pet, or to form an emotional bond.

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